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Yesterday and today was fun.

We put in a new carpet in my parent's dinning room. This required moving a table made of solid butcher block wood around, getting the carpet from underneath it, putting the new carpet down and then putting the table back. Then we moved the old carpet into my dad's van and a bookcase in a box - IKEA like - into the van.

Today we took the carpet out of the van and up a flight of stairs. The bookcase went up two flights of stairs. Later I helped my brother move couches around so he could put the rug in the right place.

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Other than that, nothing exciting.
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Right. So, how am I doing? I've been quiet for a while. I still do exist, I want you to know.

I'm starting school on Monday. I'm taking a costume drawing, inDesign and photography class. My dad got me a camera for the class really cheap. However I've only seen it for all of five minutes. In theory my dad is going to sell it after class. But considering how much fun he's been having with it I seriously doubt it.

I've still got no car, but in theory my dad's getting one in March so fingers crossed and all that jazz.

Still unemployed, of course.

Here's a photo of the cat and a drawing I did.

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I had an interesting dream last night.

I was a member of the PPC - Possibly Alec, possibly myself - trying to get Frodo and Sam back into Canon when I ran into the folks from Channel Awesome (That guy with the glasses) well, the reviewer personas and we started chatting about Work Stuff and fans.

Kitty is doing okay after his teeth pull yesterday. He's eating with good appetite, if still a bit sluggish. But he's come up to me and done the nuzzling and he slept on the bed. So, I'm not worried.
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Had to take kitty to the vet today. He needed serious Dentistry Done.

He's not not happy about it.

I'm not happy about it.

But it needs to be done.

I should have gotten them cleaned earlier. I'm a bad mom.

I hope they don't need to pull any teeth.


Apr. 23rd, 2012 10:29 pm
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Things that are ineffably cute that I saw these past couple of days.

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Nov. 8th, 2011 04:37 pm
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I have been irritatingly productive the past two days.

Yesterday I got my car smog checked, did all my laundry, washed the pile of dishes, took out the trash, took a walk, got my homework done and did 4,000 words for NaNo.

Today, I balanced my checkbook, put in a new shelving unit thingy in my closet and rearranged it, cleaned off my art desk and regular desk and have yet to start my NaNo writing but I'm sure I'll be writing fantastically. I have this weird sort of bubbling energy in me. I don't know where to put it.

In the mean time: Book covers!

For my graphic design class. The assignment was to draw a book cover with a close up and with at least two people standing. I figured why not do covers for the books I've written/am writing? Easy enough right?

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Meanwhile the cat is yowling at me to feed him because he doesn't understand the concept of Daylight Savings time.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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While working on the Fettered Phoenix novel tonight Word gave me a message saying that the document was too long and it can't give me the little red lines or green lines to indicate spelling and grammatical errors any more.

I believe the last time this happened to me was with my Thesis which clocks in around 95k total. I'm at about 65k now and aiming for about 95-100k. I ended up making a second document and adding a bunch of names to the dictionary. I'm guessing then that this is probably going to be the longest thing I've ever written. And it's taking me much less time to do it than my Thesis which took about four years. It's been about three months since I started the Fettered Phoenix. That's a lot faster, isn't it?

In the mean time... PICTURES:

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I haz a leetle tree: Adopt one today!

I also haz a new cord for my laptop. Yay!

I've been on a laptop I borrowed from my dad. Big and clunky and had a rather strange quirk. When I hit shift+n instead of giving me a "N" it would give me a "NB". No idea why. It would go away for a while and then come back.

Need to take cat to the vet.

He's been regurgitating his food a lot. I got to step in a hairball this morning when I got out of bed to feed him. I discovered two things: One he's also thrown up his dinner. Two: I was out of paper towels.

And three when I got back from the store to get paper towels he'd thrown up some of his breakfast.

So. Vet.

But first I need to get cat insurance.

But first before that I need to figure out a budget.

I have the week off from work. Probably won't get anything useful done. Oh well.

However, I have decided that likely my next book will be New Moon (that is the next Twilight book, isn't it?) because the library I work at has it (someone donated the series) and I can check it out from now until the apocalypse.

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And just when I thought my grandfather couldn't get more awesome... he does.

My mom told me a story about him yesterday in the car while we were driving to dinner.

One time he got called as a medical witness in a trial about a guy who'd gotten injured or something. My mom doesn't remember what. The lawyer was questioning my grandfather.

Guv: I knew he was hurt because the spot on his arm was tender.
Lawyer: What does it mean that it was tender
Guv: When I touched it, it hurt the man
Lawyer: What does it mean to hurt?
Guv: It caused him pain.
Lawyer: What does it mean to feel pain?
Guv: *he reaches over and pinches the man on the arm*
Lawyer:*shrieks in pain*
Guv: It felt like that.

Is that not awesome? I mean, is it not beyond awesome?

Do you know how awesome my grandfather was? He used Old Spice and could give the Old Spice guy a run for his money in awesome things he did.

He stole a cup from the White House. Yes. He did. That's what my grandfather did. He was invited to the White House for breakfast and he stole a punch glass.

He met the Pope. Yes, that's right, you heard me, my grandfather met the Pope. And my Bubbie? She bought rosaries for the Pope to bless and gave them to her Catholic friends because she's just that awesome.

When he was in medical school? My Guv? He stole a liver out of the cadaver lab. Why? Because he wanted to play football. That's right, he stole a liver to play football with. And not only that he didn't get kicked out of school for it.


And my cat?

He ate my peanut butter sandwich for dinner.
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Taken with the webcam on my new laptop.

Quick survey:

Do people think that Brom turning out to be Eragon's real dad was Paolini's idea from the very start or something he retconed to get away from the Star Wars critics?

What is Brisingr about? The plot, I mean. (Cause I'd really like to know).

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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My laptop decided that it was going to break. One of the hinges doesn't work, so now I can't close the laptop any more unless I want to spend like two hundred bucks to get it fixed. Instead, I'm going to get a new laptop, as this one is over five years old, for a bit more money.

In the mean time, kitty has been annoyed that I haven't been sitting on my bed to use my computer. Bad me.

Have some pictures.

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Also: I saw Toy Story 3 over the weekend. If you don't cry during it, you have no soul.
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Pictures from the camera on my phone which I finally figured out how to download.

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Interesting weekend.

Friday went to a party, had to leave early because haven't been sleeping well and I wanted to get home before I zonked out. Which was a good thing because I started to zone out on the drive home and took a wrong exit to get onto the 405.

Saturday, ran errands with my mom during the day and then drove back to the place where the party was for a game of Houses of the Blooded . [ profile] thelastmehina ran it and it was fun. I came up with the cracky idea that one of the murdered people, who died under mysterious circumstances, died with a boar's tusk up his tuckuss. This earned meh Style. However driving back home wasn't such a good thing, I zoned out a few too many times and ended up going through a red light at one point. No more long detours at two in the morning for me!

Sunday. Good and Bad.

Good: Saw Star Trek. Would see again. (Jeremy? Wanna go see it again?)

Bad: Fucking EARTHQUAKE. I HATE THOSE. The scare the shit out of me. It was a good sized shaker too: 4.7 on the Richter Scale. Poor kitty got so scared that he hid under the bed for a good half hour. When he finally got out he spent a few minutes checking out the spot he'd been snoozing on when the quake hit to make sure it was safe. And I mean he did really. Touching it with his paws and looking at what it did. Smart cat.

What's really getting me is that there's been a lot of earthquakes lately. That one was the biggest in a while, but still, lots of little feelable ones. Makes me nervous.

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