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So I figured I might want to do a bit of updates now and again on what's happening in my life.

Things have been busy. I'm chugging along on the Academic book still amazed that someone is going to actually pay me to read my ramblings on fiction. I have three more chapters left to go and then into the editing stage! Still nothing fictional published, alas.

However on the fictional side I've started writing a sequel to my last year's Nano for this year's Nano. It's getting kind of ridiculous. I've just thrown in a spirit animal companion because... well... no real good reason except those show up a lot. The wolf is named Thornflame Shadow Paw but Alec is like that's a stupid name, I'm going to call you Barnabus. Which really isn't that much better but... it's funny. Also I've set up a bunch of noodle incidents which I'm sure any fans the book eventually has will enjoy expanding upon in their fan fics. I've cheerfully destroyed some of the continuity I've created in the previous book, but that's okay. I've done it on purpose.

My Adobe Illustrator class is going fairly well, I think. We had to design a food truck in groups of two. My partner and I decided on a taco truck. I drew a rooster which everyone was impressed with. I even had people ask me how I did things on it.

On Tuesday I had my appeal for permanent disability. Which I won. It was probably one of my more nerve wracking days. But it's good. Now I'll have a small, steady amount of income until my writing career takes off. Which it will. *Stares at everyone uncomfortably until they buy all the books*

I probably should make an author website, now that I think about it.

artwork! )

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Hey! It's almost Nano!


I think I'm doing a sequel to the book I wrote last year. I was re-reading the book a few days ago and was highly amused at it. I managed to surprise myself at a couple of places because I didn't remember writing those parts. At couple of points I made a comment about something stupid happening in the book and a few paragraphs later the same comment would be made in text.

This is the cover I made for book two:

picture underneath )

I R Gud with Photoshop. Well, the text was done in InDesign, but whatever.

Also! The LA chapter is using a design I made for the LA chapter stuff to buy. So I am AWESOME.

Anyone else doing NaNo?
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Just finished with another chapter and mulling over which one to do next. I am going to be on vacation for a week in the middle of August so that'll eat up time. It'll probably be a short one then. Because being away from your computer and resources makes it kind of hard to write these sorts of things.

In the meantime two things of thought.


As everyone knows I slave away at Nano every November. This year I'd like to try and do something different. There is the Night of Writing Dangerously that's held up in San Francisco every year in the middle/end of November. I would like to go to this.

What that requires however is to fund raise $350 dollars. If anyone would be so kind and if they have the money to spare, it would thrill me greatly if you could donate to the cause.

The donation site is here.

It would mean a hell of a lot to me.

Next order of Business! WAMPAS!

I've been busy making Wampas and here are the ones I've done so far.

pictures under the cut )

Aren't they adorable? They're currently hanging out on my couch. I hope to slowly build up my wampa collection over the course of writing the book. We shall see what happens!
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So. I'm about two thirds of the way done now.

I've killed off the mentor figure and ended that chapter at 50k.

Is sad face.

Today I'm not working on NaNo because I have this thing called "Homework" that I've been neglecting.


Brother is doing well. If a bit stir crazy. He does get out of the house a bit but then ends up dead exhausted afterward.

Other than that, not much.
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Brother got through surgery all right. The surgeon said that it was one of the largest hernias he'd ever seen and if they gave out awards for bad hernias, my brother would have gotten one. Apparently, he'd been having pains for two years and the times he'd gone to the doctor, the doctor said he shouldn't worry about it. Not our regular doctor. Our regular doctor sent him to the hernia doctor right away. It was so bad that the surgeon had to put his intestines back together in their proper place. They'd started to do whatever it is when something is in the wrong place but starts to get used to being there? I forget the word.

He's home now, but in a lot of pain. The doctor doesn't want him doing anything for at least three days. So, he's watching TV from the couch bed. Or actually he's sleeping with the TV on.

And now I'm going to make cookies.

Also, in NaNoNews

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I went to my NaNoWriMo Thank God it's Over party last night whereupon several things happened.

First I may have volunteered to be the Municipal Liaison for West Los Angeles next year.

Second someone wanted to know if I was the Kippur. The one who did the Eragon Sporkings as I had written Kippur on my name tag. Yes, I am no longer Kippur, but the Kippur. They also mentioned that I had been brought up on the NaNo boards in a discussion on the Inheritance series.

Scanning through it I noticed that a few people were glad the book had come out because it meant that there would be more sporkings.

I'm internet famous? :D

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So I've been NaNoing away and I came to the realization that one of my character's flaws is that he's a hero. Now, I realized that this sounds very much like a Mary Sue (or in this case Gary Stu) flaw, but as I looked at it deeper, it really is a dangerous and devastating flaw. The character, Kale, is perfectly mortal. He has no extraneous special abilities. The only thing you could say is unique about him is that he's descended from the Morrigan, but there's at least a hundred generations between him and her. So, for all intents and purposes he's normal, human, and an average warrior.

Yet, he has this stupid, stubborn need to go out and help people. He is willing to go into deep fairy to find the Deep Hunt which is created by the nightmares of the fey without a second's thought. The other person who is willing to do this is a powerful mage, one of the strongest living or ever will live. The mage is probably the only one who could survive it. But Kale is going to jump head first, sword swinging (metaphorically) into this and not look back or regret it.

I think it would be more of a Mary Sue flaw if he was a magically or super-sphesul individual, where there wasn't any real risk for him.

But the fact that he's so completely idiotic at doing this. He has such a drive, a blinding need to do these things and act like a hero, even if he doesn't think he is, is more than dangerous, it can be down right deadly for him and the people around him who will have to rescue him when something goes bad.

Meanwhile: I broke 50k yesterday.

NEVER AGAIN. I did like 14k in three days and my left arm is KILLING ME. I'm still going to work on it. The book isn't done yet. It's actually ... only part of the 50k cause I decided about 15k in (after two starts) that I was writing something completely different than what I set out to do. It was just supposed to be a scene. 34k words later.. It's a lot of scenes.


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For all the NaNo folks. Here's my profile so you can add me to your writing buddies.

And I'll add you back. :D
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I have been sick the past couple of days. It is unhappy fun times. I barely left my bedroom.

I'm feeling better now!

At least my head is clear.

I have decided to do the Alexander the Great story for NaNo. I just need a plot beyond "Stuff Happens". I'm thinking maybe of playing around with the idea that Alexander means "protector of men" and taking over the world really isn't "protecting men". Maybe evil fairies plotting to take over the world themselves. Alexander goes all >:| at this (partially because if anyone is going to be conquering humanity it's going to be him). Need a couple of good books on him. Yay library!

Paper idea: Superman as modern day Beuwulf. Wondercon is coming up (and it's in the LA area! so that's a lot cheaper!) and I'm thinking of submitting to the comics arts conference again.

Finished reading the Game of Thrones and started the second book, the title of which I can't remember and isn't near me to check.

Thoughts: Does Martian kill off someone in every prologue?

Yes. I know they're evil. Stop pouring it on into ridiculous exaggeration.

You killed him? Really? That was unexpected. Well, I guess I shouldn't get attached to characters, should I?

Rory Williams Fact in regards to the Game of Thrones )

Sent a couple of article pitches to Wizards of the Coast for their magazines.

Thinking about changing Alec's lj name into something more interesting than "alec_troven". Yes. Spending the fifteen bucks to do it. Probably change it to "elementwizard".

Is anyone here good at making stuffed animals?

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More artwork!

But this time not related to the class. This is the half-elf I was talking about for the NaNo idea. Pencil sketch and then colored in on computer.

Original )

With a background )
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November is rolling around (Gosh already!) and I've been plotting my NaNo ideas.

I've got two.

1. After having spent ten years as a falcon as a result of trying to rob a wizard's place, the half-elf Falk returns home - to his human side of the family - and discovers that he no longer fits in. Too much time has past and the aging difference between him and humans has become highly apparent. He decides to take this as an opportunity to discover who his elven father was, having only a name and that he was a member of the royal gaurd. The night before his mother's wedding, he came by and had the night with her, without knowing of the result - at least as far as Falk knows.

I'm sort of thinking about making the elf society more technologically advanced than the human one since elves have plenty of time to perfect things. I'm not to sure what else to do with it.

2. Alexander the Great's body was never found. There is a good reason for this. He never died. A young fairy, he insinuated himself into the Macedonian family and took over the mortal world. When his fairy father -Oberon (for right now) found out - he had his son 'killed' and then punished by binding his powers and keeping him in the mortal realms. For thousands of years he wandered among mortal kind unable to gain any sort of power until modern day when he stumbles upon the way to return to his rightful birthright. The question is, what is cost and is he willing to pay for it? (Yes. He is going to go for the power.)

and there is a third option.

I'm working on that meta-fictional Alec story. I've actually gotten about three chapters in already. It's a story where Alec gets stuck in a Typical Fantasy World and can't leave until he finishes his duties as the Chosen One. THRILL as he tries to seduce his sidekick Tristan (Yes, named after the Fifth Sorceress Tristan. Yes, Alec does comment on that). Be AMAZED as he tries to keep his old mentor alive because he really doesn't want to be left alone and the mentor is semi-aware of the circumstances. LAUGH as he deals with the Designated Love Interest! And GROAN at the cliches thrown at you left and right!

I'm going for a sort of deconstruction/lampshade hanging of the fantasy story.

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Well, I hit fifty thousand on my Nano Tuesday night. Did not do anything on Wednesday night being Lazy.


Some favorite bits:

Theo and Trever need to get into a club to talk to Vampires and undead friendly folk:

Read more... )

Kale and Lan discuss Kale's aunt Ginger, establishing her badass cred in Kale's eyes.

Read more... )

Kale bitches Rhys out for wanting to go into the Mysterious Cave Alone. Rhys actually ends up getting bitched out a lot.

Read more... )

Anna talks to a movie star. Nicely.

Read more... )

However, I have not actually finished the Novel, so I shall be puttering away, as you do. And maybe even updating my word counts to see how well I actually do do.

In the mean time, Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans! Happy Thursday to everyone else. I shall be making PIES.

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Bad-asses need to have bad-ass introductions.

Here's Ginger Milton, great-something or another aunt of two of the Protagonists, Kale and Trever. We first learn about her when Kale and Lan are discussing what might be inside the cave they're investigating.

The Myths )

After Shit Happens and It's Bad. Ginger herself enters. Ginger hasn't been mentioned since their discussion, though Rhys has established that she is in fact related to Kale and that she is as awesome as Kale says she is.

Of course saying something is awesome is a lot different than seeing something awesome, as we've seen in many books before. So, she can't just walk in on the scene and be like 'hey guys'. She needs an entrance, even if no one is expecting it. It has to be a reveal of some new consequence something that is going to drive the plot forward. Why is she here at this particular place in time, the readers need to ask. And what is she going to do to help the heroes?

The Entrance )

Which, hopefully, this does.
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It was my brother's birthday on Friday so we went to Disneyland. It was mostly fun, there were some minor bits of woogieness. Brother currently, since the upset, is a bit too down to have completely enjoyed it. We got up to early and were kinda lacking energy for the first part of the day. I'm going through Paxcil withdrawal so I'm a bit loopy/flu feeling. We miss-gauged how much money it would cost us to eat explicitly kosher at the park. etc. Also it was more crowded than we expected.

However! My mom's best friend works at the Disneyland hotel so she managed to get us a room there exceptionally cheap. It was fantastic. There's a button on the nightstand lamp of Tinker Bell that when you push it fire works show up on the wood panel carving of the magic castle over the bed. They came in and turned down the beds, leaving chocolate coins. It was fantastic. Would do it again but don't have the money.

I didn't go on the Haunted House ride this time because it's all set up for Christmas and I hate the Nightmare Before Christmas in my Haunted House. The last couple of times I went on it I just got really irked. So, I was wise and did not go on it. We did go and see Captain Eo though.

It was exactly how I remembered it... over fifteen years ago. The 3D effects were even as bad as I remembered it. It was cheesy fun though and much better than Honey I Shrunk the Audience.

In the meantime, Paxcil withdrawal is making me feel like poo. The weather is also kicking up my sinuses for double the pleasure. I feel completely sick and fluish, but I'm not. I would like to think that I'll get over this soon but I've been on Paxcil since I was eighteen or so. So, I've got a lot of stuff to withdraw from.

It'll be fun!

Nano word count:

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I'm actually using this as an opportunity to hopefully finish Death God Rising, so I'm starting in near the beginning here, but there's already written stuff. I've just incapacitated four out of eight of the team members. Two of the team members got whammied when they undid a series of Wards in Maine. The backlash took out two other members. Adrian, the ritual mage, is one of a trio of triplets. His sisters are in Los Angeles. While they don't have the MYSTICAL MAGICAL UBERSPECIAL twin/triplet bond found in a lot of fantasy fiction.

For which they're grateful for considering some of their sex lives. Actually, now that I think about it, a lot of people don't seem to get the full repercussions of having a 'twin bond'. If you can feel anything that your twin is feeling, that has got to be awkward when one is having sex and the other isn't. Especially if you're a guy, if you know what I mean. Sure they talk about violence that the twins feel against one another (Oh NO MY TWIN IS HURT!) but emotions and physical feelings aren't just restricted to violence.

Someone should explore this.

Anyway, what happens with the triplets is that since they developed together in the same womb their magical connections are tied together. When Adrian used up all of his reserves the connection went to his sisters to take some of theirs to keep him alive. Sort of like a mystical life line. Kale and Trever - the Delvar twins- would have a stronger reaction as they're identical instead of fraternal twins, though they still don't have a 'twin bond'.

And that is what I did to my characters.

I'm trying to do a massive word count the next three days because on Friday I'm going to Disneyland for my brother's birthday and we're staying overnight. There is no way in hell I'll be able to do any sort of writing after a day at Disneyland, so I'm buffering up my count so I don't miss any deadlines.
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Look at the neat banner I have:


Much thanks to my co-writer for making it. ^_^

Now I have to nag her for an appropriate icon.

I think I'm going to try and put up daily word counts and things like my favorite line(s) during Nano.

Must outline out stuff....

In other news, the wind has kicked up my allergies and so I've been sniffling and running like a mad thing the past couple of days. Yay sinuses!
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It's almost NaNo time! Hurrah!!

I'm Kippur over there. (Of course. I'm Kippur everywhere.) I tend to use Nano to bust through Novels that I've been meandering on: The two that I may bust through is a rewrite of Oracle Blinded or finishing up Death God Rising.

Speaking of Death God Rising, I've two new books to put into that category.

1. This is a collection of short stories that take place before the first book. It's how they got there stories. How Trever got his familiar, how the Fraser triplets got off the streets, how Rhys started the DMCM etc... I think I want to give it a chess like title. Maybe Knight's Moves.

2. Book four of the Dawn of the Old Gods series. As this series is called Dawn of the Old Gods, one of the Old Gods has managed to regain her powers completely. She's a Russian goddess and someone is killing off her followers. The DMCM has been invited by the Russian government to check up on the situation. I believe Lan will be one of our main POV characters as he is Russian as well as Anna, as the Goddess will likely like her a lot. They've got the same sort of interests. Previous antagonists will likely not apply as it takes place in Russia and they're not welcomed there. There was this thing that happened in the fifties... and yeah
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I've got nothing else.

The story isn't finished though, but that's okay. I got the word count in.
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Dear me.

He was dead. Why did you bring him back to life? You suck.

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One of the hard things I've noticed about writing characters is trying not to put my particular moral views into theirs. The biggest problem I have is when it comes to eating. Jews have Views on what sort of foods it's okay to eat. Keeping Kosher and that fun stuff. My characters are not Jewish. My characters either come from a world where there's no such thing as Judaism or some of them just aren't Jewish. This means that they don't have to follow the rules of Kashrut. They can eat pork. They can have meat and milk products. They can enjoy a lobster. Now, I could come up with reasons for why the fellows who aren't from a world that has Judaism to keep similar rules to keeping Kosher but I don't think it fits into their particular society. Also I feel like it would be putting my beliefs into their mouths.

It'd be like making the elves in the Inheritance Cycle vegetarians. I would make the rules close enough to make me feel "comfortable". Which, I think, would be dangerous. After all the wizards believe that they're superior to every other humanoid on their world so they would believe their view of eating is correct. Thus they would be pushing my views (since the main POV characters I tend to use are wizards) onto the rest of the world. By doing that it would look like I was pushing my views -for I am Jewish and keep Kosher- as a I suppose the term is straw man argument. Which is not something I want to do.

Because of this I've had to make a conscious effort in food choices. It makes me feel squeamish, but I have to remember, my view of the world isn't the only view of the world. The things I value aren't things that other people would value. Especially when it comes to religion.


In regards to NaNo.

It's strange how stories can wander off on you. I thought I was going to be writing a straight fantasy this time around, as I usually do. But I was sort of stuck on where to go after a certain point, so I decided to switch to the other side of the Rift. See, the goal of the characters was to go through a rift and retrieve an item. The world where the item is was a science fiction type world. They have technology and were able to build a gate to open portals to other worlds.

The world turned out to be very interesting and out of six thousand words-ish, four thousand have been on this world. I've learned all sorts of things. It's an Earth colony on a world with rings. The sky tends to be green and red. There are psychics but not magic users. The psychics tend to end up in the government. This particular group of psychics are part of an MiB type group. Well a cross between the MiB and Torchwood. Also that some of them have counterparts on the first world. Different names, but still, counterparts.

I just wish I knew where things were going. Mostly. It is sort of fun to be exploring uncharted territory in my universe.

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