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A friend of mine died suddenly over the weekend.

We only knew each other over the internet but we were good friends. She was even coming out in May – around the 21st- to visit me on her way to New York and grad school. She was going to be getting a Masters and then a PhD in History specializing in like the Prohibition era. I was going to take her to the restaurant where they filmed the Schwarma scene in the Avengers.

We met over Journal/DW rping at a game called the Library and eventually we hit it off smashingly. We clicked over banana slugs of all things.

I was talking to another friend, one that I met through her, about how strange it seemed that we both missed her so much. After all we never saw her in person, just through photographs she posted. We never heard her speak, except through voice recording memes. Our entire contact was through words and screens. Why should someone like that, someone we’ve never had a physical contact with hurt so much when they go?

After some thought, I realized what it was: we told stories together. In our Role playing, during games or private story lines, we were telling stories together and that’s a very intimate thing to do. We were creating lives together. We were creating worlds together. Opening ourselves up to the other person and saying this is something I think is interesting that I created and I want to share it with you. I want you to be apart of it.

We told stories with characters and lived their lives, their private moments, their hours, days and years. Births and deaths, finding love and losing it. Anxiety over things, over family and friends and the world around them. Laughing at the good things, enjoying the strange moments that happen between lovers and friends. Every piece of a person’s life that they could go through with another person, we did together. Several times over.

And now these stories, all of them incomplete, all of these lives incomplete are gone forever. They will never be finished. They are lives cut short, just like hers. We’ve lost a part of ourselves, a creative and intimate part of our self that we shared with another person. We lost a bit of our self that said to someone let’s make something bigger and better than just the one of us.

Even if we were to find another person who plays the same characters she did, it wouldn’t be the same. The new person would play them differently. They wouldn’t have the same history or knowledge of the ideas we came up with. They wouldn’t have the same experiences that the two of us shared to get to these stories. After all, everyone has their own spin on what makes a character tick or work.

I think this is why role playing, is so involving. We’re not just playing make believe. We’re creating something more than ourselves and we’re sharing it with other people. Saying, I want you to help me make this thing. I need your help to make this thing, to put this idea into the world and to make it grand and wondrous and glorious. It may only be the two of us who ever see this, but it will be an awesome and amazing and fantastic and beautiful and I want to do it with you.

I am choosing you, I think you would be good, perfect, to share this experience, to help create this experience.

And now, it’s gone.

Gone forever, a broken book with the ending pages torn out. A doll left by the wayside on the road caught in the rain. The sad house, falling apart in the field. You can see the glory of what it used to be, but all you have is memories.

At least the memories are good ones.

And at least I can go back and read the stories we created.
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Tonight is the first night of Passover!

Where upon we celebrate this ancient and fine holiday with many well worn rituals. Rituals such as:

Look at this can of macaroons. How old is it? It's from the eighties. Wow it sounds like rocks when we shake it. Well better put it back in the box.

What time do we put in the roast?

Where is the shankbone? (This year we accidentally threw it away.)

How do we cut the meat? With the grain or against it? You're cutting it too thick. Don't cut the wood!

Don't turn the soup up! (Said when my father goes to hide the afikomen.)

Later: He turned the soup up.
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Yesterday and today was fun.

We put in a new carpet in my parent's dinning room. This required moving a table made of solid butcher block wood around, getting the carpet from underneath it, putting the new carpet down and then putting the table back. Then we moved the old carpet into my dad's van and a bookcase in a box - IKEA like - into the van.

Today we took the carpet out of the van and up a flight of stairs. The bookcase went up two flights of stairs. Later I helped my brother move couches around so he could put the rug in the right place.

Photos! )

Other than that, nothing exciting.
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So, in the continuing saga of someone hates my family, my brother gets to have the most fantastic of birthday presents. Surgery on his birthday. It seems he developed a hernia on Saturday. My dad, I should remind you, had hernia surgery on September 7th. My brother decided to one up my dad and get one of the bad kinds of hernias. So, while my dad had to wait several months for his surgery my brother gets his in ten days.

Can this bad stuff be over already and we go onto the good stuff.
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Dad update

So. He went into the hospital on Saturday and he's not come home yet.

There's something wrong with his heart, it's not beating as strong as it should so that's why he got dizzy and fainted on Saturday. Not enough oxygen in the blood getting to his head. Or something.

He's not coming home tonight either.

How do you tell your teacher that you don't give a fuck about your homework/classwork because of family stuff?

You can't really, can you?

I know my typography homework currently is awful.

I dunno.

I just... guh.

I don't want to function right now. I want to curl up somewhere and just not function. But I can't.

I have to take my brother to school today since my mom can't. And then I have to go to class this evening. And we're going to try and squeeze in visiting my dad, too.


I dunno.
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I seriously want to do this week over.

I mean, never mind the car and the earthquakes. I just had one of the scariest moments in my life.

My dad had hernia operation yesterday. My brother and I came to the house to work on homework and stuff. I walked over to show my dad my typography homework as he was fixing his bagel. I'm right next to him when he starts shaking and then drops right against me, fainting. If I hadn't been there he would have banged his head against the door and then the floor.

But I caught him.

And that was good.

But honestly, I just don't want to have to deal with that.

Mom's taking him to the emergency room on the doctor's suggestion since he's all light headed and dizzy.

So. Good thoughts, please.
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Back from trip. Yay.

Went up to Palo Alto to visit my dad's aunt who is turning 95 soon. She and her daughter were visiting her son who lives up there. So, of course we went up to see her. Aunt Shirley had a time of it getting in. Her plane was supposed to arrive around ten pm Wednesday but ended up because of weather delays coming in around 5 am Thursday. Yeah. Still the drive up north was pleasant. We took my dad's sister with us and the five of us piled into the van and drove up. I managed to get horribly scratched by kitty when I took him to the pet hotel Tuesday.

Thursday was mostly hang out at my dad's cousin's place, chat, and eat food at restaurants. Very quiet.

Friday my immediate family went up to the Lick Observatory which involved going up an insanely winding mountain road. It was quite beautiful up there. We saw some turkey vultures and an actual turkey and a black tail deer. There was some video clips of the people hauling the telescope parts up the mountain and it was quite harrowing. My mom did not get car sick. This is a good thing.

That evening we went and saw the new Woody Allen movie with my dad's sister "Midnight in Paris". I didn't think I was going to like it, but ended up enjoying it somewhat from the unexpected plot device. Which, in my opinion, was far more interesting than the standard romantic comedy plot surrounding it. We also found this fantastic pizza place across the street from the theater. Big gooey cheesy sliced of pizza. NomNom.

Saturday the entire family Aunts and cousins piled into cars and drove up to Berkeley. Aunt Shirley wanted to see where my cousin (second) was going to law school. We saw the People's Park and wandered around Berkeley campus.

And saw a bunch of naked bicycle riders.


Apparently Saturday was National Naked Bicycle day.

The riders were most definitely naked.

It was awesome.

Sunday we drove back and made it home at a reasonable hour. We went out to dinner after my aunt had driven back to her place for Father's day. I was tired but good tired. Especially since I got to sleep in a bed. Unfortunately during the trip I had to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor since we couldn't get a room with enough beds for the four of us and there was no room for a cot. I drew the short straw between my brother and I.

Monday I picked up kitty. He was happy to see me and happy to be home.

What about you lot? Anything exciting so I don't have to troll through the back logs of friends list?
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Weedy Sea Dragon by ~Kippur on deviantART

I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific today for my birthday. My entire family went. It was awesome.

There were all sorts of beautiful fish in more neon colors than should be possible in real life. Big fish, tiny fish, weird fish. I love the sea horses and the weedy sea dragons. I love saying that Weedy Sea Dragons. They didn't have any toy ones so I couldn't bring one home with me. Sad.

They had a lot of touching tanks in the aquarium. I got to touch a jelly fish (there were a whole bunch of those, like ghosts!), and sharks and manta rays. It was so cool. They also had seals and sea otters. One of the cooler things, more different than other aquariums that I've been to is the lorikeet exhibit. You can walk into their habitat and they're uncaged. They'll come right up to you and sit on you. Especially if you have some nectar, which you can buy for three dollars a tiny cup. I did not do that, but still managed coax one onto my arm. They're so pretty and make the loveliest noises.

After the aquarium, I bought a stuffed penguin which I named Rory ,(Doctor Who fans may be able to figure out why) we went on a harbor cruise of the Long Beach Harbor. My mom didn't go because she gets sea sick really easily. The cruise was okay, nothing to spectacular. It felt more like an advertisement for downtown Long Beach because the guide kept on going "And over to your left is the X where there are fine shops, excellent places to eat and lovely walking areas." There was more of that than there was actual history stuff. I saw some sea lions which were cute and I guess that was okay.

For a late lunch early dinner we went to the Cheesecake Factory. Not my favorite place but it was fun sitting out on the patio near the marina. We all got salmon with mashed potatoes, but different veggies.

And now I'm back home waiting for present time. :D
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We made it through our vacation without any mishaps or snow.

The biggest problem? Going up a really nasty twisty winding road and then having my mom throw up afterward. And the cold. 27 degrees Fahrenheit which is nasty for me because I've lived in LA my entire life and generally don't experience such things.

The first day we went and visited my mom's friend since she was in second grade. We had lunch at her country club restaurant and took a nice walk through the club's residential areas. When we got back there was fried chicken to eat. My mom loves that particular fried chicken. She was very upset when she thought that she wasn't going to be getting it. For a while it was going to be pot roast. But my mom made sure that it was going to be Fried Chicken. And it was good fried chicken.

Monday we went out to Sedona and Jerome. Lovely scenery, but not much else except strip malls in Sedona. Jerome was art galleries and antique shops. As well as a few nice museums. And of course a long winding road to get back down. Then my dad decided that it would be fun to go for a walk. At night. In the cold. He over-ruled everyone's objections to such activities with Come on, let's go. Nothing like frozen toes.

Tuesday we went to the wild life refuge in Prescott. It was fantastic. Though the cages were small, as in all zoos and things like that. The animals were all well taken care of and looked healthy. They were all rescues that couldn't be returned to the wild. There were little bobcat kittens, a badger, emus, wallabies, a black bear, tiger, pronghorn antelope, but no jackalope. A red tail hawk. I never got to see one so close before. It was just bigger than I thought it could be. And she was beautiful. Also a vulture and lemurs. We did this with my mom's friend. After that we went to the Charlotte Hall museum which was all about the history of Prescott and the Arizona territories. We missed the gift shop by about two minutes. After that we wandered around down town -where we had wandered before in the cold dark night- and looked at the galleries there.

Wednesday we drove back. We stopped off at these dinosaurs that are along route 10. When I first saw them, it was just the brontosaurus, the t-rex was being built. All around it was dirt. Dirt and more dirt. It was a dirt parking lot even. When we drove by today, there was a Burger King, a mini-theme park with robot dinosaurs, a gas station, another food place store thing coffee shop. The dinosaurs had also, sadly, been turned into a creationist museum. Sadly I didn't notice it until after I bought dinosaurs. I was a little bit focused on the Dinosaurs in the gift shop. Because they were dinosaurs and dinosaurs are neat and awesome and they had dinosaurs that I didn't have. So... yeah. Really cool dinosaurs. Sucky people running the place. Oh well. After that we had dinner with my dad's sister at Norms. Which was nice. She's always so glad to see him and vice versa. Finally! we got home.

I had a nice real shower. Got snubbed by the cat after I fed him. And went to bed in my bed. After discovering that I left my toiletries bag in my parent's van.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I'm going on vacation to Arizona and not going to be back until Wednesday evening. My mom isn't letting me take my laptop with me so I shall be computerless. However! I have books, art supplies and writing notebooks, so I should be good.

It shall be cold where we are. 40 degrees. Which is deathly cold for us because we live in Los Angeles and 50 degrees is freezing for us.

Also, I know there are other DC'ers out there so could someone keep an eye on my holiday eggs? I won't be able to check on them and I don't want them to die. ;_; Here's the link to my scroll.

My brother is doing better-ish. He went on another hike today (totally different group). Though he was afraid of being abandoned. It was only when he saw that a friend of his was there did he feel comfortable enough to go. Still not sure what we're going to do against the group that left him though.
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People suck balls.

I mean really.

Suck balls.

My brother went on a hike last night. He likes going on hikes.

They ditched him.

In the dark. In the middle of nowhere. He was on the trail, they were ahead of him and he called out to them -screamed- for them to wait and they kept on going.

So, there he was. Alone in the dark with no sense of direction.

He called my parents, but he had no idea where he was. He has terrible sense of direction. Non-existent. Which is of course even worse in the dark. Thankfully he was able to get to the trail head. But then he had no idea where he was so he couldn't call a cab and tell them where they should pick them up.

Thankfully he was able to get to the exit and get picked up.

But yeah.

People suck balls.
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Today's recipe for disaster.

Take (4) people who have lived in Los Angeles for their entire lives (or most of them, the city where the last time it snowed the mother unit was eightish) and the last time they saw it falling snow was when the first Bush was in office.

(1) Friend of mother unit who lives in Dewy Arizona

(1) Planned car trip to visit said friend.

(1) Forecast of snow during the trip.

Mix all together and watch hilarity ensue.

We're going on a trip and the four of us are trying to figure out what to bring for this strange thing known as snow. Oh, sure we've been to the snow before. But the last time was like five years ago and that was only for the day. Now we are going somewhere where for about four days. We have invested in boots.
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I've seen a lot of "It's snowing!" posts on my friend's lists the past couple of days.

It is NOT snowing here. In fact it's been a rather pleasant 75 degrees, with lots of sunshine.

Feel free to hate me.

Also Here is the Star Trek shoes from the previous post. I have the blue ones.

Tonight is the family Hannukah party. It's just me, my parents, and my brother. In theory the cat too, but he's not leaving my apartment. If roommate is home, he'll likely bother her for food or tackle her sewing projects. I imagine he'll be getting something from my brother.

This year I am getting my dad a can opener.

Why? Because I'm feeling petty and spiteful.

The past couple of years? Maybe even longer, my presents have sucked. Last year for my birthday? I got

Wait for it.

A garage door opener on a key chain.

Yes. A garage door opener on a key chain. Why? So I could have a way to open up the garage in the event I was coming back to my place on my bike. The bike which has been sitting in my parent's garage for the past year.

My brother?

He got a brand new, underwater digital camera.

Digital camera. Garage door opener. Hurm.

I don't think I'm a hard person to shop for. Books gift cards, art supplies, dragons! Fan stuff. DVDs. I don't know. But apparently my dad has trouble with this. Also while my mom has always tried to make things even when giving something to my brother and I, my dad has trouble with this concept. When he was little his parents were perfectly okay with giving good stuff to one kid and not the other. Which has led to gifts like a book for my college graduation. Now, I liked the book and everything (Caviler and Clay), but it was my college graduation. I would hope for something better than that. Yes, yes, I know. Whine, whine, whine.

Still. That is why there is a can opener. For his birthday, on Saturday, I'm checking a book out from the library where I work that I think he'd like to read.

I am being spiteful.

Bad me.
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They say some guests make you happy when they arrive and others make you happy when they leave. We had one of the latter over for Thanksgiving. She's my father's cousin's wife and she is... very gracious. Unfortunately is a false graciousness as she is gracious about everything, but those are only her words, not her actions. My mom has asked her several times not to do things and she says she wouldn't and then does them anyway. The thing that broke the camel's back this time was she brought in some fruit and nuts. They were processed and packaged and didn't have a kosher mark. So, even though they were kosher per say, being packaged and processed, they needed to have a kosher mark, at least according to my mom's rules for her kitchen. She wanted to know why was that and that she said that my mom was wrong and she spoke to her orthodox rabbi who said so.

Then there was the point where they all had to leave but she sat around -stood around- talking on her cell phone. This irked my parents to no end. So we may not invite them over again. Which is sad, because my dad's cousin is really nice and things, it's just his wife that isn't.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Sep. 4th, 2009 11:07 am
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My brain has wandered off and seems to have taken my creativity with it. I'm going away on a family thing this weekend with no computer. But I am taking stuff to write with. I know there are supposed to be activities and things, but I'm going to see about just sleeping and doing nothing as much as possible.

It's a rather nice site and I like it a lot. If I can, I shall snooze in my parent's cabin as they have air conditioning, I believe. It has been hard to sleep lately because it's been too hot. I've been sweating out gallons, it feels like. Ha. Okay, enough TMI.

Hopefully this will be a nice restful weekend.


Jun. 10th, 2009 09:47 am
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This is an article about my Guv. He's my mother's father. My grandfather, but we always called him Guv. That's because he was the governor of the family. It made things a lot easier, because my dad's parents were grandma and grandpa and my mom's parents were bubbie and Guv.

My Guv was an amazing man. This article barely scratches the surface of who and what he was. This was a man who when invited to the White House stole a punch glass, which we still own. A man who almost got kicked out of Medical School because he broke into one of the cadaver labs and stole a liver to play football with. A man who got through college and medical school on debate and football scholarships. Someone who would help women place their babies in homes when they couldn't keep them after birth. He did hundreds of millions of things and he is my hero.
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And THEN I'm with my mom this afternoon who's all frazzled because of her friend (see previous post) when she says to me there might be something seriously wrong with my brother medically-physically-wise, but she won't tell me what (because it's not my business) and if there is a problem we won't know until the middle of February.

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Today was a good day. And a good night.

First a good haul on presents from the family.

1. A new printer, laser. It's BIG! I'm not sure where I'm going to put it.
2. A ducky soap dish to continue the slow takeover of ducks in my bathroom.
3. D&D miniatures.
4. More D&D miniatures
5. Batman Beyond season three. Now I have all three seasons!

My brother got Chaucer some catnip mice. Those went over exceptionally well. Currently there is one in his water dish. I'm not sure if I should take it out or not.

Dinner turned out to be terribly amusing. Pepper (the parakeet) isn't allowed into the kitchen. We don't want him to get hurt by accidentally landing on a hot pot or something. He has this game of flying into the kitchen and landing somewhere, be it in the window, or on someone's shoulder. And we shoo him out with a clap of the hands. Important note. Our kitchen has two entryways.

Pepper had been flying in and out of the kitchen as we were making dinner, because that's where the family was, and we'd been chasing him out of the kitchen. He'd land on my mom and fly out. He'd land on my dad and fly out. All from the same doorway.

Finally we settle down for dinner, hot dogs if anyone cares. And the bird flies in, we send him out. He flies in again, we send him out. Finally, my mom gets the idea of shutting the door that he keeps on flying in through.

A minute later he's back in the kitchen, landing on top of my dad's head. Which is exceptionally funny, because my dad is bald. We stare at the bird and then shoo him off. My mom doesn't believe that he came from the other door. And then he's back inside fluttering around trying to find a place to land, briefly lighting upon my dad's glass before taking off again and landing in the kitchen sink. My mom gets him on her finger and tosses him outside the kitchen.

Looking out into the dinning room she realizes that the doors closest to where his cage is, is closed meaning he had to fly all around the house to get into the kitchen. That's some determination!

Pepper's a very smart bird, he is. Sometimes a bit too clever.
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Some times bad shit happens to good people.

My brother's one of the nicest, kindest, most caring people you could ever meet.

So, over the weekend he went out with some friends. A girl he knew and two guys he knew. The girl didn't know the guys, and vice versa. They were out walking when my brother realized that if he didn't move his car, he'd get a ticket. So he went to move his car.

When he comes back, he finds that the two guys had raped the girl. I don't know what happened with the guys. I just know that my brother took care of and has been taking care of the girl since it happened. He managed to convince her to go to a shelter or one of those family planning places and they called the police for her. He's still with her last I heard.

He's a good kid, my brother. But really, that shit shouldn't have to happen to him.
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My weekend went something like this:

Roommate: *eats banana. Leaves skin on counter for some reason.*
me: *sees banana peel. goes Ew. doesn't touch it because bananas make me sick.*
weather: *creeps up really, really, really, really hot.
Apartment: *bakes*
Banana peel: *bakes and rots*


me: huh. it smells kinda funny. *goes back to doing stuff*
weather: *creeps up really, really, really, really hot.
Apartment: *bakes*
Banana peel: *bakes and rots*
Roommate: *is not there*
Me: hm... stinky. *lights scented candle in kitchen*
Apartment: *bakes*
Banana peel: *bakes and rots*


me: huh. now it really smells kinda funny. *goes back to doing stuff*
weather: *creeps up really, really, really, really hot.
Apartment: *bakes*
Banana peel: *bakes and rots*
Roommate: *is still not there*
Me: hm... stinky. *lights scented candle in kitchen again*
Apartment: *bakes*
Banana peel: *bakes and rots*
me: *avoids stinky kitchen*


me:*gets up for work, thinking about WALL-E for some reason.*
cat:*leaves hairball for present*
me:*discovers hairball by stepping on it*
cat: ^^
me:*stumbles around cleaning and getting ready for the day.*
Banana peel: *has baked and rotted all weekend*
me:*goes towards the kitchen. manages to get into dinning area before being completely and utterly overwhelmed by smell.*
Banana peel:*lies their, innocently*
me:*tries not to throw up*
Banana peel:*smells Really Really bad.*
Me:*fails. Makes friends with the toilet bowl.*
Cat: =0+o= *wtf?!*
Me:*barely manages to get out of apartment without doing that again*
Me:*calls mom* There's a banana peel in the kitchen and it's rotted so bad, I threw up.
Mom:Can you throw it away?
Me: ......
Me: They make me throw up in general. This one is highly rotted. I can't get near it.
Mom: What if you hold your nose?
Me: That's not going to work.
Mom: Are you sure?
Me: Yes. I tried that.
Mom: So, you couldn't hold your nose and throw it away?
Me: No. I'm not going anywhere near it.
Mom: So you're not going to do anything about it?
Me: I can't.
Mom: Don't you have to go to work?
Me: .......... yes.
Mom: Then you should probably deal with it when you get back.
Me: -_-;
Me:*goes to work*
weather: *creeps up really, really, really, really hot.
Apartment: *bakes*
Banana peel: *bakes and rots*
Me:*doesn't want to go home again*

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