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I am cautiously optimistic. I have a new cord (again) and it appears to be functioning (again). I am not going to plug it into the wall back at my place that doesn't have the surge protector in it. Hopefully this will take.

I have a lot of catching up to do! Writing wise. I managed to clean up a short piece that I want to send out. Need to check out the other stuff I have. And do all the preparing stuff I meant to do in the beginning of January now. See what stories I have done, finish up DGR - sooo close to the climax I can taste it - and rewrite/draft Oracle Blinded. Make it nice and polish like. I've got a chunk handwritten which needs to be typed in.

As for Sporkings. I would like to do "I am Number Four" however it appears to be very popular and the libraries are all out. I do, however, have the first book of Maximum Ride which I hear is just as bad, so I may do that instead.

What else.

Well, in the continuing world of my mother, she cut the tip of her thumb off today. She was at Chabad helping out - I was not there - when she sliced the tip of her thumb off. Of course, not wanting my dad and brother to miss out on the Shabbos meal that they came for, she didn't say anything about it, just kept her thumb with napkins on it.

The big problem is that she's on blood thinners so the bleeding wasn't going to stop anytime soon. When my father realized what a silly thing she was, he took her to the ER. Her thumb is now thoroughly wrapped in bandages and looks like what you see in the cartoons after it's gotten dinged really good.
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I don't know what I was planning to do today, but instead I ended up hanging in the ER because my mom was having chest pains. Dad was a bit on the hysterical side, for him, and so my mom and I went off to the ER.

We were there pretty much all day. She's there over night for observation.

Tomorrow shall be better.
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Tuesdays my mom and I have dinner together at some restaurant. So, it was yesterday that my mom and I ended up in IHOP for breakfast and dinner (She had a breakfast and I had dinner). We talk about the what's going on in our lives. During last night's dinner I ended up talking about my up-coming paper for Comic Con. I'm having some mild issues because part of it is dealing with an abstract subject -> responsibility.

Obviously this required describing the events that I was discussing. We used the little creamer buckets to mark the major story beats. It was quite entertaining, actually. I explained what the retconing did to the previous two story arcs. She kept on getting confused, before finally getting it.

When she did get it, she looked at me and asked, "So you have to go back to these issues (*points to the earlier coffee creamers*) and cut out all the pages that say differently because of this now?" *points to the latest coffee creamer.

Pretty much.

At one point in our discussion I was explaining why Hal decided to sacrifice himself to restart the sun which was being eaten by the appropriately named sun eater. Kyle came to him and said 'hey you used to be a hero, we need you to be a hero again.' My mom's response?

"He found Jesus then?"

This required a moment's thought where I allowed a, "Yes, I guess it could be considered that."

She got all excited and talked about how Hal became a born again Christian and how she would love to be able to write a paper about the religious aspects of the story line. She was a comparative religion major, you see.

In the end, I don't think we solved my paper problem but I did expose my mother to the joys of retcons and ass-pulls.
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My mom found an article - book review - that my grandfather wrote for a medical handbook.

It's short, but scathing.

I guess it's in my blood!
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How awkward. My mother is looking for someone for e on J-Date while I'm sitting here.

She doesn't seem to be having much luck.

Now, the question is -this a good or bad thing?
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My mom has ruined my sex life for me.

When we were at the doctor's the doctor did some poking of my back and spine which caused a lot of jumping on my end. I am exceptionally sensitive to touch, as it was shown by the poking. Even a little stimuli gets a large reaction out of me. All of this leads up to my mother's statement as we drive off:

"I bet you're going to have some really great orgasms."

You know, mothers aren't supposed to talk about those things with their kids, are they?
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This is personal, I guess. No. It is. It's not something that I've ever talked about because it's not something I ever realized until today.

It could be triggery... or something. So I'll put it under a cut.

Read more... )
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I don't get my mother sometimes. My arm/elbow has started to really bother me and the doctor has sent me to get testing to see if it's carpel tunnel or not. Currently trying to get an appointment is a bit difficult because well... it's the system, yah?

We were talking the other night about the fact that if it is carpel tunnel I may have to have surgery and I was worried well, how will I be able to earn money while my hand is healing. I don't know how long the heal time is or anything like that, but I think it's a legitimate concern. After all, I can't work with an injured hand. So I asked about disability and workman's comp, just to let her know I was thinking these things.

After some discussion of not bringing it up at work yet because it's only a mere possibility etc. She said that she didn't want me to go for disability or workman's comp because it would cost the university money and they might not let me keep my job and I'd be able to type with one hand so I won't miss too many days at work.

See, as part time, I don't get any paid vacation or sick leave or anything so she's afraid I'll lose my job if I go off for something. She wants me to save my big leave time for something important. I'm thinking... surgery for carpal tunnel isn't big?

I've been working here for eight years. I've been told time and time again how valuable I am. She's afraid I'll lose my job.

I dunno.
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You see, I have to share these things with you so that way I'm not the only one who shares in the horror of it.

To understand this, you must realize that my mom feels free to share things with me that normal mothers wouldn't with their children. This is the result of that.

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Aaaah... there's nothing like getting a text message that says essentially: Your brother is in the hospital but don't worry everything's okay. Call me when you get off work.
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Dad made mom stop and look at the parakeets yesterday when they went to the post office.

I asked if she liked any of them.

She said there was one.
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My mom's biological Grandmother Clock is ticking. She wants me to find a nice Jewish Someone (or as she says 'mate') so that I won't be lonely and I can have a family with. Clearly there is some difficulties with finding someone.

But she wants to.

Don't know how though.

Adopt one today!
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I went and saw Watchmen last night. 12:05 showing.

It was as faithful to the book as possible. Unfortunately it's impossible to be completely faithful because it'd be like trying to turn the Talmud with all the different people's opinions and stories into a movie. There are just too many layers to put in a one dimensionally layered medium.

HOWEVER, having seen it, I am now certain that it is part of a plot to cause WWIII.

There are five factions in this upcoming war.

The countries at war )

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Well, it's Monday.

Let's see.

My brother is going in for an MRI on Friday. He says that it's going to be around his stomach area, which sort of narrows down what might be going on. I talked to my mom and she's maybe relenting on telling me what's wrong. I'm sort of afraid to know, but I also want to know.

Went to my with People D&D game yesterday which was fun. In a way. The cast of characters being six adults, two pre-teens and three under five. A four year old, a three year old and a one year old. The first and last being siblings. And they completely run their mother around. The one year old wants to be breast fed and the mom says no, I'm too tired. The one year old whines and the mother breast feeds. I think I know who's in charge of that relationship.

As for the game itself, a new PC was introduced. He's is called the Avenger! and he bears more than a passing resemblance to Captain America. Such resemblances including using a shield as a weapon, having been in suspended animation for a period of time, being part of a group called the Guardians who's war cry was "Guardian's assemble", wearing a face mask, having been the Originals Avenger's Black Squire (aka Bucky) and being called Rojer Stephan. Several times his player got a bit carried away with his "Captain American'ness" and the DM had to say, "No. We talked about this." Still, it was a fun game when the little ones weren't being a pest.

At one point I did a kick-ass maneuver where I went from prone, to standing drawing my swords igniting them and then attacking a displacer beast. I hit too. That involved, (for the geeks out there) acrobatics check DC 20, quick draw, casting the spell, and then spending an "action point".

Saturday my mom and I went to go see Inkheart. Which um... Dustfinger um... yummy. I rather enjoyed it, they Dues Ex Machina'd fixed the Ending, but over all it was fun.

Goals for the week

1. Write up an article.
2. Submit a story (two better)
3. Get about five thousand words done and/or edit NaNo novel.
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I seem to have addicted a lot of people to the dragon eggs. Since there is a few of us perhaps there should be an egg community where we can trade eggs, gift eggs and things like that?

My mom and I were talking about the eggs and she asks is this the same place where you write about me. I said yes. She wanted to know what the last thing I'd written about her was.

As it's been a while since she's done something interesting, I said I didn't remember.

We're going to see Inkheart. At the theater there's a fountain. She said that she's going to go and take off all her clothes and run around naked in the fountain, that way I'd have something to write about.

I told her nah, I'm going to put this in instead.

She's giggling at my expression and what I'm doing.
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In continuing yesterday's Suckage theme, my mom just found out her best friend's son is in Serious Trouble.

Serious Trouble as in the FBI showed up to talk to him Serious Trouble.


Yesterday sucked.
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Amusing: When I picked up the Blake novel, sitting next to it was a book on pornography and it's role in society.


Mom and I

Feb. 5th, 2008 12:20 pm
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*gnaws on mother*
Long ramble about mother and being a boy )
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More things I don't want to hear about my mother.

They're doing construction at the Condo, putting in new tiles on the patio, new awnings, windows etc. My mom comes by every so often and chats with the workers when she comes by.

One of them just told me today, that he thought my mom was beautiful and it sounded like he wanted to have an affair with her.

My mom found that hilarious.

I don't really know what to think about it.
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First, last night I was talking with my mom again. My dad (who had hip replacement) apparently was allowed to go upstairs and sleep back in his regular bed again, with my mom. So, I was asking about that. I asked "So he's allowed to go upstairs and sleep there now?" And my mom said yes. Then she smiled, it was a lecherous smile, I swear to God it was, and said, "I want to tell you something, but I don't think you want to hear it." Wisely I said, "No, I don't think I do." And she gave an small but evil laugh.

My mother frightens me sometimes.


Teasing by ~Kippur on deviantART

Jono and Alec having a nice moment together.

Speaking of characters.

This is a bit of a throw back to the discussion about killing off characters and Paolini's idiotic views on it.

I was working on my novel last night, (I did like four thousand words yesterday) and I came upon a section where the characters were going into a situation which would eventually lead to a big fight. As I was plotting out the scene and sequences that would lead up to the battle one of the characters told me he was going to die in said battle. B|

I really like this guy. It's Darian, the wielder of the Lance of Ice. He likes making lance jokes and is a bit of a rogue. But he told me he's going to die. And while sad about this, he was also quite firm on this. And I'm upset. I don't want him to die. But he refuses to be swayed away from this point. This, he says, is what he is supposed to do. This is the end of his story. He'll die heroically and what's better than that? He'll save his friends and he's probably the only one who can do it.

To make matters even more interesting, another character, Hellena told me that she's in love with Darian. Though she'll never ever admit it in story. She and Darian have nearly killed each other several times. She even broke his nose at one point and I think he broke a rib of hers. They're complete polar opposites. But yesterday, I wrote this:

“Darian! Stay!” she ordered again. The guards shifted, pointing their weapons at Darian. He subsided, reluctantly, his head hanging down. Marlina wanted to move back to keep an eye on him, but it didn’t look like her guards would let her. Surprisingly, Hellena put her hand on his shoulder, whispering something into his ear. He looked startled, but nodded in agreement to whatever she said. Marlina wondered what she said to him, but it didn’t matter because it stopped him from doing something stupid. He always did something stupid for that stupid horse.

Instead of being horribly snide and bitchy, Hellena was actually kind to him, and comforting. Which is when she told me she was in love with him.

So, now I have a character death and an unrequited love to deal with.

Speaking of unrequited love, something just popped into mind.

Eragon and Arya's so called relationship. Everyone I've talked to has said that their relationship just doesn't work. And I think it's because Paolini is forcing the relationship. Neither of them are actually interested in each other. Eragon isn't even puppy crushing her. His views on her are strictly ascetic. Never do we hear about her personality when Eragon thinks about her, only her looks, which get waxed poetical adnausum. She's not a real person to him, merely an object to look at and admire. The only thing we know about Arya in regards to Eragon is that she finds him distasteful and rude. She avoids him as a matter of course. Now, this is the classic hate turns love situation that Paolini has put in and which will probably happen in the third or fourth brick, but it still won't work because she has no reason to care about Eragon. She has never shown a reason to care about him. And Eragon, as mentioned before, isn't interested in her as a person. This is not what a relationship is built on. But Paolini wants Eragon to have a True Love with the Beautiful Princess, so the two of them will be forced together and their relationship will never be true.

Unless Paolini suddenly becomes a master writer between brick two and three.

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