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Two things:

Item Number the One: I sold five drabbles! \o/ For money even. Which is even better! Three months into the new year and I'm getting fiction sold already! Now we just have to work on the longer pieces and novels.

Speaking of longer fiction. Item number two: I just wrote a 42k story. It's either a long novella or a short novel. I'm not one hundred percent sure yet.

I was not expecting to write something that long.

It was originally going to be a rewrite of a fan fic I wrote ages ago. I thought it'd be fun to see if I could re-write it with the numbers filed off, so to speak. I think I succeeded. The original story was about 7k words long. As mentioned before the current standing of the story is about 42k long.

The problem now is what to do with it. Tor takes things at around 40k words according to their website and I might, in rewriting - adding of description and scenes - be able to stretch it to at least 45k maybe even 50k which would be a lot better. Hah. I'm not even sure how to begin to describe this piece. I don't think there's a good or bad guy in it. Two protagonists who hate each others guts though. And no, they don't end up falling in love with each other. They hate each other in the beginning of the story and they hate each other at the end of it. Oh, they change, sure. They just continue to hate each other and for good reasons.

But it's done now. Which is good. I can let it sit for a bit before picking it back up. Need to find someone to read it. It'd be one thing if it were a short story, but this is a damn novel, almost. Which actually takes time to read! It's not a thing to read in one sitting.

I'll figure something out.

It's surprisingly darker than I usually write. Not so much tongue in cheek humor and lampshade hanging. Which was weird. It's the only way the story would work though. So, I guess you have to write what the story requires.

Yeah. So...

Nov. 4th, 2011 02:12 pm
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The following ficlet is this picture's fault:

Title The Hand's Doctor
fandom Song of Ice and Fire/Doctor Who
ratings safe for all.
Spoilers None.
Summary Eddard Stark finds someone unusual in the king's throne room.

Read more... )

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So, somewhere I read that Steven Moffat said that the crack in the wall/ universe ate up a lot of the big alien invasions, like the Dalak one at the end of season four. So I was postulating. Couldn't it have erased the Doctor's mind wipe of Donna?

Title: She Remembers
Fandom: Doctor Who Season Fngrg.
Characters: Donna Noble.
Rating: G
Spoilers: Not unless you haven't seen the ending of Season Four

One morning, Donna Noble woke up )
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Title Rumors
Fandom Eragon/Inheritance series
Summary The Rumor Mill at work
Notes No Meat involved.
Notes the second So... what is the other side thinking about Eragon. In a rational world.

It started before Fienster )
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Title: Of two worlds
Fandom: Alec fan fic - JLA/Avengers
Rating: G
Notes; I haven't written an Alec fan fic in a while and I'd just reread JLA/Avengers recently when this popped into my head.
Disclaimer: JLA and the Avengers belong to DC and Marvel respectively. Nate also belongs to Marvel. Alec belongs to me.

Read more... )
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Fandom: Doctor Who.
Spoilers: Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone
Title: Dreams of Angels.
Note: The last line of this prompted the fic. Also I've been scaring myself silly with dreams of the Angels. This fic also gives me the willies.
Words 270

Amelia Pond used to dream of angels )
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One of the best things about visiting the dwarves was their meat. After having to listen to Arya forbid him meat on those plains as they ran, as he craved it. What she gave him was no longer satisfying. He'd remembered the sweet and juicy taste of meat and now he wanted, damn be her abstaining from meat. While as beautiful and knowledgeable as she was, she just didn't understand the simple pleasures of a bit of sausage or roasted meat on a stick.

On their journey to the dwarven lands Nar Garzhvog showed him how urgals use their meat. How they simmer and savor it. It was both savage and sublime in his almost animal way of eating it. His meat was large, bucks heavy and fat. Eragon barely could eat it all, though Garzhvog ate his with gusto. His was a strange and spicy meat, different than anything Eragon had tasted before. Uragls, Eragon decided, knew their meat and knew it well.

But the dwarves! Oh the dwarves! At every occasion they had meat, out in display of everyone. It was almost garish and overwhelming. Dwarf women and men would serve him, offering thick slabs of meat to eat. At the wedding celebration, Eragon didn't know how much meat he got or how many offered to give him meat.

All he knew was they gave him more meat than he could handle, but he took it all. He knew, in the back of his mind, that he would have to go back to the elves and their distaste of meat. So he wanted to engorge himself as much as possible until then.

He knew they wouldn't understand. But he was a man and a man needed meat to eat like he needed air to breathe.
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I had my first fan fic experience. I'm in a Boffer LARP (how geeky is that) and we had a table top game at my place on Wednesday. It took place in a town I created and the ST used some of the characters I made up. Admittedly they were quick sketches but they were based on characters I've used previously, so they were all ready "fully fledged" in my head. Seeing the ST use them though kinda weirded me out.

They weren't done the way I imagined them to be. One of them, Theo, was a lot slimier that I thought he should be. I've always had him as a no-nonsense, kinda brusque guy. Rhysiel was described as a cross between Riddick and Picard. Which I liked at least the description. Rhysiel was also kind of off. BUT ST said I could write up longer descriptions so he could depict them better. I shall do this.

The thing was I didn't have control over these characters and someone else was "writing" them. I kept on wanting to say, "No, you've got it wrong" but I couldn't do that right in the middle of the game, now could I? Not really. Which is kinda what I believe fan fiction is going to be like.

Though I did have a weird giggly feeling of seeing someone else play and use my characters, even if they did do it wrong.

Speaking of which. I need to write a fan fic for the Dark Griffin like I promised.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

>.> <.< >:D

Apr. 2nd, 2009 09:22 am
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Night had fallen sending the sky into a blackness covered with a splay of glimmering white stars. Behind them loomed the great mountain of the Heligrand, a dark shadow staring down at them daring them to try and probe its depth and gain its inner most secrets. Here though, in front of the campfire, things seemed a bit warmer.

Eragon could see Roran tending to his meat.

Stiff on the stick, he turned and twisted it, touching it to make sure it was well done. Roran did love his meat. The noises he made while eating it was pure pleasure. And then he savored the final juices licking them from his fingers. Sucking them to make sure he got every last gooey bit off.

Alone, by himself, though, Eragon twisted his staff absently -nervously- as he watched. It looked so good. He could remember the feel the meat deep in his throat, taking it down, the juices over flowing; leaking out of his mouth and dribbling down his chin. The taste of it, so good, so warm.

Oh! How he wished he could share Roran's meat!

As if noticing his studious gaze, Roran stood up and held his meat stick; pointing it at Eragon.

"You want this, don't you?" he said, waving it temptingly. Oh so temptingly!

Eragon waved his hand. His voice horse, "I can't Roran, I swore off it. It's not good to eat meat." He didn't sound convincing to himself and to Roran.

The meat stick waved closer so that he could smell it! "I know you want it Eragon, we always shared our meat back home. It was so good on those cold winter nights as we huddled together. Take it! I want to share with you!"

Eragon shook his head, turning away from the meat trying to quell his longing for it.

If you don't wish to have Roran's meat, then I shall," Saphira interjected. Her great head reached for the meat and sucked it off so quickly Roran only had time for a loud gasp of surprise.

If possible, she had a smirk on her face. "You have good meat, Roran Stronghammer. I shall
wish to enjoy more of it later.

Breathing hard, Roran could barely say, "Yes... it's good to know that someone enjoys it."
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Fan Brats! I <3 them!

So, Seduction got another review. This time from a Vampirebooklover. They said:

What was that? Edward is not a stalker nor will he ever be. He realy cares
for Bella and isn't trying to play with her. Why would Bella ask him to drink
her blood? She wants to be a vampire not dead.

Mah reply:

I'm afraid we do have a bit of a differing opinion on the matter of Edward and his stalkering. I believe that he is a stalker because he exhibits all the signs of the classical stalker. Also "loving" and "caring" about someone is one of the reasons why a person stalks another.

If you note, it takes place before Bella knows how Meyers Vampires are made, so it's a logical assumption that she would ask for him to take her blood.

Finally vampires = dead.
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Got a review on my Twilight story Seduction. Person said it wasn't at all inspiring. And I'm all... whut? It's not supposed to be. XD. Checked the guy's profile and they said they were against Sues but their favorite stories were Twilight and the Inheritance cycle. Irony!
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Well. I've finished my Anita Blake fan fic. Which is made of awesome and stuff.

Looking through my fan fics on the pit, I've noticed that I of course, have several more that need to be finished.


On Dragon's Wings: which is a Pern fic that is almost done but has Alec in it as an Alec that's no longer really the Alec I have now, so it's hard for me to work on.

Into the Mists: Legolas ends up in the realm of the Fey.

Bamf'd: Four girls bamf into a world that they think is Middle Earth and isn't. My mockery of well, why do fan girls always pop into the world their fans of?

The First Slayer: A look at why a Slayer -Buffy'verse- is a girl instead of a man. At least in my opinion.

By This Lantern's Light: Green Lantern and Flash crossover with Lord of the Rings. No, they don't join the fellowship. It actually takes place before the Hobbit even. It's about well, rings are very dangerous in Middle Earth and the sea isn't the best at keeping things.

The Pern fic is fairly close to done, but I think I'd like to restart it from scratch some. Into the Mists, I've just lost all interest in. Bamf'd needs to be completely retooled and maybe just turned into original fiction.

First Slayer and Lantern are definitely workable. And I have really been meaning to finish the later. It's just very... lack-luster feeling.

And then there's the Jewish Girl goes to Hogwarts story too.
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Story Hostile Takeover
Chapter Epilogue: Aftermath
Fandom Anita Blake.
Rating Adult.
Summary Orion and his court clean up, and we find out what happened to Richard.
Notes As mentioned before, Lan, Maddy, Kev and Orion belong to [ profile] canadianevil who has kindly allowed me to use them for my evil purposes. Alec, Kale and Trever mine. Anita and the others belong to LKH. She can have them.

I would have put a teaser, but it's kinda ... gross. )
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Story Hostile Takeover
Chapter End Game
Fandom Anita Blake.
Rating Adult.
Summary Anita learns the price of inviting strange vampires into her home. Or at least the strip club.
Notes *GASP* It's finished! Or at least this is the last chapter before the epilogue. Which is also finished!
Notes II As mentioned before, Lan, Maddy, Kev and Orion belong to [ profile] canadianevil who has kindly allowed me to use them for my evil purposes. Alec, Kale and Trever mine. Anita and the others belong to LKH. She can have them.

And there they were. Two lost little puppies... and Kev. I honestly wished I could get rid of him, but the twins were insistent. Lan would be devastated without him. They also said that Kev would do whatever Lan told him to do. While not entirely reassuring, it would have to do. Lan had dressed in tight black leather pants with a silvery t-shirt. It went well with his tumbled down, night-black, hair accentuating his deep brown eyes. Alec wore tight fitting jeans with blue, untied, Converse sneakers and a blue dyed leather jacket that covered up his shirt but not the velvet collar around his neck with word "puppy" on it. Kev wore loose jeans and a blood-red shirt that clashed, almost, with his hair. The shirt had faded stains on it which reminded me of bloodstains. He was probably a messy eater. They all carried designer duffel bags.

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This has been bouncing around in my head for a bit. Don't know why. It's weird that I have desires to write fan fiction of my own stuff, isn't it? So, a Princess Fic, with footnotes!

Princess Melona Lilly of Lancoon stood on the top of one of the towers... )

footnotes! )
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So, posted Edward's Seduction up on DeviantArt. Got some of the usual sort of replies of "I like it" and "This is SO the real Edward" etc. Voices of reasonable people.

Then! I got this one:

Well i really really liked Twilight and though i dont agree with you i like the way this story was constructed ... but come on you cant blame Edward he has waited like over 100 years for bella to come around and he does have a right to be overprotective after what with James Victoria and the Volturi... but i think the fictional love between them is real ^^ cuz they stick to gether through it all nd you know Bella would be stalkr like if she where the super stealthy Vampire ^^

I really want to shake people sometimes. Really.

Exactly why does waiting over a hundred years exclude you from responsibility of acting properly? And how is stalking someone acting over protective? Especially before they know they need to at over protective. Etc.

My response:

I'm glad you liked the story, even if you didn't like the way I portrayed them.

But, yes I do think I can blame Edward. He didn't have to wait a hundred years. And even if he did wait, there's over protective and there's what he did. Not only that, but he was doing it BEFORE the Volturi and James showed up. He basically violated her privacy for his own wants and whims. Which is akin to rape.

Perhaps to bring this point around, would you mind if it was say Mike or Tyler doing the sitting in the bedroom watching her?

And even if Bella was a super stealthy vampire and did that to Edward it'd still be wrong. It'd still be a violation of Edward's privacy.

Yet to hear a response back.
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Fan brats...

So, I posted Seduction up on the Pit and I got a review that says, "That's So Mean". I decided to write her a note saying why I decided to write it the way I did. I indicated that I found Edward's behavior inappropriate and dangerous among other things.

She replied to me thusly:

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it as a flame or anything, only that TO ME it was a mean, because, well, I guess I'm just a romantic and personally I would be kind of flattered if someone liked me enough to sneak into my room and watch me sleep. And in Midnight Sun he admits to himself that he's being a bit creepy by 'stalking' her, but at the same time justifies it by telling himself that he has to be there to protect her because he loves her and if he wasn't there her bad luck would get her killed.

This is my reply:

I never in anyway thought it was a flame!

Please. I just wanted to show you WHY I wrote it as I did because you thought it was mean.

//I guess I'm just a romantic and personally I would be kind of flattered if someone liked me enough to sneak into my room and watch me sleep.//

Are you really sure about that though? It's the sort of behavior that could get him arrested first of all. Second, if he feels it's okay to sneak into your room, what else would he feel it's okay to do. What if it wasn't Edward sneaking into Bella's room but Mike? Would that still be romantic?

//And in Midnight Sun he admits to himself that he's being a bit creepy by 'stalking' her, but at the same time justifies it by telling himself that he has to be there to protect her because he loves her and if he wasn't there her bad luck would get her killed.//

How exactly is she going to get killed by sleeping? No one's going to come into her room (beyond Edward) to try and kill her. The idea is utterly ridiculous. This is not justification, it's merely an excuse to indulge in inappropriate behavior.

Again, I am not saying you are wrong but merely showing my POV.

On an amusing note, several people have thought that this one shot means more to come. I've gotten a few reviews asking for the next installment and one person telling me if I want more reviews I have to update regularly. =D
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Title Seduction
Rating I'm gonna go with R for well, creepy material/subject matter.
Summary Edward is a stalker.

Sometimes, Edward reflected, it was too easy. Sitting in the rocking chair, watching Bella sleep he restrained a chuckle. When he first saw Bella that day in school oh so short but long time ago, he knew he found the perfect toy. He could read her anxiety as easily as he could read a textbook. He could read her mind even, but he knew her desire to feel special and decided to pretend like he couldn't.

Read more... )

Adopt one today!
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About two years ago I wrote this list of things I think fan girls will do to my world. While rereading it on a lark I discovered several entries were no longer true:

* Alec falling for someone who is not Verra
* Jono really loves Alec and is nice to him
* Jono's really a nice guy
* Evil Verra
* Verra abuses Alec
* Verra/Lorac
* Jono's an asshat... wait.. he already is one... never mind.

See canonically now, Alec is no longer in love with/married to Verra, as she's been replaced with Jono. So fan girls making Jono really loving Alec and being a nice guy is canon. So, they'd be keeping him in character. As long as they also keep him an asshat. As much as Jono cares about Alec, he is still an asshat. I don't know why, but he is. Ah well, that's characters for you.

As canon has changed, I provide for you a new list

List of Fanits modifications to canon )
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[ profile] canadianevil is evil, as her user name suggests. I was showing her a scene from my novel in progress. The scene involved Greywolf, Alec's older brother confronting Orion and being loudly argumentative. At one point Alec, whose POV we're in mentions that he's surprised at the amount of emotion Greywolf is putting into it. Greywolf usually being rather reserved.

Where upon reading this [ profile] canadianevil immediately declared Greywolf/Orion! Having no idea what she was talking about it took me several readings of the passage to see what she meant. As she explained it, since Greywolf was having such a strong emotional reaction to Orion, he obviously must be attracted to him, using fan girl logic.

It made sense.


She then demanded that I write such slash.

This is what I came up with:

slash! )

Unfortunately, I kept them in character and they had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. Zilch. As you can probably see from the piece.

From Greywolf's other behaviors, I believe that I've come to the conclusion that he is, in fact, asexual. Which is rather unusual in fantasy fiction. Unless you're an old wizard like Gandalf or the older teachers at Hogwarts to pull examples. Old people don't have sex. Young people like Greywolf who's only twenty-five in this story are not.

Even if he doesn't get the girl/guy he should at least express an interest in the gender preference(s) of choice that he sees around him. Secondary characters do this all the time. It's standard protocol.

But he's never shown an interest in anyone. Even when I've tried to write him a love interest, he's not interested. So, I've just let him be over the years and he's quite happy with his studies in magical creation.

Still it's an interesting revelation and those are always fun as you move through a story and learn about your characters.

The sad thing is that [ profile] canadianevil is right. Greywolf will be slashed. And there's nothing the poor guy can do about it.

She's promised to show me the worst of it as well. Good friend she is.

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