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I am dropping the class I started today. It was a very easy decision for me to make. It has really very little to do with the material and more with the teacher.

She was, in a word, erratic.

The first hint of this was that she didn't show up to class until after I had talked to the secretary who called up the vice-provost who called her up and discovered that she thought the class was tomorrow. She then turned up an hour late because of this.

She then proceeded to be exceptionally erratic.

Her lecture style appears to be rambling around in various directions with lots of "oh shinny" moments. There was a brief tangent on the evils of television because you get nothing of value from it (yet she watches anime... but for screencaps she says). And one about how people who use Facebook are just completely wasting their time. And one about how Steve Jobs was evil.

Several times she used the phrase "lah-did-de-dah" as she spoke, skipping past some things.

More than several times she'd stop her tangent and go "What was I talking about"?

She liked making fun of people. She did this, what I would call "stupid voice". Where she'd talk like someone who she thought was stupid relaying information that she thought was stupid. In regards, for example, black masking tape to black electrical tape (she wanted the former not the latter) she'd say in this "stupid" voice, like some slow witted drawl "Oh. Gee. Why isn't this working". Which was kind of funny the first couple of times she did it... but not the sixth or seventh or twentieth.

Once she was discussing something that was on the "principles of design" where she said "But this should be obvious". If it was obvious, why am I taking this class?

And what really got me - because I'm insanely schedule orientated - she didn't know if there was going to be a mid term or not. It depended on how she felt.

Oh! And the term paper. The term paper is four to eight pages. You're supposed to do it on a famous graphic designer. But you don't really have to write anything. Just look stuff up and "throw it on the page and add some pictures". You can write a paragraph or so about why you liked the guy, why you hated him, if they did drugs or how they died. Just... something. Whatever. It didn't matter.

Honestly the English major in me cringed and died a little.

A lot.

As a person in serious need of structure, routine and predictability this class is an anathema to everything that keeps me sane. So. Hello drop form!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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This is probably me just being, I don't know, old or set in my ways or maybe just out of touch with Modern Day Practices, but some of the students in my class are really irking me. They don't do anything wrong, persay, in how they do their homework or anything like that but it's what they do with their camera phones.

After the teacher's written up notes they go up to the notes and take pictures of them. They can't be bothered to write the notes down by hand. They just go up to the board and take a picture.

To me, that's just lazy. Is it so hard to write down the notes? Especially since some of the things they were taking pictures of was something they needed to write out anyway for a homework assignment.

What's worse is that the teacher explicitly said at the beginning of the semester DO NOT DO THIS. There were a few students who kept on looking at her guiltily while her back was turned as they took their pictures.

I actually said that a student was being lazy out loud to one of them and he got a sort of sheepish look and slunk back to his desk. But then I saw him writing out the notes.

Does this anger make me bitchy or something?
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This was on the radio today. I thought it was relevant to our interests. It is disturbing to see the rise of the - as they say - preventable diseases.

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Hey boss?

Thanks for killing the small bit of joy that I got from coming to work.

My desire to be a productive and working member of your staff has now hit - ∞. I don't know if that's possible, but it has been done.
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A friend of mine is running an astrology birth chart making business where he'll print your birth chart on a really nice background to hang up etc. He recently emailed me wanting to know if I'd be interested in doing a commission. The customer wants a background with Tarot cards on it.

But with only happy cards.

And no cards with signs of witchcraft such as "stars, pentagrams, snakes, devils, etc."

I'm not exactly sure what exactly constitutes a "happy" card in the Tarot, depending on where it is and how it's facing any card can be happy or sad. I'm guessing that they don't want, say the Tower or any of the Swords which don't always have nice images on them. But the suit of pentacles is all pentagrams. I can't think of a card off the top of my head with snakes in it, and only one with the devil (guess which one).

No, wait, I think some of the Wands might have snakes or salamanders on them.

When you get right down to it, actually, isn't the Tarot itself considered a form of witchcraft? They're used by people who claim to use pieces of cardboard to tell your future which is essentially magic. So you couldn't actually have any Tarot card in the picture of the Tarot cards because those are a part of witchcraft.

Which leaves me in a bit of a bind, doesn't it, design wise.

It really makes me wonder, however, what sort of person this is. They want a picture of a witch crafty thing but with no signs of witchcraft. It's sort of like wanting Star Wars, but you can't have the Dark Side, the Sith, Lightsabers, bounty hunters and hell, the Force.

I'm more than half way tempted to put the Fool in the drawing. How's that for symbolism?
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Sometimes the autism can be hazardous to my health for two reasons, one I have a high pain tolerance and two I have to actually think things through.

Sunday I was going over to my parent's place so we could run some errands and I was going to take my laptop with me. Easy enough. Or so you would think!

I went to unplug the cord from the uninterrupted power source thingamawhatchit. My fingers touched the metal prongs of the plug while it was still connected to the socket. Cue electrocution. I felt my hand and arm going all ripply.

Cue pain tolerance: It didn't hurt.

Cue autism: Gee, that's a really funky feeling there. I wonder what's going on. Oh, I think it's because I'm touching the metal prongs and they're still plugged in. I guess I should remove my hand.

Cue removing hand and staring at it: Oh I guess I just electrocuted myself.

Cue autism again: I want t do it again. It felt funky!

Cue common sense kicking in: No wait, that's a bad thing, isn't it?

Cue autism: Oh. Right! Electrocuting yourself is bad!. I won't do it again.

Common sense: Good!

Autism: *longing look at the plug for a second*

Common sense: BAD. *whaps with newspaper*

Which is really a big problem with me and I think other autistic people. We don't have a survival instinct. That fight or flight thing that gets me out of the way of a moving truck. Nope! A moving truck is coming my way and I'll be thinking "Gee, there's a truck coming my way. I wonder what I should do about it. It looks like it might hit me. I wonder what that would feel like. I bet it would be an interesting experience."

As opposed to, "OHMIAGAWD TRUCK! MOVE!!!"

I actually had to learn how to not do such things like stand in the middle of the road and stare down a truck. (That is an extreme example and I never actually did that.)

I guess non-autistic people just aren't interested in having interesting experiences.
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WTF is with all the sudden spam Anonymous comments I've been getting on my role play journals about "This short article filled me with a great idea about this subject. Great job. Cheers." And why the sudden influx of Russian junk spam in my inbox?

This is getting fucking annoying.

Just. Argh.

And I still haven't gotten my laptop cord back. I'm starting to think that it might be a good idea to toss another forty odd bucks down the drain at the store/dealer down the street so I can have a functional laptop again. It's been about a month now!

I just want to kill things.

Or seriously maim.
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Murder is not an acceptable recourse for pissant therapists who undo three weeks of therapy because they tell your brother it's his fault that they screwed up.

Sending mother to Talk with the therapist is. This may be worse than death.

Zombies may also be an option.
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Random Kippur is annoyed post.

This is in dealing with the LJ roleplay communities. If you tag your post "open to all" and people comment, you should reply back. Especially if it's not something rude or it's relevant to the original post. It may not go in the direction you want it to go, but it's rude and I think bad playing if you don't. After all you did say it was "open to all". If you want only certain kinds of pups to reply, then you should ask for those sorts, or go to a community where they're the only ones allowed. It's bad manners otherwise and can hurt the mun who sees you answering other people but not them.

Otherwise, please respond to the people who comment. Who knows? You may end up with a new rp-buddy or something unexpected and fun. Lord knows that's how I ended up with an AU Spike ending up friends with little Alec.
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Dear Westburo Baptist Church,

I see you've decided to protest our university once again. I must say, I have fond memories of your last protest. Everything from the complete silence to the lack of signs and hateful words. It's as if you weren't even there.

Oh wait. You weren't.

I suggest you repeat your performance from last time. After all I can't seem to understand why would you want to protest our existence. We are just a quiet university dedicated to teaching students ethics, tolerance and compassion as well as handing traditions of the Jewish People from thousands of years hence to the next generation. I can't think of anything offensive about it.

Maybe it's that our cafeteria has better food that yours? They do make a mean turkey avocado wrap with spicy fries. And today's tostada bar was fantastic. Lord knows it's impossible to keep my mom away when they have tacos.

Or maybe it's just the whole ethics thing you have issues with, as you seem to have none.

As recommended, if I see you, I will quietly mock your existence in my head or with my windows closed and go home.

And something else for you to keep in mind: There was a pure white dove spotted on campus, lounging away on the third floor balcony, not at all afraid of anything. Least likely G-d's wrath.

Hint maybe?

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Los Angeles is trying to put in a light rail line to the sea from Down Town. Which I think is an awesome idea. Anyway they're going to be using the old railroad corridor that runs through the city to make for the line. It's right near by and there are a lot of signs now saying "No to the Light Rail for ex why reasons". One of those reasons is "Kids and Trains don't mix".

Where upon my brain goes, "Well duh, that's why you teach your children to stay away from the trains." You know, take responsibility for it? I mean there are cities all over the world that have trains and light rails with kids near by. It's been like that since there have been trains. The fact that this is considered to be a 'reasonable' argument against the trains means that the parents aren't supposed to be responsible for teaching their children to be safe around trains.
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First because cats make everything better: A cat

Now for a mulchy mix of moo'foory. I'm not sure who is to blame for it. Could be me.

long ramble is long )
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Yesterday wasn't that much fun.

It started out boring enough. I got some writing done. But then I went to go have lunch with my mom. I was making a left hand turn into a parking lot to turn around when I got hit/hit a car. The car, I could have sworn, was a lot further away when I checked.

We pulled into the parking lot I was trying to get into in the first place. There wasn't much damage to his car nor mine. Still, I went about exchanging information. Or at least tried to. The man who was driving the car didn't speak English very well, so I had trouble understanding him. The upshot, I think, was that they just wanted me to give them my phone number so that they could call me and tell me how much it would cost to fix it. I insisted on the insurance.

Eventually they just said forget about it, and Jesus loves me. My parents think it was a scam. They hit me and then just give me any old amount to say how much it cost to fix it.

They drove off, but I got the make of the car and the license plate number.

My mom and I then went off to the police station to file a report that way no one could say it was a hit and run. This, the police officer who helped us said, was a smart idea.

That took up a good hour and a half.

Now I think my wrist is sprained because it doesn't flop all the way like the other one and .. .well... it hurts like Hell. So, doctor's appointment later this afternoon.
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This is something I've come to the realization of over the past week. Much like TV, books and the radio, if someone sees something on the computer they believe it to be true even if reality shows that it's not. My big example of this is from a conversation I have a lot while manning the front desk.

Patron: *comes up to me" The computer says that this book is available, but I can't find it.

Me: All right, let me double check. *goes back to check, because sometimes second eyes can find it when the first try doesn't* I'm sorry that book doesn't seem to be on the shelves.

Patron: But the computer says it is.

Me:*checks the main catalog* Yes, it does. However, I don't know why it's not there.

Patron: It should be there. The computer says it is. *looks at me like it's my fault that it's not there.* Where is it?

Me: I don't know. I'm sorry.


The fact that the computer says that the book is there, trumps the reality that hey the book isn't there. No, I don't know why the computer says it's there. It's a mistake, clearly. Yet they can't seem to get this into their heads. They have this belief that since the computer says it is so, reality must bend to its whim, instead of the computer being wrong.

I don't mind it so much when they say, "hey the computer says the book is available, but I can't find it" because there are a lot of books and if you're not used to looking for them it's easy to miss. But when they get insistent that since the computer says so, then it must be so and push on that point that it starts to get to me. Computers are only as good as the people who input the data into them. Sometimes, those people make mistakes.

They're not sentient scheming machines out to make people's lives miserable.

That's the programmer's job.


Feb. 8th, 2010 01:09 pm
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I never thought it was possible to have a Blue Screen of Death moment in real life. Sure I read about it in TVTropes happening to characters, but in real life? Nah.

But I had one yesterday.

We had an epic game of epicness yesterday at the D&D game. Lots of drama, a nasty and difficult trap and I had a great character defining moment with a Monumental Decision. All excellent and as it should be. Then the BSOD.

I happened to look down on the floor when one of the players mentioned that the felt the youngest of the munchkins wiggling against her feet. I saw that she had a bottle with liquid in it and a cap not on it.

Kippur: \\Run: Query to munchkin's mother. "Munchkin has open bottle and juice in it, perhaps it should be taken away?"
Kippur: \\ Expected response: Remove bottle from child. If received return to game.
Mother: \\Response: "Oh, I'm sure it'll be okay."
Kippur: \\ Error.
Kippur: \\ Run: Retry query, add incentive to mother: "I think it might cause a mess if she spills."
Kippur: \\Expected response: Remove bottle from child. If received return to game.
Mother: \\Response: "Well messes can be cleaned up."
Kippur: ++ ERROR. ERROR. Please REDO from start. Out of Cheese ++ Your brain will shut down now.

Doooooppppppp...... blink.

*presses restart button*
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I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors. I will not strangle the professors.
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People suck balls.

I mean really.

Suck balls.

My brother went on a hike last night. He likes going on hikes.

They ditched him.

In the dark. In the middle of nowhere. He was on the trail, they were ahead of him and he called out to them -screamed- for them to wait and they kept on going.

So, there he was. Alone in the dark with no sense of direction.

He called my parents, but he had no idea where he was. He has terrible sense of direction. Non-existent. Which is of course even worse in the dark. Thankfully he was able to get to the trail head. But then he had no idea where he was so he couldn't call a cab and tell them where they should pick them up.

Thankfully he was able to get to the exit and get picked up.

But yeah.

People suck balls.
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... Apparently the Westboro Baptists Church might be picketing on October 19th outside the university where I work?

We got an email from the administration about it. They basically said, "Ignore them".

I can't imagine exactly what we did to garner their attention, but I'm going to go with "existing".

We'll have to see if anything happens, yup.


Sep. 15th, 2009 09:43 am
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This is probably something really inanely trivial, but I feel like complaining about it anyway.

In one of my D&D groups the DM had us write Point of Views for each session. We got XP for it and if you didn't do it, you didn't get the XP. I sort of thought that was a silly thing to do because what if life threw you a curve ball and you couldn't write the POV. You'd suffer for it. But that's just me. Anyway, there was one person in our group whose a bit... nuts. He's a bit wacky in a train wreck sort of way. He charged about in some parallel game in his own head, which irritated me a lot as it would hold up the main plot.

The one thing he never did was write POVs.

Just recently he started writing them at the cajoling of the group. They didn't want to be held up because he wasn't writing them and getting XP.

At first they were standard POVs... from his own unique perspective. And that was cool. But now they've sort of degraded into something that...

Well, you're not going to have Tampax, Michael Jackson and television in a high fantasy setting, now are you? In fact they have absolutely nothing to do with the campaign whatsoever!

And it's just driving me crazy because it's not what it's supposed to be. POVs are supposed to be the POV of the session not some lucid dream like ramblings. He's even started going Meta and bringing in the players names and their kids into them.

I'm no longer playing with the group, but still on the mailing list just so I can see what's going on and what happens to my PC who I left. I miss him dearly, he was awesome. And looking at the POVs, I can see that leaving was probably a good idea, because if they're bothering me through subspace, imagine what they'd do to me in person?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Ah... the first week of school. Nothing like watching undergraduate and graduate students fumble into the mysterious thing known as the library.


An Education student: Are the LBs at the back of the stacks? Noooo... they would be before the Ms And that's in the middle? Yes.

Several students: Do you have any bibles? I need a bible for class. Yeeeeessss

Another student: Do you have a biology textbook? It's really big. is it on reserve? *blank look* You'll have to check the catalog it might be in the stacks. That's over there isn't it? Yes *student wanders into the stacks with befuddled look on their face never checking the catalog so they don't know where the biology books would be. Wanders out about five minutes later with no book*

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