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I got a review on a Meat Story (Meat #3) which I just have to share.

It's from "u'll never know". The spelling of "you'll" already fills me with glee.

this is dumb...Zar-rock and Murtagh's sword were very close to being the same,
thus Murtagh could use it latter easly...and the in love stuff, bla...every
one in the books even Eragon and Murtagh, ARE NOT GAY! get a life

No, they weren't.

It was a parody.

Yes they are.

I have one. Thanks.

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Fan Brats! I <3 them!

So, Seduction got another review. This time from a Vampirebooklover. They said:

What was that? Edward is not a stalker nor will he ever be. He realy cares
for Bella and isn't trying to play with her. Why would Bella ask him to drink
her blood? She wants to be a vampire not dead.

Mah reply:

I'm afraid we do have a bit of a differing opinion on the matter of Edward and his stalkering. I believe that he is a stalker because he exhibits all the signs of the classical stalker. Also "loving" and "caring" about someone is one of the reasons why a person stalks another.

If you note, it takes place before Bella knows how Meyers Vampires are made, so it's a logical assumption that she would ask for him to take her blood.

Finally vampires = dead.
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I went and saw Watchmen last night. 12:05 showing.

It was as faithful to the book as possible. Unfortunately it's impossible to be completely faithful because it'd be like trying to turn the Talmud with all the different people's opinions and stories into a movie. There are just too many layers to put in a one dimensionally layered medium.

HOWEVER, having seen it, I am now certain that it is part of a plot to cause WWIII.

There are five factions in this upcoming war.

The countries at war )

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Got a review on my Twilight story Seduction. Person said it wasn't at all inspiring. And I'm all... whut? It's not supposed to be. XD. Checked the guy's profile and they said they were against Sues but their favorite stories were Twilight and the Inheritance cycle. Irony!
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Ignorance! I love it.

I was following the links and ended up at a U SA article on Stephen King. He mentioned some of his thoughts on various authors including Meyers. In the comments below there's this gem.

Why is he saying that? Btw is he a writer? Well I don't know. But if he isn't a writer that has had books on New York Times bestselling list he shouldn't be talking. Meyer is great, and she has made it better than him. If she wasn't a good writer then why is everyone reading her books? She is great no matter what!!! You can't tell a writer that they suck when they've already dominated some spots on TOP.

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SO! More Gaia fun.

This girl seriously needs therapy, and more so a life. No normal person would find so many faults in a series of books, especially for only one character. Yes we all agree the bella/edward relationship is very imperfect but it is because both of them have imperfections. 1. Edward is a vampire, 2. Bella is completely obssessed with him. 3. they are in love with each other.

I don't know about "this girl" But I don know I'm doing this mostly for fun. ^_^ (Yes, I know, that means I'm crazy) 1) I have yet to see any imperfections ascribed to Edward as Bella continued to describe him as utterly perfect in every way though the book. 2) Obsession like that is not a good thing. 3) When two people whoa are obsessed with each other doesn't mean that they're in love with each other.

Read more... )

She Responded. (I'm Kale) )

And THIS is my response: )
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Fun from Gaia: I'm in the italics. It's from a discussion on Edward being an abusive boyfriend or not. ^_^

Hi. Let me qualify myself. I have a Master's in English Lit. Now then. Let me dissect what you just said.

Props, however, for writing an intelligible argument.

First off.... This is kinda absurd to even have this discussion because it is fiction and you can't put real life reasoning and behaviors to fictional characters. Secondly, you cannot compare Bella and Edwards relationship to a real life relationship because it could never happen,sadly.:cry:.

So judging them by real life standards is very unfair. In real life people have depth and there is always more to what we say and do ... in a fictional world with fictional people the people do and act as the writer chooses. That is not saying that Stephanie Meyer chose for him to be abusive as most of you think, rather it just affirmed that he is from a different time period the Bella is from and they did things rather differently then. He was responsible for her well being. He loved her and had to do everything in his power to keep her safe...her [i]Guardian Vampire[/i]. If you want to read more about why Edward does the things he does you can go to Stephanie Meyers website and read Midnight Sun, it is a partial novel about Twilight from Edwards account.

Actually, looking at range of literature in the whole of history, you're kind of wrong there. Fictional characters [i]must[/i] have depth or else you can't care about them. They're uninteresting, they're boring, they're like cat vomit. The reasons why Shakespeare has lasted as long as he has is because his stories echo and reveal human nature, they have depth to them that's more than what we see. Literature, and GOOD writing reflects the world back at us, no matter the setting, so that we can connect with the characters and get involved with them.

When you read or listen to writers talk about their craft (good ones, at least) they often will talk about how the characters are real to them. That they aren't just words, but living breathing people with their own desires, wants and opinions on things. Writers spend hours upon hours upon days upon months coming up with reasons and backgrounds and personalities of their main characters to make them human. It may never end up written in the book, or if it is, it might have been cut, but it's likely it's there.

Looking at his reactions in the beginning of Midnight Sun, you can hardly call that from a different time period's POV. He casually talks about murdering twenty people so that he can take Bella off into the woods and eat/rape her. No one put him in charge of Bella's well being, but himself. Bella certainly didn't need it before she came to Forks, why does she need it now? And this is even before the other vampires are mentioned. There is absolutely no reason for Edward to stay in Forks. He's rich, he's got several degrees and fully capable of taking care of himself. He realizes that being around Bella is a danger and instead of listening to it, he puts himself and her, the person he supposedly cares about, in danger.

When Edward was turned, he would never think about being with a woman alone. It was improper. Plus, beating your wife in his time was perfectly acceptable behavior. Women were no more than property and he treats Bella as such. The thing is, why would Bella even allow this sort of thing to happen to her. She capitulates far to easily to him without a protest.

Moreover the thing with Mike is jealousy, but would you not be jealous and angry if you could read the minds of the other guys who liked your girlfriend and had thoughts you believed to be ungentlemanly? Who also could replace her with another girl with the drop of a pin? Someone who though she was interchangeable, better but still interchangeable. How would you feel about that person?

Mike has about as much character as dried oatmeal, I'm sorry. His only purpose there is to give Edward an excuse to act jealous. However, in Twilight, Mike appears to show concern for Bella, thinking that maybe she might be in danger. As for replacing Bella with a drop of a pin? It'd be rather silly of him to continue to pine when it's been made clearly obvious that Bella doesn't want him. Jessica is obviously interested in him, and maybe he was even interested in her before Bella showed up.

The sneaking in her window was sweet, I think.And also a necessity because the longer he was away from her the harder it was to control his thirst for her. Remember she was not a normal human, she smelled way better than anyone had in his whole existence. Painfully better.

Sneaking into anyone's room without their permission is not sweet or romantic but instead, a clear disregard for Bella's privacy and self as a person. No matter what the reason. A pedophile, stalker or a rapist could and do give the same exact reasons that Edward does. The woman smells better/looks sexier/whatever than anyone else in existence, the longer I stay away from her the harder it is. I had to be there. I had to touch her. I needed her. I wanted her. Only her. I had to have her. I had to rape her. I had to kill her. She was asking for it.

How exactly is that sweet?

The suicide thing was a little rash I will admit but he couldn't, wouldn't live with out her, there was no reason for him to exist if she didn't. That was his plan from the get go...that he would stay with her for as long as she wanted him and then when she got old and died he would to end his existence, whether they had been together or not. So why is it does that fit into your abusive roll. It had nothing to do with making her feel blame for his death nothing like that at all. It was him not wanting to exist if she didn't, that's romantic.:heart: Plus, he didn't know Bella would feel anything about his death because, after all, she was dead. So he thought anyway.

He didn't let her choose to tell him to go away. He went away on his own, thus manipulating her emotions and making her feel guilty that she made him left.

The scaring her thing was necessary as well. He wanted her to be afraid of him. He wanted to make her stay away like other humans did. to protect her. He didn't want to kill her but he wasn't strong enough to make himself stay away from her. But he thought if he could make her stay away from him his feelings on the matter wouldn't matter.
And when he did finally leave he did that for her as well, he thought she would deal with it better if there were no reminders of hi or his family so she would forget, after all, she was human and couldn't fell as strongly as he did, right?

He didn't take her belongings then either...he put them under her floor boards.:cute:

He obviously didn't want to scare her, or else he would have actually scared her. And this only shows that he's being selfish. HE wasn't strong enough to stay away from her and he didn't care enough to leave. He chose to interact with her. If he really wanted to protect her he wouldn't have gone anywhere near her. By saying he's trying to scare her away, he's acting like he's being self sacrificing and everything, but he's not actually doing what he says he's trying to do: Protect her.

He was a little obsessive and over protective but he had waited his whole life and existence for her. he had been alone for over 100 years and nearly 50 year with 3 other incredibly in love couples....that's bound to cause some attachment issues. He didn't want to spend one more second without that. She was his world. The only thing he wanted and she wanted him too, that supprized him so he didn't want to lose that before she realized she didn't want him. which he was sure she would and he wanted her to , as well. he wanted her to keep her soul because he thought that he didn't have one that vampires couldn't have one.

There is no reason why Edward couldn't have left and struck out on his own when he felt like being with three loving couples was getting to him. Except for the fact that then he wouldn't have been in Forks to have met Bella etc. etc. etc.

So.. there are a lot of things Edward is but abusive in any way is not one of them. He was her GUARDIAN VAMPIRE so to speak. He had to protect her...sometimes from himself, the best way he knew how. She was breakable and human! What else could he do?

She didn't need a guardian in the first place. And you know, there's more than one way to abuse a person beyond physically. And saying you're in love with someone also doesn't prove that you're not abusing them.

There are lots of men who say they love their wives, and maybe they do I don't know, but they still abuse them. Physically and emotionally.

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Well, our darling fan has replied to me.

oh well thou i dont really agree with you ... they are just fictional characters^^ its still fun to pretend they are reall ^^

I'm not sure what to say to that one yet.

Chapter seventeen, the Game pt two

After Charlie's "Fatherly Grilling" of Edward where upon they immediately become Chummy and make light about Bella, Edward and Bella leave. Edward brought Emmett's Jeep. Edward puts Bella in her seat which is an off-road harness. There are many straps and buckles. I am reminded of a baby seat. Bella has problems putting all the buckles together, so Edward does it for her with a sigh. He also sighed when he helped Bella into the Jeep. I'm not sure what sort of sigh it is though. Exasperated, fond, amused? Were they two different kinds of sighs? Sigh is such a blank word. It can me so many different things and with Edward who is also so blank, it's hard to know exactly what he means.

After sniffing and fondling her some, and not putting on his seat belt he mentions that they're going to have to run some of the way to get where they'll be playing. This of course makes Bella all queasy. Definitely a reasonable response. Edward finds it funny.

When they finally get to the point where Edward needs to take her on piggy back, Bella decides she doesn't want to go. Edward dislikes taking no for an answer.

"Sorry Bella, we have to go on foot from here."

"You know what? I'll just wait here."

"What happened to all your courage? You were extraordinary this morning."

"I haven't forgotten last time yet." Could it have been only yesterday?

He walked around to my side of the car in a blur. He started unbuckling me.

"I'll get those, you go on ahead," I protested.

"Hmmm...," he mused as he quickly finished. "It seems I'm going to have to tamper with your memory."

I'm sorry, whut? She's said no twice to him. TWICE. He doesn't listen to her. He's taking over for her and over-riding her wishes. Not only that but he says that he's going to tamper with her mind. Straight out, not at all in a whisper, but where she can hear without straining herself. And yet we're supposed to believe that he cares about her. I suppose it could be argued that he doesn't want her to be afraid and thus by messing with her mind, fixes that, but he should have the patience to deal with her in proper normal human terms. If she doesn't want to piggy back, then they should walk, even if it'll take them longer to get there. He needs to be sensitive to her needs.

To fix it, he ... well... he fondles her. Kissing and touching her while saying that would he do anything to hurt her to get her to admit that she won't be hurt. Why yes, that is direct manipulation. Which, had this book been about Edward being an evil bastard, be perfectly acceptable. However this is supposed to be him being romantic. And yes, the subtle kissing and touching could be considered romantic and seductive, it's just the circumstances that they are presented in takes it away.

Meyers seems to have an uncanny knack for this. She presents situations that should be considered romantic or sexy or erotic but it comes off as abusive because of previous statements, the "modifying of her memory".

And Bella gives in.

"Would I let a tree hurt you?" his lips barely brushed against my trembling lower lip."

"No," I breathed. I knew there was a second part to my brilliant defense, but I could quite call it back.

"You see," he said, his lips moving against mine. "There's nothing to be afraid of, is there?"

"No," I sighed, giving up.

Why does she have to give in? When has he ever given in? It doesn't make her a strong heroine like she's supposed to be, but spineless.

They fully kiss and there the line, "I was suddenly welded to his stone figure". This sounds like it was stolen from LKH. And how is a stone figure desirable? Really, I be she could get a statue of Edward, full erect in the important places, and there'd be no difference in their relationship at all.

After throwing Bella onto his back, he runs off to the field where they'll be playing baseball. When she gets off his back, she falls onto her arse and Edward laughs at her. She gets pissy about this and he tells her not to be mad. I don't see why not. He just laughed at her. She wants to know how come he's the only one who can get mad. He tells her that, he doesn't get mad at her but himself. He could never get mad at her. "I'm never angry with you -how could I be? Brave, trusting... warm as you are."

Umm Ho-kay. I never realized that being warm was something you could use to not get someone mad at you. And I think he means physically warm as opposed to having a warm personality. As for trusting. Her trusting is very annoying. It's so blind that he could probably convince her to walk off a cliff with the promise that he'd catch her at the end, and she'd do it. I'd be angry at ending up with an unthinking puppet who did whatever I said. It'd be boring. Exchanges of opinion help make relationships interesting.

Bella asks Edward why he's angry at himself. I infuriate myself," he said gently. "The way I can't seem to keep from putting you in danger. My very existence puts you at risk. Sometimes I truly hate myself. I should be stronger, I should be able to ---" And then he says, "I love you," he said. "It's a poor excuse for what I'm doing, but it's still true."

I beat you. It's a poor excuse for what I do, but it's okay because I love you.

And they go off the join the rest of the family for baseball. Esme is playing referee so she sits on the sidelines with Bella. She tells Bella that she sees them all as her children which replaces the child that she lost. Seem, that's the reason why she went off the cliff (jumped and not fell). And they move on to more important things, Bella being good for Edward. He's finally found someone so that's great.

Finally they break the laws of physics by playing baseball. They're using an ordinary bat and ball. They, however, have spaced the distances between the bases, pitcher's mound and outfield so that they're larger than normal. The pitches are so fast that you can't see them and yet the bats and the balls don't get smashed into smittherines. There's no way in hell that the ball or baseball bat could survive such an impact that the vampires could give it, from what we've seen of their strength. Yet the balls are remarkably okay. They're not even shredded a little, and I know that balls have been shredded by normal humans pitching and hitting.

I suppose that doesn't count, because vampires throwing baseballs so fast you can't even see them and hitting them so hard it sounds like thunder is cool.

At one point, Jasper and Carlisle run into each other, When they collided, the sound was like the crash of two massive falling boulders. Is that even... if they're that tough... I don't even know how to put into words how wrong this is. It just doesn't make any logical sense. How can two people who used to be flesh... did they crystallize when they became a vampire? But that's impossible unless they become a fossil. Dead people rot, not become stone.

SUDDENLY Alice realizes that those vampires that were coming to visit? Are almost there. They heard the lot of them playing baseball and now want to play. This of course worries them all because of poor Bella. They decided to stay playing instead of leaving. See if they had decided to leave, then the other vampires would think that they were done with the game and go back towards the house. Edward could then take Bella safely back home. But then Bella couldn't be in danger. So they continue to play, Edward standing in front of Bella protectively to draw attention to her.

Logic, I see, plays very little part here.

Edward apologizes for exposing Bella to the danger which could have been avoided if they had all left.

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So, posted Edward's Seduction up on DeviantArt. Got some of the usual sort of replies of "I like it" and "This is SO the real Edward" etc. Voices of reasonable people.

Then! I got this one:

Well i really really liked Twilight and though i dont agree with you i like the way this story was constructed ... but come on you cant blame Edward he has waited like over 100 years for bella to come around and he does have a right to be overprotective after what with James Victoria and the Volturi... but i think the fictional love between them is real ^^ cuz they stick to gether through it all nd you know Bella would be stalkr like if she where the super stealthy Vampire ^^

I really want to shake people sometimes. Really.

Exactly why does waiting over a hundred years exclude you from responsibility of acting properly? And how is stalking someone acting over protective? Especially before they know they need to at over protective. Etc.

My response:

I'm glad you liked the story, even if you didn't like the way I portrayed them.

But, yes I do think I can blame Edward. He didn't have to wait a hundred years. And even if he did wait, there's over protective and there's what he did. Not only that, but he was doing it BEFORE the Volturi and James showed up. He basically violated her privacy for his own wants and whims. Which is akin to rape.

Perhaps to bring this point around, would you mind if it was say Mike or Tyler doing the sitting in the bedroom watching her?

And even if Bella was a super stealthy vampire and did that to Edward it'd still be wrong. It'd still be a violation of Edward's privacy.

Yet to hear a response back.
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Fan brats...

So, I posted Seduction up on the Pit and I got a review that says, "That's So Mean". I decided to write her a note saying why I decided to write it the way I did. I indicated that I found Edward's behavior inappropriate and dangerous among other things.

She replied to me thusly:

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it as a flame or anything, only that TO ME it was a mean, because, well, I guess I'm just a romantic and personally I would be kind of flattered if someone liked me enough to sneak into my room and watch me sleep. And in Midnight Sun he admits to himself that he's being a bit creepy by 'stalking' her, but at the same time justifies it by telling himself that he has to be there to protect her because he loves her and if he wasn't there her bad luck would get her killed.

This is my reply:

I never in anyway thought it was a flame!

Please. I just wanted to show you WHY I wrote it as I did because you thought it was mean.

//I guess I'm just a romantic and personally I would be kind of flattered if someone liked me enough to sneak into my room and watch me sleep.//

Are you really sure about that though? It's the sort of behavior that could get him arrested first of all. Second, if he feels it's okay to sneak into your room, what else would he feel it's okay to do. What if it wasn't Edward sneaking into Bella's room but Mike? Would that still be romantic?

//And in Midnight Sun he admits to himself that he's being a bit creepy by 'stalking' her, but at the same time justifies it by telling himself that he has to be there to protect her because he loves her and if he wasn't there her bad luck would get her killed.//

How exactly is she going to get killed by sleeping? No one's going to come into her room (beyond Edward) to try and kill her. The idea is utterly ridiculous. This is not justification, it's merely an excuse to indulge in inappropriate behavior.

Again, I am not saying you are wrong but merely showing my POV.

On an amusing note, several people have thought that this one shot means more to come. I've gotten a few reviews asking for the next installment and one person telling me if I want more reviews I have to update regularly. =D
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The strange case of Laruna Troven

I've rambled a lot about Alec and his changing relationships, but I've been doing a subplot with his twin sister, Laruna and it's gotten me thinking about her and Mary Sues, for I know that she'll end up being messed with. The strange thing about her is that I don't think she's very Sue-able. At least with some tropes. Let's see, the common Sue Tropes are the Warrior Sue, the Princess Sue, the heritage Sue, the tragic past Sue, the angsty Sue and the not completely human Sue.

First the Warrior Sue. These Sues are the ones who say that they're just as good at the guys in fighting and everything else. They should be allowed to go on quests with the guys and are subjected to the Designated Misogynistic Bastard. Now there's Laruna. She is just as good as the guys in fighting. She's also better in controlling her powers than her brother, Alec. Misogynistic Bastards, if subjected to her, will have her brothers back her up and they have the actual knowledge that yes, she does have the abilities. Sure, she can't fight with a sword, but she's a damn good water wizard, and there's something dangerous about a person who could, in theory, freeze ever drop of water in your body. After all humans are mostly water. She can also drink almost anyone under the table and likes to start bar fights (much to her brothers' chagrin). So, she can't be turned into a Warrior Sue because she's already one. It's canon.

The Princess Sue is the one who's a princess and hates wearing dresses and wishes that she could be like a guy or loves wearing them. She wants to fall in love with someone and marry a prince. She wants to adventure and will often run away with a prince or fall in love with a handsome prince and get married. Now, Laruna loves pretty dresses. She loves dressing up and flaunting her womanliness. She's a horrible flirt. And will freely have sex with anyone who catches her eye, man or woman. This does make it kind of difficult for her to be a virginal Sue whose first experience is with the DLI, but at least she won't have any issues of having sex before marriage. In regards to the wearing of men's clothes, she does that too. No one sees this as unusual. It's just Laruna. They're fashionable and perhaps a bit feminine at times, but they're pants and a tunic. Just like any other guy. So, that kinda kills that one.

One of the annoying things about heritage Sues is that the SUDDENLY SOMEHOW learn that they're a princess, royalty etc at some MAGICAL time on a SPECIFIC birthday. Laruna is the equivalent of nobility and as high as you can get in her society. She's already a member of one of the twelve first families, so she can't mysteriously find out that she's already one of them. She's even related to royalty, the fey court royalty. Her ancestor is the Queen's brother. This also knocks out the non human inheritance Sue, because she is a bit non-human. Admittedly the blood is a bit thin, but she does have the Fey's grace and beauty. Alec inherited the ears and physical traits which make him look kinda gawky, while Greywolf inherited the ability to be impregnable to psyhic attacks and couldn't grow facial hair if his life depended on it. Sooo that takes care of the heritage and non-human Sue bits.

Now, Laruna (and her siblings) do have tragic past. It doesn't involve abuse (not that will stop the fan girls) but it is tragic. Her mother died when she was ten and her father up and left them. (This may change later). She also almost got sold into slavery (again, might change) and has a severe case of claustrophobia. She got trapped in rubble when a building collapsed on her with a dead guy who wanted to hurt her when she was sixteen - seventeen. So, tragic past, check.

The only Sue that will be uncanon for Laruna would be the angsty Sue. She does not angst. She's optimistic, cheerful and loves life. She'll meet any challenge and kick it soundly in the balls. While at times she can be introspective, she just doesn't angst. It's just not productive. She'd rather go out and do something about the problem than sit around and weep.

Of course, this won't stop the fanits from totally destroying her character, but I thought it was an interesting bit about her characterization. And the thing is, I didn't set out to make her anti-Sue, she just turned out that way.
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About two years ago I wrote this list of things I think fan girls will do to my world. While rereading it on a lark I discovered several entries were no longer true:

* Alec falling for someone who is not Verra
* Jono really loves Alec and is nice to him
* Jono's really a nice guy
* Evil Verra
* Verra abuses Alec
* Verra/Lorac
* Jono's an asshat... wait.. he already is one... never mind.

See canonically now, Alec is no longer in love with/married to Verra, as she's been replaced with Jono. So fan girls making Jono really loving Alec and being a nice guy is canon. So, they'd be keeping him in character. As long as they also keep him an asshat. As much as Jono cares about Alec, he is still an asshat. I don't know why, but he is. Ah well, that's characters for you.

As canon has changed, I provide for you a new list

List of Fanits modifications to canon )
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One of the annoying things about my guest-book on my Eragon site is that people can comment and not leave a way to reply to them. See when people have complaints or things I like to reply and try to answer them in as clear and reasonable manner possible.

Case in point:

I got a new message in the guest book by a Tammy:

"... (Though we must assume that since the book is from Eragon’s perspective and he did recognize the word being spoken that he did notice its existence.)....." This series is NOT written from Eragon’s perspective, it is purely 3rd party narrative. Where in the book do you see phrases like ’Brom and I saw the storm approaching’ unless Eragon was retelling something that had happened already?

Here I would like to point out that yes, the book is in Eragon's perspective. It is in 3rd person limited. Which means that we only see in Eragon's head and not anyone else. How he reacts to things is filtered though his thoughts and his emotions which are relayed in the text. Most books are in third person, limited or omniscient. Omniscient being when the narrator and reader is able to see everyone's thoughts and reactions. Strictly third person would be not in anyone's head and just relaying actions as they are shown, like on a movie screen. We don't get to read what they're feeling, just how they react to things.

Those who can’t write, criticize. I would love to be proven wrong on this point, so someone tell me...what has the owner of these intelligent ’sporkings’ written other than this web page?

Um. One doesn't have to do with the other. And the expression is "those who can't do , teach and those who can't teach, critique". I think Bernard Shaw said that one. I've written lots of things though. Novels, short stories, essays. I've presented papers at conferences, I've even been published. But this is besides the point. The argument presented here is saying that the person, in this case me, doesn't know what they're talking about because I've only done this one page. Do English teachers who've never been publish any less worthy of teaching English than one who has?

In any case the argument presented here is faulty because if this person liked what I've written then they wouldn't be criticizing me. And since they are criticizing me, their own argument is being used against them, after all, what has this person written and what are their credentials? From the example cited above they clearly don't understand how POVs work. If they don't even grasp that simple idea, what makes them credible?
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I was looking for an RP community for my Star Wars twins. Just for something ... different to do with them.

Scanning around, I discovered this on one of the com's rules:

"there will be yaoi in this RPG and it will be the main type of pairing. Het can be allowed upon permission yet it will not be a main focus"
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A while ago, I hit upon the idea of writing a sort of parody/examination on the girl bamfs into Middle Earth fan fiction. My reasoning for this was, "How come the LotRs fan girl always ends up in Middle Earth and the Harry Potter fan girl ends up in Hogwarts?" The likelihood of that seemed rather abnormal, so instead I decided to write a story where three LotRs fan girls did not drop into Middle Earth, but instead into my world, which they mistook for Middle Earth because to be honest everything they learned about Middle Earth came from the movies and other fan fiction.

(If you must read it -and I so need to go over it - you can find it here)

I got a review today from First Gurl Rider who wanted to know "what this story had to do with Lord of the Rings"

I replied to her saying that it was a parody/satire, basically explaining to her what I mentioned above.

Then, out of curiosity, I checked out her profile. She has four stories.

. Harry Potter and Friends On AIM » reviews
LOL! I think this is hilarious but stupid. Plz read and reveiw. I do not read flames.

POOF! Harry Potter Style! reviews
First story thing in my POOF! series! Warning: Half-Blood Prince spoiler Tell me if I should continue this one. It's about me and my friend Selby randomly POOF - ing into the Harry Potter books. Erm.. ya.. So interesting rite? RITE? Good. Loolz! TEEHEE!

3. AwkwardMomentsWithHarryRonandHermione reviews
I think this story is cheezy but funny! I am horrible at summarys! Please read and review!

Ska8ter Boi Ron Lavender Hermione reviews
I think this is stupid. I'm posting it anyway. Stupid being the key word here. Beware, will not read flames!

Which makes me wonder... how is my story any less having to deal with Lord of the Rings than her stories having to do with Harry Potter?
kippurbird: (sleep? What sleep?)
As I am sleep deprived today, I shall bring you the awesome saga of Kippur's really annoying habit of writing long constructive reviews and the fan brats who hate them.

First there was The Story! that Kippur decided to review. It was a Real Person Fic and a Mary Sue to boot. PLUS it had decided to replace Samwise Gamgee with a GIRL!! Ohnoes!!

Kippur left a review:

Where upon the fan-brat replied!

Wasn't she nice? Didn't she just completely misunderstand EVERYTHING?!

Kippur replied with a long annoying email that went through her argument and refuted it.

Then Kippur went on to reply to several other reviews:

This one by Elvin blueeyes

And this one by Little Star

And now she's pondering her next reply to the story. Why? Because she's sleep deprived. And has no life.

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