May. 10th, 2012 02:37 pm
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Well, that was a complete disaster.

I went to the job interview thinking it was for technical services. Instead it turned out to be working in the children's and teen departments.

Cue internal panic attack.

I can barely handle three hours of serving uppity university students and adult patrons. The idea of having to work with small kids and teenagers for five hours a day doing public service stuff?

Yeah. No.

Thankfully I managed to get to the car before melting down. The biggest problem I thing was I went in thinking it was one thing and they were thinking another and I had to mentally shift gears. Not only that but I had to shift gears into territory I wasn't prepared for. I had no preparation for questions like, "How would you handle bullying?"

How was I supposed to answer that one? I couldn't handle the bullies when I dealt with them in school. There would be no way I could handle them in a working position. Likely I would freeze up. Some how I didn't do that in the interview. I was doing it inside, but I didn't do it on the outside.

This is a good thing.

Still, as soon as I was excused I walked as fast as I could to where my mom was, without a word, grabbed her and went to the car. Where I proceed to have said panic attack, complete with rocking, curling and crying. Oh and inane babbling.

I have no idea how I managed to hold on to sanity for that long.

But, I don't think they're going to give it to me. I'm more than certain I failed at answering a lot of the questions. If they do, on the highly off chance, offer me the position I am going to tell them I can't accept it because I thought it was for a different one.

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Job interview in a couple of hours.


Wish me luck.
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I saw the Avengers yesterday.

It was just... awesome. I mean awesome. I haven't had such a good time watching a movie in a while. The audience was excellent. There were laugh out loud moments. The character interaction was delightful and stemmed from character and situation as opposed to the "We have superheroes! They must fight!" sort of things. I never wondered "When is it going to be over" and instead I was wondering "What is going to happen next?"

Other things:

I made it past a slush pile! Woo! I got rejected, but I made it past a slush pile!

Anybody have hints on job interviews? I've never been on one before.
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I have a job interview next Thursday at the Beverly Hills public Library.

I am uncertain as to how I should feel about that. On one hand the starting pay is five dollars more than I was making at my last job. On the other hand it's at a library and I'm not sure I want to go back to work at a library.

It is part time though.

Well, I shouldn't worry about it until I get the job offer.
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For the past couple of weekends my dad has brought home movies to watch. They've been Israeli movies and because of that, they've been movies that I cataloged at work. I couldn't watch them. I really couldn't watch them. I mean I watched them, for a little bit, because we were eating dinner in front of them, but I had a huge unhappy fit. Obviously this is going to lead to some problems if I have to go back to work at the university itself. If I can't handle a movie that I cataloged, how am I supposed to handle being on campus. My mom agrees and once again this changes our strategy. SO annoying.

Meanwhile they sent me a check for double my sick leave and double my vacation time and wanted to know if I'm resigning or not. Have not deposited the checks yet. Going to ask lawyer if it's okay or not.


Went to MOCA yesterday (the Museum of Modern Art) to see a photography exhibit on Weegee. Interesting guy. I looked at some of the other exhibits - the actual modern art stuff- and felt like banging my head against the wall.

Some of it was okay and I liked it, until I read the "what this thing is about". Like there was a hallway crisscrossed with red, yellow and green string that I thought was rather pretty and interesting to look at. Then I read the blurb and apparently it was trying to get across the "ideal of a hot dog". I don't even know what that means. Then there was the empty cat litter box, the cat blanket and the cat toys laid out on the floor. This was apparently an installation piece. I am not sure why. I just wondered where the cat was. (I'm sorry but my definition of art does not include things that are just set out on the floor.) I was so stupefied by this that I don't even remember what the blurb said. Then there was the plank of wood that was varnished sparkly red. It was leaned against the wall. This was apparently discussing the fact that there are spaces between things that are touching. Like the plank was touching the wall since it is leaned up against it.


I dunno.
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The big meeting that was supposed to happen today didn't happen today. After I saw my shrink on Monday he wrote a letter to the lawyer. The letter said that under no circumstances could I return to work at the library without serious danger to my mental health. As that was the point of the meeting we didn't meet. Instead my lawyer talked to the university's lawyer. The university's lawyer said that I should come up with a job I could do at the university instead because they had none to offer. They hadn't been hiring in years, blah blah blah.

So my mom and I batted around job possibilities for a couple of hours. We narrowed it down to a teaching sort of thing, but realized eventually several problems. One if they were going to pay me hourly, it wouldn't be worth the gas to go up there. Two teaching jobs are only good during the school year, so how would I earn money during the off seasons. Three, the semester has already started so I couldn't even teach this semester. I'd have to wait until fall to even try it.

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Tomorrow we're going to talk to our Lawyer again to see what the next step is in my ever entertaining Work saga. We are going to discuss what to do at the our Lawyer meets the School's Lawyer(s) meeting.

We've gathered up some evidence of stuff and other stuff. I don't know exactly what's going to happen. I do know that I am not going to the meeting between the lawyers. My shrink, my mom's shrink and I all agree that this would be a Bad Idea.

So we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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Happily I got my disability insurance debit card today. And there is money in it. And it is good. I can buy moar markers I have enough money now to buy food and pay rent. Apparently instead of giving you checks now they send you a debit card and set up a bank account for you. Interesting way of doing it, but I suppose it's a lot cheaper than sending out checks every week.

I've started writing the meta-Alec story. It's getting sort of interesting. I started writing in one particular direction and decided well no, I don't want to do it exactly like that. Instead of deleting the section that I didn't want any more I just had Alec say something like, "Yeah, I don't like this. I'm going to change it a little. So, we're going to start over again? Okay? Okay! Let's take it from this line."

It goes along with the idea that Alec is aware of the story he's in and aware of the fourth wall. I don't know how well it'll come out in actual narrative terms though. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
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I can has art supplies?

Yes I can!

I bought about $45 worth of art supplies today. Most of the money went to markers. Really, really nice markers. That bleed a lot. I imagine they won't do that on the marker paper. They also have fumes. Happy fun times!

And I got marker paper and a color wheel and spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how I'm going to carry it all - with my colored pencils and other stuff - to class. I gave up eventually and will try again later.


My brain has been fluttering with ideas lately, which is better than it has been in the past couple of weeks. It hasn't settled down with anything coherent yet.

One is a novel about Alec with his Gary Stu-powers. I'm thinking of calling it "The Adventures of Alec Troven, Gary Stu" but I haven't a clue as to what the plot would be. The big problem with this is that Alec is a Gary Stu with unlimited power. How do you write a story about that? I guess it would be something that deals with something his powers can't handle.

I got the idea from reading "How to survive in a Science Fictional Universe" by Charles Yu. The book tries to be meta-textual and play with the idea of narrative and things that are common in Science Fiction stories, but in my opinion doesn't quite work because I don't give a shit about the narrator. The guy is trying to be an Arthur Dent everyman but he's ... dull and uninteresting.

So I was all "I could do a hell of a lot better meta-textual with Alec who already has no concept of the fourth wall."

The starting line I came up with was , "I woke up next to a woman who wasn't my wife, but she didn't know that."

more random rambling )

Does anyone want the paper egg?

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I guess I'm going to have to read A Song of Ice and Fire now. I just the first four books for my birthday in a nice slipcase.

I am turning thirty three this Tuesday. I can't really believe it. It's just so... mind boggling. I'm thirty three. That's about the same age my mom was when she had me.

Anyway. Work stuff.

I am going to go on Medical Leave, if possible. There's a bunch of other stuff boiling around in regards to work, but that's the latest plan.

Effectively speaking, it looks like I'm out of work and going to need a new job.

Joy in this economy.

Unless I can get an agent who loves my books and sells them to a publisher who gives me lots of money. :D

Not much else going on. I'm slowly going mad from boredom. I've got nothing to do. I mean that was the nice thing about work, it gives me something to do during the day, and money. Now I have neither. I am going to be taking a class at the local Jr. College in graphic design. It's only one day a week but it's something to keep me busy, hopefully.

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Dear LJ tagging system.

I love you.

I've just found an LJ entry dated from 2008 where I complain about having to work for 25 hours a week and that it was my boss who told me to do it.

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Hey boss?

Thanks for killing the small bit of joy that I got from coming to work.

My desire to be a productive and working member of your staff has now hit - ∞. I don't know if that's possible, but it has been done.
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I am just so fucking pissed off right now.

I can't even think straight.

I was asked to work 25 hours a week but have only been officially listed as working 23 hours a week. As such, I don't qualify for benefits like sick leave and vacation time.


This week officially blows.

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While working on the Fettered Phoenix novel tonight Word gave me a message saying that the document was too long and it can't give me the little red lines or green lines to indicate spelling and grammatical errors any more.

I believe the last time this happened to me was with my Thesis which clocks in around 95k total. I'm at about 65k now and aiming for about 95-100k. I ended up making a second document and adding a bunch of names to the dictionary. I'm guessing then that this is probably going to be the longest thing I've ever written. And it's taking me much less time to do it than my Thesis which took about four years. It's been about three months since I started the Fettered Phoenix. That's a lot faster, isn't it?

In the mean time... PICTURES:

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The irony fairy has hit work this week in the form of vending machines.

There is a brand new vending machine which talks about HEALTHY FOODS and FIGHTING OBESITY! and PROCEEDS GOING TO HELP FIGHT IT and EATING RIGHT and there's even a little TV screen that has adverts for HEALTHY FOODS like THINGS.

What is actually in the vending machine?


... so um. Yeah.
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Does it make me a Mary Sue if I can convince professors of abilities I don't possess without even knowing that I do it?

Apparently one of the professors thinks very highly of my Hebrew typing skills. Enough that he told a student to come to me for help with it.

... I wish I had that.

It would make work a lot easier if I did.
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I may have just suggested buying World War Z for the library.
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I dun wanna be the efficient reserves person any more.
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Dear Westburo Baptist Church,

I see you've decided to protest our university once again. I must say, I have fond memories of your last protest. Everything from the complete silence to the lack of signs and hateful words. It's as if you weren't even there.

Oh wait. You weren't.

I suggest you repeat your performance from last time. After all I can't seem to understand why would you want to protest our existence. We are just a quiet university dedicated to teaching students ethics, tolerance and compassion as well as handing traditions of the Jewish People from thousands of years hence to the next generation. I can't think of anything offensive about it.

Maybe it's that our cafeteria has better food that yours? They do make a mean turkey avocado wrap with spicy fries. And today's tostada bar was fantastic. Lord knows it's impossible to keep my mom away when they have tacos.

Or maybe it's just the whole ethics thing you have issues with, as you seem to have none.

As recommended, if I see you, I will quietly mock your existence in my head or with my windows closed and go home.

And something else for you to keep in mind: There was a pure white dove spotted on campus, lounging away on the third floor balcony, not at all afraid of anything. Least likely G-d's wrath.

Hint maybe?

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First, I think our new bird thinks he's a bat.

We got home Monday night from a family dinner and before going back off to my place, I stopped in to say good bye to the bird. He was hanging upside down from the roof of his cage giving me a "what?" look. And he hung there for a good minute too. He's getting tamer. We can have him sit on our fingers for a few seconds inside his cage.

Yesterday was nice. The university had employee recognition day at the Brandies Campus. Which is a huge place with two summer camps in it and loads and loads of acres. There was folk dancing and all sorts of activities.

I got to go horseback riding. My horse was an ornery one which I got to ride since I had some experience. At one point he decided that trying to attack the horse behind him was a good idea. A very scary moment! As I've never had to deal with a horse who did that before. He bucked and started to spin, but I managed to keep him under control. The trail leaders said I did a good job and they were impressed. ^_^

The big thing though was I got my Ten Years of Service award. It was a very nice pin. Bossman had to present it to me and say wonderful things about me. This is three weeks after I got called in to HR and told I was a horrible person.

However, it's gotten me thinking. I've been with this university, as a student and an employee for about half my life. Maybe a little more. Which is weird feeling for me.

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