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Just Random Things.

That stupid superhero story is being stupid. I'm trying to write it novelized but it's not being cooperative. However writing random scenes seems to work very well. A friend suggested maybe serializing it.

Which is an interesting idea. I'm not sure how I'd get around the fact that the scenes I've got written aren't in chronological order, but it's something to think about. Maybe just time stamps?

It's Passover, so that's being Passover like.

I got a second good rejection letter yesterday. It's funny how a rejection letter can be "good" isn't it? They found my story entertaining but they didn't think it'd work for their issue, please send more. Theme issue magazine, so I don't have any ideas for the current asking theme but a few for the next issue's.

Keep your finger's crossed.

My graphic design class is chugging along. I should be working on my midterm but my brain is currently, yeah. No. Sorry.

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Hope everyone's had a happy Thanksgiving that celebrated it and a happy Hannukah for those who are celebrating that.

I finished another chapter in The Book. Two more left! And then the fun editing thing stuff happens. I am chugging on on time.

However I am a little bit worried about my final project for Illustrator nor do I have any idea what class to take next semester and I register on the second. How is it already December?

In other things I've decided to try and put a Wordpress page/site thing together for I guess my Real Life Writing Stuff. Professional and all that. I think I need to expand my presence a little bit. Though I don't want to get a Facebook. Maybe a twitter? IDK. I may toss up some short stories there. I've already put up some papers that I've presented at conferences. WonderCon is coming up, I need to figure out how to present in the Comics Arts conference which is a part of WonderCon. It'll be in the middle of Passover this year which always sucks.

Other writing things: I've been plugging away at the Nano. It's almost done... at least I've almost reached 50k however the story itself seems to be spiraling out of control. Hopefully it'll end up somewhere coherent. If not I'll just call it literary or some thing.

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Trying to make a new cover for our family hagaddah and play around in photoshop at the same time.

This is what I have so far:

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Opinions? Thoughts? Tell me never to do this ever again?
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So, in my Great Forms novel (series) I have three creatures, The Ice Drake, the Silver Wyrm and the Black Dragon, who in theory could be very similar looking. After all they're all dragonic 'types'. However I didn't just want them to be the same 'dragon' form with different colors or abilities. So these sketches are what I came up with:

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I think the differences work and I hope the descriptions in the book also describe what I've drawn here. Otherwise I'd be sad.
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I hate writing cryptic stuff.

My new project is chugging past fifteen thousand years. I've introduced all the main players which is good.

The cryptic is coming in from one of the scenes where a character is trying to get information from a god and the god isn't being helpful. I'm always afraid of giving away too much information or not enough to make any sense.

And here's a painting I'm working on:

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The annotated version of the Mary Sue drawing I did.

Mary Sue 4 annotated by ~Kippur on deviantART
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I'm sitting in my bedroom at my parent's house right now. In front of me, on the wall, is a painting I did of Jehrik the Dragonslayer. He's very 90's looking. With huge feathered wings, a cloth mask kind of like Grifter and miss-matched boots. He was originally going to be an antagonist in the Alec book series. He was a dragon slayer. Alec was married to a dragon. The sword was intelligent and would protect its wielder from any harm that could come from a dragon's magic as long as the person was bonded to it. It also compelled the wielder to seek out and destroy dragons.

I haven't thought of the poor guy in years. I had a nifty sort of back story for him and everything. But he just fell by the wayside, no longer useful.

Jerhik had feathered wings because I wanted to play with the idea of having an evil character with angel wings. This was something I came up with before I even knew about subverting cliches and stuff like that. I swear I must have been born an English literature major.

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I feel kind of bad he got written out. Perhaps I shall spin him off into his own thing.

Mary Sue

Sep. 27th, 2010 06:22 pm
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Mary Sue 4 by ~Kippur on deviantART
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Taken with the webcam on my new laptop.

Quick survey:

Do people think that Brom turning out to be Eragon's real dad was Paolini's idea from the very start or something he retconed to get away from the Star Wars critics?

What is Brisingr about? The plot, I mean. (Cause I'd really like to know).

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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My laptop decided that it was going to break. One of the hinges doesn't work, so now I can't close the laptop any more unless I want to spend like two hundred bucks to get it fixed. Instead, I'm going to get a new laptop, as this one is over five years old, for a bit more money.

In the mean time, kitty has been annoyed that I haven't been sitting on my bed to use my computer. Bad me.

Have some pictures.

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Also: I saw Toy Story 3 over the weekend. If you don't cry during it, you have no soul.
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Moshti with Hair by ~Kippur on deviantART

Alec was always leaving his potions that he created in bottles he found around the house. Sometimes he would even pour out the current liquid in the bottle to make room for his own thing. Going into the refridgerator to take out a bottle of coke could lead you to finding a potion of gender changing or perhaps some sort of drink he found on some planet.

Moshti couldn't read. He was just a baby who like drinking liquids. He saw the bottle, in one of his bottles to be exact, and figured that here was dinner.

It was not dinner.

It tasted good. But it was not dinner.

Alec thought the hair looked hysterical. Phoenix wouldn't talk to him for a week. Moshti loved the hair though, running his trunk through it all the time.
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Done by [ profile] dergerm
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Picture President Obama coming back from a burger run for his staff.


The President of the USA went on a burger run for his staff. That's really very awesome, or he just wanted to get out of the house and way from all the idiocy.

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