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Best of Luna Station Quarterly, the First Five Years

So, the first story I ever got published is in an anthology now. You all should buy it.
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Two things:

Item Number the One: I sold five drabbles! \o/ For money even. Which is even better! Three months into the new year and I'm getting fiction sold already! Now we just have to work on the longer pieces and novels.

Speaking of longer fiction. Item number two: I just wrote a 42k story. It's either a long novella or a short novel. I'm not one hundred percent sure yet.

I was not expecting to write something that long.

It was originally going to be a rewrite of a fan fic I wrote ages ago. I thought it'd be fun to see if I could re-write it with the numbers filed off, so to speak. I think I succeeded. The original story was about 7k words long. As mentioned before the current standing of the story is about 42k long.

The problem now is what to do with it. Tor takes things at around 40k words according to their website and I might, in rewriting - adding of description and scenes - be able to stretch it to at least 45k maybe even 50k which would be a lot better. Hah. I'm not even sure how to begin to describe this piece. I don't think there's a good or bad guy in it. Two protagonists who hate each others guts though. And no, they don't end up falling in love with each other. They hate each other in the beginning of the story and they hate each other at the end of it. Oh, they change, sure. They just continue to hate each other and for good reasons.

But it's done now. Which is good. I can let it sit for a bit before picking it back up. Need to find someone to read it. It'd be one thing if it were a short story, but this is a damn novel, almost. Which actually takes time to read! It's not a thing to read in one sitting.

I'll figure something out.

It's surprisingly darker than I usually write. Not so much tongue in cheek humor and lampshade hanging. Which was weird. It's the only way the story would work though. So, I guess you have to write what the story requires.
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My book is out!!

It came out on the 8th.

I now have an officially published book.

I still don't believe it. My copies are coming in on Thursday. I probably won't believe it then either. It feels like some sort of dream and I keep on wondering when I'll wake up.

But it's out.

It's real.

And it's amazing.
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Do you know what makes publishing a story even better?

Getting an unexpected review of it.

Do you know what's even better than that?

Getting an unexpected review and recommendation of it on io9.

The io9 review

Or here if you don't want to click the link:

A bit of lighthearted fun to end this week's fiction offerings. I love little Princess-Warlady Ceilidh McCallum and her large family, of which we get mostly glimpses. I have the feeling that this story is part of a much larger world that the author is working on. One day I hope to find out the story behind the "super evil" fairy lady. For now, just remember that not all unicorns are filled with happiness and far rainbows, kids. As I mentioned last week, sometimes unicorn stories don't end well.

When I got this story published, I didn't think too much of it beyond "yay first story published!" But it's a small magazine and it's a small story. Something to put on my resume, so to speak.

However, I got an email from twitter saying that I'd been mentioned on twitter - twice. Which was odd. I have a twitter account, but I never use it. At first I thought it was spam, but then I saw io9 mentioned and the link.

Linked clicky and there it was... my brain shut down for a moment or three.

This was not something that should happen.

But it did.

And it's even more awesome.

Though, while she is correct, there is more to this world than is shown... I don't really have much for Lady Forlorn. Clearly I will need to make some now!
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Lookit! It's a Thing That is Published. That is Mine

And today a story I wrote is now published in Luna Station Quarterly number 19.

The story is called,
Ceilidh McCallum versus the Super Evil Fairy Lady. Which is pretty much all you need to know what it's about.

This is also the first story I've gotten paid for. Huzzah!
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I'm taking a creative course over the summer for fun.

It's a beginning writing class so it really is just for fun. For me at least.

Our first assignment was to describe an object in detail that meant a lot to us. Or had some
value. We had to make the object come alive. So. This is what I did:

Lightsaber )

We have a Pretentious College Student Writer in the class who I may smack down if he continues with his possibly well meaning but utterly unacceptable forms of writing subjects. He's going for Shock Value. Unfortunately his Shock Value is just... not shocking. But instead dumb and tired and cliche.

Still, it's been fun nonetheless. Beyond having to wake up at ridiculously early times.
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I sold a short story.

It'll be published in September.

I made five bucks.

How is it almost September already?

Prep Work

May. 9th, 2014 09:43 pm
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In less than a week I’ll be mailing off my manuscript to the publisher for them to read and to say this is wonderful/awful/meh. And I’ll be one step closer to being a published have a book in my hands writer. It’s still something I can’t wrap my head around. I’ve spent so much of my life working towards this goal that I can’t actually believe it’s real. I probably won’t even believe it when I have the book in my hands. I suppose now I can go onto the more finicky desire of I want to be a published fiction writer.

Talking to a friend on Monday I said that I couldn’t say that I was an aspiring author any more. She said interesting thin back.

“Writers write books; authors wrote books.”

Which seemed like an odd idea or an odd differentiation.

But after thinking about it for a while I realized that it did make sense.

A writer writes. Getting published doesn’t stop a writer from writing. They will still march onto the next project or projects. They sometimes can’t stop. They may not get all their projects published, but they will still keep on going. Writing has a very active and mobile feeling to it. You can see people writing. Their fingers move on keyboards or they scribbling on pads of paper with pens. Always a constant movement. (Except when they’re staring out into space because of Reasons.)

Authors, authoring doesn't feel very kinetic. It’s the photograph of the writer posing at the back of the book. It’s still and done. You have authored something, you’re not authoring. You’ve authored a book. You can’t really see someone authoring.

So, I think I will be a published writer and perhaps when I’m dead I can be a published author.
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Just Random Things.

That stupid superhero story is being stupid. I'm trying to write it novelized but it's not being cooperative. However writing random scenes seems to work very well. A friend suggested maybe serializing it.

Which is an interesting idea. I'm not sure how I'd get around the fact that the scenes I've got written aren't in chronological order, but it's something to think about. Maybe just time stamps?

It's Passover, so that's being Passover like.

I got a second good rejection letter yesterday. It's funny how a rejection letter can be "good" isn't it? They found my story entertaining but they didn't think it'd work for their issue, please send more. Theme issue magazine, so I don't have any ideas for the current asking theme but a few for the next issue's.

Keep your finger's crossed.

My graphic design class is chugging along. I should be working on my midterm but my brain is currently, yeah. No. Sorry.

pictures )
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Dumb but worthwhile things to do when you're sick: Go to a book signing that's over an hour away. It's actually only 45 minutes away, but with traffic it ended up being about two hours away. Hahaha LA traffic I hate you. So, we - my mom and I - left a bit before 4 pm and didn't get back until 11:30 pm.

We went to go to Brandon Sanderson's signing for his new book "the Words of Radiance". Apparently it was originally going to be called "the Book of Endless Pages" but his editor was like, "You realize you probably don't want to call a book that's physically the largest book we can print that, do you?"

He agreed.

I, because of boredom of having been sick the ... well... the entire week, designed some bookmarks for him. I thought it would be nice because I know that authors are like just sort of hounded upon by fans and it's a terribly long book tour with long hours and it'd be nice to get a little something back of appreciation.

Bookmarks! )

He really appreciated them. He gave me a Shin card.

Also, I mentioned my book to him and that I was using him as an example in it. He wanted to know where he could buy it. :D So, I told him I'd let him know when it came out.

And now I'm going to read my massive book and be sick and wobbly having over extended myself.
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Cats and world building.

I just came home from my Monday night writing session with a friend at Denny's. My roommate, after having switched cars (hurrah tandem parking) says that the cat knows that I'm here a couple of minutes before I actually show up. Like he will be hanging out in my room and then will suddenly run off to the front door and start meowing and walking around in front of it and then bam! a few minutes later I show up. This is even when I'm gone for a few hours randomly. He just seems to know when I'm going to be coming home. Psychic?

So, that short story that I wrote last week, with the Super Heroes?

I’ve now done over 7,000 typed up words and over twenty handwritten pages of scenes from it. I’ve been trying to work out the story arc of it so I can maybe turn it into a novel, but also I need to do more world building.

One of the things that I really need to figure out is how do Super Heroes fit into this world. Especially since I don’t want it to be a complete clone of Marvel or DC or Image or the other super hero type universes. I know I want to keep the whole Reed Richards is Useless (Warning, TVtropes Link) idea afloat because that’s what Alec changes. He’s been to plenty of Super Hero type worlds where the heroes develop all sorts of awesome technology and… don’t share it with the populace. In this world then he decides he wants to change that. He wants to – well not be Reed Richards, because he doesn’t want to do the Super Hero Shtick – but give the populace access to that kind of technology.

Why doesn’t the populace have access to some of that technology? Maybe because the Super Heroes are keeping it from them. It’s a horrible conspiracy. Maybe super Heroes need an edge of some sort to help protect the population. Or maybe they’re just bastards. Don’t know yet. But I need to figure that part out.

Also, since it’s a Super Hero universe there are certain things that I’d like to throw in. Somehow. The big sort of Event Cross Over Type Things. With the Huge Unspeakable Unknowing Things that Want to Destroy All of Reality, like Darksied or Galactus, or even something like probably not Infinite Crisis type level, but definitely something that requires all the Heroes to gang up and cause a lot of property damage. I want to do this for two reasons. One because it’s pretty much a super hero staple and two it’ll be hard for Alec to see it. He’s used to being able to just curb stomp these sorts of creatures. Now he’s got to worry about being curb-stomped. It’s getting him to realize about being human more. About the dangers of not having powers. Plus it’ll give him something to really worry about with Nate/Silver Hawk. After all Nate is a Super Hero.

What else? Well, how are the Super Heroes organized? How do Super Heroes get their powers? Is it something like random like in the Marvel or DC universe or is there a Certain Thing that can cause it. What about the Super Villains. I introduced someone called the Time Master. Can he really do anything with time or is it just something he calls himself? Oh, and Nate in particular. How did he get his powers? Was it unusual? Though that’s more character development, isn’t it?

Then there’s the technology level in the world itself. Is it like about our level? Is it not as advanced as us? Well, I did indicate that Kickstarter did exist, but that doesn’t mean it has to exist like that in a longer story. Also some things might be as advanced as we have them now and others not so advanced. Though the more advanced things will be introduced by Alec.

These are things that I’ve been pondering.

Never mind the fact that I’ve got no story arc. I’ve got a bunch of scenes! But no story arc.
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I wrote a thing.

It's a ficlet. Not really a full out short story or anything. No real plot. I wrote a short story actually and this is a scene that happened in the story but wasn't actually mentioned. Just sort of a headcanoned thingy? The story involves Alec being Alec... as in during one of his little world hopping things where he possesses an alternate version of himself and lives their lives for a while. No particular fandom this time. I got the idea on a walk a few months ago and decided to write it up.

Anyway. Enjoy some fiction.

It has not a title )
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Welp. I've finished writing up the bibliography and have come to the delightful conclusion that if I ever decide to write a book that requires a bibliography that someone should smack me on the head with a trout.

That being said, this means that the book is pretty much done. I am sending it to a friend who is going to do an edit for me before I send it to the publisher and yeah. All is well. Hurrah. Hurrah. Hurrah!
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So I figured I might want to do a bit of updates now and again on what's happening in my life.

Things have been busy. I'm chugging along on the Academic book still amazed that someone is going to actually pay me to read my ramblings on fiction. I have three more chapters left to go and then into the editing stage! Still nothing fictional published, alas.

However on the fictional side I've started writing a sequel to my last year's Nano for this year's Nano. It's getting kind of ridiculous. I've just thrown in a spirit animal companion because... well... no real good reason except those show up a lot. The wolf is named Thornflame Shadow Paw but Alec is like that's a stupid name, I'm going to call you Barnabus. Which really isn't that much better but... it's funny. Also I've set up a bunch of noodle incidents which I'm sure any fans the book eventually has will enjoy expanding upon in their fan fics. I've cheerfully destroyed some of the continuity I've created in the previous book, but that's okay. I've done it on purpose.

My Adobe Illustrator class is going fairly well, I think. We had to design a food truck in groups of two. My partner and I decided on a taco truck. I drew a rooster which everyone was impressed with. I even had people ask me how I did things on it.

On Tuesday I had my appeal for permanent disability. Which I won. It was probably one of my more nerve wracking days. But it's good. Now I'll have a small, steady amount of income until my writing career takes off. Which it will. *Stares at everyone uncomfortably until they buy all the books*

I probably should make an author website, now that I think about it.

artwork! )

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Hey! It's almost Nano!


I think I'm doing a sequel to the book I wrote last year. I was re-reading the book a few days ago and was highly amused at it. I managed to surprise myself at a couple of places because I didn't remember writing those parts. At couple of points I made a comment about something stupid happening in the book and a few paragraphs later the same comment would be made in text.

This is the cover I made for book two:

picture underneath )

I R Gud with Photoshop. Well, the text was done in InDesign, but whatever.

Also! The LA chapter is using a design I made for the LA chapter stuff to buy. So I am AWESOME.

Anyone else doing NaNo?
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I picked up Inheritance again yesterday and then had to put it back down with a "Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope!" after reading the following: "Reaching out, he traced the diamond-shaped hole on the left side of her snout, where the object of her consternation had so recently been ensconced."

where the object of her consternation had so recently been ensconced

Saphira has lost a scale on her snout and is angsting about it. And that is the object of her consternation and where it had so recently been ensconced.

And I'm like "How am I supposed to take this seriously?" Did he play Six Degrees of Separation with the Thesaurus? It's just... silly!
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The trials of wanting to be a good writer.

So, I've been getting ready for Nano, as you do, and figuring I'd do a redraft of the second/first novel set in Alec's world. It's disjointed and there are some things that I don't think fit any more.

That being said I came to a horrid realization: Most of the names in Alec's world are things like Marlina, Lorac, Laruna, Zalta, Jono and Hellena.

Alec doesn't fit.

Alexander doesn't fit.

And I've railed enough on Paolini for having name issues and said it was a bad writerly problem. Which I just now realized I did.

Fortunately I haven't had anything published yet!

But now I have to think of a new name for him.

It's funny.

Especially since I've written other stories that originally had him in it, but eventually changed him to a point that he's no longer him any more.

At this rate I'm not going to have any stories with Alec in it.

Well, there's that saying, "Kill your darlings" I guess "rename your darlings" is a lesser form of that.
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I am now in possession of the sexiest book evah: The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature.

It's a book of academic essays about fantasy books.

Shut up. Don't judge me. It's my precious.

Also two things in regards to writing.

1. If I ever see something along the lines of 'How could anything so deadly be so beautiful' I reserve the right to stab the author in the hand and take away their writing privileges.

2. If you want someone dead, don't send a family member to kill them. They spend too much time blithering about how they don't want to kill the other. Please don't make me kill you. You can't kill me we're family. How could you do this to the family. Blah. Blah. Blah. And I'm sitting here going "KEEEELLL HIM ALREADY." Of course, if I'm doing that then it probably means I'm not emotionally invested in the story.
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I saw the Avengers yesterday.

It was just... awesome. I mean awesome. I haven't had such a good time watching a movie in a while. The audience was excellent. There were laugh out loud moments. The character interaction was delightful and stemmed from character and situation as opposed to the "We have superheroes! They must fight!" sort of things. I never wondered "When is it going to be over" and instead I was wondering "What is going to happen next?"

Other things:

I made it past a slush pile! Woo! I got rejected, but I made it past a slush pile!

Anybody have hints on job interviews? I've never been on one before.

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