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I found a bunch of sheets of doodles I did at my D&D games. I thought I'd share them.

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Yeah. So...

Nov. 4th, 2011 02:12 pm
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The following ficlet is this picture's fault:

Title The Hand's Doctor
fandom Song of Ice and Fire/Doctor Who
ratings safe for all.
Spoilers None.
Summary Eddard Stark finds someone unusual in the king's throne room.

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I have been sick the past couple of days. It is unhappy fun times. I barely left my bedroom.

I'm feeling better now!

At least my head is clear.

I have decided to do the Alexander the Great story for NaNo. I just need a plot beyond "Stuff Happens". I'm thinking maybe of playing around with the idea that Alexander means "protector of men" and taking over the world really isn't "protecting men". Maybe evil fairies plotting to take over the world themselves. Alexander goes all >:| at this (partially because if anyone is going to be conquering humanity it's going to be him). Need a couple of good books on him. Yay library!

Paper idea: Superman as modern day Beuwulf. Wondercon is coming up (and it's in the LA area! so that's a lot cheaper!) and I'm thinking of submitting to the comics arts conference again.

Finished reading the Game of Thrones and started the second book, the title of which I can't remember and isn't near me to check.

Thoughts: Does Martian kill off someone in every prologue?

Yes. I know they're evil. Stop pouring it on into ridiculous exaggeration.

You killed him? Really? That was unexpected. Well, I guess I shouldn't get attached to characters, should I?

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Sent a couple of article pitches to Wizards of the Coast for their magazines.

Thinking about changing Alec's lj name into something more interesting than "alec_troven". Yes. Spending the fifteen bucks to do it. Probably change it to "elementwizard".

Is anyone here good at making stuffed animals?

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I have been rereading Terry Pratchett’s Nightwatch. In it Samuel Vimes ends up going back in time to when he first joined the Watch and ends up having to mentor himself by accident. There is in the book one part where Vimes goes into one of the watch house’s jail room and finds that it’s been pretty much turned into a torture chamber. He finds people in there that have been hurt so badly that they just aren’t there any more and he puts them out of their misery.

While reading this there is one point where Vimes, contemplating the horror before him, finds and picks up a tooth. I immediately flashed back to Eldest when Eragon is walking amongst the fallen in the battle field and picks idly picks up a tooth and bouncing it around in his hand with his typical blandness.

The differences between the two scenes, though they have a similar action - that of the tooth in the midst of appalling things - their reactions are completely different.

Vimes is actively disturbed at what he finds. He’s fighting back the rage to do things to the few people he’s found in charge.

In a strange kind of dream, he walked across the floor and bent down to pick something that gleamed in the torchlight. It was a tooth.

He stood up again.

A closed wooden door led off on one side of the cellar; on the other, a wider tunnel almost certainly led to the cells. Vimes took a torch out of its holder, handed it to Sam, and pointed along the tunnel -

There were footsteps accompanied by a jingle of keys, heading toward the door, and a light grown brighter underneath it.

The beast tensed...

Vimes dragged the largest club out of the rack and stepped swiftly to the wall beside the door. Someone was coming, someone who knew about this room, someone who called themselves a copper...

He doesn’t bash the guy coming in with the club. The sight of his younger self - Sam- stops him. But still there’s a certain anger that you can see in these words. Vimes lives and breathes being a watchman. It is what he is deep down to the bone and these men have violated this. There’s a certain tenseness in the language and the tooth encapsulates what it is that is wrong here. But he doesn’t play with the tooth. It’s a symbol here, not something to be held and played with.

In Eldest, on the other hand, the tooth is picked up and used much like you would hold a pebble contemplating something. He finds the tooth and no significance is attached to it. It’s just a tooth, much like a pebble would be a pebble in a stream. It’s put there as an action for Eragon to do, but there’s no reason that it has to be a tooth.

He bent and plucked a tooth, a molar, from the dirt. Bouncing it on his palm, he and Saphira slowly made a circuit through the trampled plain. They stopped at its edge when they noticed Jormundur - Ajihad’s second in command in the Varden - hurrying toward them from Tronjheim. When he came near, Jormundur bowed, a gesture Eragon knew he would have never made just days before.

Now honestly, you really could swap out “tooth” with “stone” and there wouldn’t be any difference in the paragraph’s impact. (Also, looking at the sentence I have to wonder why “in the Varden” has to be there. Is Ajihad in charge of other things that require second in commands?) There is no reason that this has to be a tooth. There’s no reason it should be a tooth.

The tooth in Nightwatch is symbolic of what has happened there and what Vimes is going to face. The tooth in Eragon is nothing but an object found in the battlefield but has no significance placed upon it. Which, as a tooth belonging to a human - at least I think it is a human - should at least bring some comment beyond the fact that it is a molar.

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Copic markers are pretty.

I just bought a lovely set of twenty four for 82 dollars. (Actually more but I had a coupon)

Life is good.

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Beginning line from a story I'll likely never get around to writing:

"There are many reasons to break up with your boyfriend, he cheated on you, he's a jerk, his father is an eldrich abmonation planning on wiping out humanity with a plague and he never told you. Things like that. Guess which one I had."

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Yes. The Worcestershire Sauce that my dad brought to the marriage is still in the fridge.

They've been married for thirty five years, btw.
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If my brain keeps on insisting that the title of my fool story is "Forgotten Motley" and not "Forgotten Fool" should I change the title?
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Title: Currently, Lord of Battle Lord of Death, but going to definitely change, oh yes.
Rating: Well, the imagery is sort of weird, but nothing too harmful.
Summary: Corrin, an army scout is sent to watch the revenants. Interesting things ensue.
Notes: This was me trying something completely different. In a completely different world. With no previously used characters. I have no idea where this is going. Though it stands at about 5100 words. :O

The first 250 odd words )
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Taken with the webcam on my new laptop.

Quick survey:

Do people think that Brom turning out to be Eragon's real dad was Paolini's idea from the very start or something he retconed to get away from the Star Wars critics?

What is Brisingr about? The plot, I mean. (Cause I'd really like to know).

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I'm transcribing some things from chicken scratch script onto the computer. One of them is a short piece on the Yoruba religion. The person who wrote it said that they had a "very advanced system of cosmology".

Which gave me two simultaneous thoughts: One. What would an un-advanced system of cosmology be? Two. Isn't that rather condescending?
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Random mental image that popped in my head while getting ready for work this morning:

A picture of the virgin Mary with the baby Jesus with the phrase: Abstinence: Sometimes not even that works.

Have Reached Dwarf Ninjas.

Laughing hysterically.

be back soon

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*flails lots* 

I don't like change. D: D: D:

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Thinking about putting the "everything I learned about fantasy writing" list on a t-shirt. And maybe a couple of other of the weird memonic stuff (in my head) like "Zombies! The answer to Everything!" with pictures for some of them.
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I'm going through Writer's Market right now, flagging all sorts of different agents. One of the weird things I've noticed is that there are agent listings that say things like "Womans (quality)" or "only takes quality fiction".

Do the other people want non-quality writing then?

... maybe that's how Meyers and Paloini got published.
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Amusing thing I noticed about the little zombie dragons:

Hatchling will die if it doesn't grow up in: 5.43 days.

This hatchling appears to be...dead?

The hatchling will did if it doesn't grow up, but it appears to be dead. =D

Need to create a book cover for Return Again. I'm not sure what to put on it. Thinking about it some more, I'm not even sure why I named it that. Beyond it felt right. Which I guess is the best way to go.

My dreams are weird. I dreamed about Darth And Droids, trying to figure out who Qui-Gon's player will play once Qui-Gon dies. Seriously. That's what my dream was about.
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My family is teh weird.

Normal families? They get calls from their family memebers sayiing they've been locked out of the house.  My family? We get a phone call from my dad saying he locked himself out on the ROOF!!


He shut the window because he didn't want to let flies in and the window latched.

This is a perfect example of my family.

He called me when my mom and I were out running errands. I get a phone call from him. He wants to know where we are. And I tell him. And he wants to know when we'll be home. I say within a half hour.  He wants to know if we could get home sooner because he locked himself out on the roof. 

Yes. This is my family. FEAR THEM!!

Also, on an entirely different note, apparently in 1906 Canada passed a law that prohibitied poor people from entering the country for any reason.

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