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A Crown of Ice and Snow

Okay, this description, right off the bat, is a bit ridiculous: “When the first pale rays of light streaked across the surface of the dimple sea, illuminating the crests of the translucent waves - which glittered as if carved from crystal…” That bit about being carved from crystal is extraneous for starters. And waves from a height never look translucent to me - but that’s just me. Dimples is just silly. It makes me think of pimples on a teeanger’s face. Other people’s views might very.

Anyway, because they were dipshi…

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A Crown of Ice and Snow

Okay, this description, right off the bat, is a bit ridiculous: “When the first pale rays of light streaked across the surface of the dimple sea, illuminating the crests of the translucent waves - which glittered as if carved from crystal…” That bit about being carved from crystal is extraneous for starters. And waves from a height never look translucent to me - but that’s just me. Dimples is just silly. It makes me think of pimples on a teeanger’s face. Other people’s views might very.

Anyway, because they were dipshi…

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I suppose I should share what I've been doing since I think it's pretty cool.

It's Penguins!

I've posted up a few pictures of them earlier but here's something a bit more comprehensive and coherent.

1. An Etsy shop

Two penguins pictured here:

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2. A web comic staring five of the penguins: Swordmage, Wizard, Ranger, Barbarian and Cleric. It's published Tuesday and Fridays (hopefully). I want to find a better site for the comic, but that's where they'll be for now.
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Small Rebellions

We’re still with Nasuada.

Make her go away.

She wants Murtagh to come back to free her from her agony…

Instead we get her jailer.

Her jailer and his goddamn fucking shiny nails. In fact he makes a point of showing her his very shiny nails which she compliments him on. “instead, she contented herself with thanking the man for his help and, for the second time, complimenting him on his nails, which were even shiner that before and which he quite obviously wanted her to see, for he kept holding his hands where she could not help but look at them.”

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There’s one big thing that annoys me about this chapter. The most interesting thing happens at the end and we’re just told about it, not shown. It could just be because I find Murtagh more interesting than some of the other characters, but still.this chapter could have been much better handled if it dealt with this last big instead of what I had to read.

What we get is Galbatorix torturing Nasuada. It seems like he’s making up for all that not evil shit he did in the previous three books by being horribly evil in this book. And really, I can’t very much defend my stance on him not being evil here and instead can only complain about how cliched evil he’s being here. He’s so evil that he’s making other people do his evil for him! In this case it’s Murtagh.

Poor baby.

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The Wings of a Dragon

This chapter is Eragon, Saphira and Glaedr flying off to find the Vault of Souls.

Now the interesting thing here is that Glaedr is coming with them even though he can’t remember why they’re going to this place they’re going because of that spell. Glaedr did volunteer to go, but I’m just wondering why he’s not saying every so often “Where are we going?” Admittedly Glaedr has been quiet for a good part of the trip, but whatever.

Eragon spends some of the chapter musing over the fact that all the bloodshed “had left him feeling as if he was no longer quite himself” and that “On the Varden’s behalf, he had killed hundreds of soldiers - few of whom had even the slighted chance of harming him - and though his actions had been justified, the memories troubled him. He did not want every fight to be desperate and every opponent to be his equal of his better - far from it - but at the same time, the easy slaughter of so many made him feel more like a butcher than a warrior. Death, he had become to believe, was a corrosive thing, and the more he was around it, the more it gnawed away at who he was.”

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I imagine people are wondering what happened to me.

Penguins did.

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The Torment of Uncertainty and The Hall of the Soothsayer

Two Nasuada chapters for the price of one! Yay?

“Nasuada opened her eyes”. Great opening to the chapter.

She is tie to a flat, cold, smooth and hard surface. She is also in a room with some really interesting designs on the ceiling. However, I’m not exactly sure how she’s able to see them. Especially in such detail. Including the fact that the colors are red, blue and gold. Why? Because it’s very dark in the room.

First of all the tiles covered the dark vaulted ceiling and the little bit of light here is barely bright enough to show the size and shape of the room. The ceiling is dark. The corners are dark. Everything is dark. And as far as we know, Nasuada doesn’t have any low light vision to help her see things better. Yet she could still see those intricate patterns. Why? Because Paolini wanted to have the room be visually interesting and needed to describe it… damn be the fact she wouldn’t be able to see it!

Also, interestingly, she’s only able to feel the cold stone on her heels and the pads of her fingers. Despite the fact that she’s only wearing “a thin white shift” and so her legs and butt and back should be able to feel it.

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Because I forgot to post the previous chapter here:

Have Questions Unanswered and Departure.

If I had realized the chapters were so short, I would have put them together in one post.
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Best of Luna Station Quarterly, the First Five Years

So, the first story I ever got published is in an anthology now. You all should buy it.
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I’ve decided I hate this chapter. It’s one of those Dues Ex Machina chapters where the characters miraculously get information without really needing to dig for it and there’s no good explained reason for it to have happened. The characters can’t explain it - just happens.

Also, for some stupid reason Solembum’s eyes change colors. I don’t care if I get an explanation later, I’m sure it’s going to be stupid. Though one thing I do enjoy about this chapter is Solembum’s continual insulting and threatening of Eragon. It’s always nice to see that happen. He threatens at one point to tear Eragon’s face off and feed his guts to the crows.

Happy thoughts.

If only it would happen.

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This is… This is an interesting chapter. This is a chapter of Eragon dealing with Consequences and fears of becoming the leader of the Varden. Which is actually a legit thing. He spends the chapter wondering why him? Why did Nasuada do this to him?

Which we know the answer to: Only PCs can take control over the Rebel Organizations even if they’re fifteen, sixteen years old and have no experience with it whatsoever.

The entire chapter, the entire conflict could have been avoided if Nasuada actually did something sensible and gave the job to Jormundur her second in command. The guy who has been helping her run things and knows the ins and outs of everything that the Varden does. Besides? Isn’t Eragon needed for doing Fighty Stuff? I’m fairly certain he is. So he’s incompetent and in charge and can’t give up the position because he’d look weak. And GOD knows he can’t look weak.

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In which injury and near death is made into nothing, kings are switching around their characterization for the sake of conflict and just because your leader vanishes automatically means disbanding is on the table even though said leader has been a leader of an organization for less than two years.

Last chapter Ayra was apparently seriously injured. Here when put on the ground - though spitting up blood - she says she’s fine. “I’m only bruised, not broken.” But you’re spitting up blood. Sure. You’re fine. And we see no more of this. Saphira was hurt a lot but that’s okay, the elves heal her. So, injuries? Whut?

To the actual thing!
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The Word of a Rider

First off, I have absolutely no idea why this chapter is entitled “the Word of a Rider”. Absolutely NOTHING has to do with Eragon giving his word or something like that. If anyone can explain it to me, I would love it. It feels like this was supposed to be the title for a different chapter and got misplaced.



What is this chapter?

This chapter is basically Eragon Watching Other People Fight And Being Mostly Passive. Oh and it’s also a Named Characters Can Actually Do Stuff And No One Else Seems To Exist. - I’ll explain that one later.

Oh and Nausada gets kidnapped. (Raise your hands if you care.)

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By the Banks of Lake Leona


So, I started reading the next chapter, being a good little bird and keeping my momentum going… got about two pages in, got seriously pissed off, slammed the book shut and stalked off. But I have returned to the effort! And will get beyond two pages.

What, then, might you ask, had me so incensed?

Eragon’s treatment of Elva.

Read the rest here
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Two things:

Item Number the One: I sold five drabbles! \o/ For money even. Which is even better! Three months into the new year and I'm getting fiction sold already! Now we just have to work on the longer pieces and novels.

Speaking of longer fiction. Item number two: I just wrote a 42k story. It's either a long novella or a short novel. I'm not one hundred percent sure yet.

I was not expecting to write something that long.

It was originally going to be a rewrite of a fan fic I wrote ages ago. I thought it'd be fun to see if I could re-write it with the numbers filed off, so to speak. I think I succeeded. The original story was about 7k words long. As mentioned before the current standing of the story is about 42k long.

The problem now is what to do with it. Tor takes things at around 40k words according to their website and I might, in rewriting - adding of description and scenes - be able to stretch it to at least 45k maybe even 50k which would be a lot better. Hah. I'm not even sure how to begin to describe this piece. I don't think there's a good or bad guy in it. Two protagonists who hate each others guts though. And no, they don't end up falling in love with each other. They hate each other in the beginning of the story and they hate each other at the end of it. Oh, they change, sure. They just continue to hate each other and for good reasons.

But it's done now. Which is good. I can let it sit for a bit before picking it back up. Need to find someone to read it. It'd be one thing if it were a short story, but this is a damn novel, almost. Which actually takes time to read! It's not a thing to read in one sitting.

I'll figure something out.

It's surprisingly darker than I usually write. Not so much tongue in cheek humor and lampshade hanging. Which was weird. It's the only way the story would work though. So, I guess you have to write what the story requires.
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Hammer and Helm & And the Walls Fall…. (finally)

In Hammer and Helm we learn that Roran is a great big selfish jerk. He even says so himself. With the following sentence, “He knew - Horst had a newborn child, and the Varden needed his metalworking skills - but Roran could not think of anyone else as well suited for the job.” He couldn’t think of anyone else, but did he try to find anyone else? He’s putting his own needs above those of the greater good. Which is right kind of him, I’m sure. I’m not sympathetic to his needs, because why would I like a person who might make someone a widow? Or deprive the army of someone who could make a difference in the battles to come with his skills? Kind of him. I think it might be better if he could wish Horst was coming with him, but realizes his importance to the Varden and so had to do without him. Also I’m not really sure how a blacksmith is good at doing with commandy stuff. However Nasuada agreed with Roran without complaint.

Oh. And Roran is preparing to attack the city and he’s excited. Yay.

That was pointless.

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The Tolling of the Bell & Black-Shrike-Thorn-Cave

… Wow. This chapter is so short… I mean, I haven’t seen a chapter this short in a while. It’s less a chapter and more of an afterthought. If I realized that I would have included it with the previous chapter, after all it’s mostly a clean up of the battle.

And that’s basically what happens. They go and search the area after killing everyone to recover their weapons which just happen to be laying around the chapel. As you do. Just like in a video game. They find his sword under a bunch of bodies, the ring Brom gave him under a pew and his necklace wrapped around the handles of the bier. Ayra’s sword is also found among the bodies, but the belt wasn’t there. When he tries casting a spell to find the belt he can’t find it. So basically, the bad guys took all of their shiny magical objects but hid only one of them. The others they just left lying around for no particular reason. Why didn’t they hide all the shiny magical objects?

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Infidels on the Loose

In this chapter we learn that Angela is an ever bigger Mary Sue than Eragon - which is saying something.

Angela comes striding in and covered in blood, which Eragon suspects isn’t her own. Because Angela is Just That Good. She’s only got cuts and scratches after getting kidnapped by those guards. Though, one would assume, since she’s been cut, that the cuts bled somewhat and so there is blood on her clothing. She says the boy is an idiot because he didn’t know that he just had to break the crystals surrounding them. I’m sure that’s something they taught novitiates. “Here’s how you break our special structures”! As opposed to “these are holy objects, don’t touch”. But Angela knows it so obviously everyone else should. Though we have no indication that Eragon does.

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