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Some artwork! All done in markers.

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IDK what this is.

Title: Collecting
Verse: Dawn of the Old Gods - my Urban fantasy verse.
Subject: Adrienne notices one of Trever's collectibles.
Notes; Yeah... so I don't know where this came from... but WAMPA!


"Trever?" Adrienne asked as she stopped by his desk. He didn’t look up from his computer screen as he typed up a report.


"What is that on your monitor?"

He flicked his eyes up to the top of the monitor and the brightly colored stuffed toy about the length of his arm sitting on there. It looked kind of like a long limbed cow crossed with a lizard with a short neck and three toed feat instead of hooves as well as a forked tongue. "It’s a wampa."

Sighing, she said, "I know it’s a wampa. But why is it on your computer? Isn’t that a kid’s toy from that cartoon? The Land of Wampas?"

"... Because I collect them?"

Adrienne paused and then shook her head, "You are such a geek Trever; you know that?"

"So I’ve been told," Trever said, and then went back to his typing. He didn’t really have anything else worth saying in regards to this, after all. She snorted and walked off, leaving him and his wampa alone.
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I can has art supplies?

Yes I can!

I bought about $45 worth of art supplies today. Most of the money went to markers. Really, really nice markers. That bleed a lot. I imagine they won't do that on the marker paper. They also have fumes. Happy fun times!

And I got marker paper and a color wheel and spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how I'm going to carry it all - with my colored pencils and other stuff - to class. I gave up eventually and will try again later.


My brain has been fluttering with ideas lately, which is better than it has been in the past couple of weeks. It hasn't settled down with anything coherent yet.

One is a novel about Alec with his Gary Stu-powers. I'm thinking of calling it "The Adventures of Alec Troven, Gary Stu" but I haven't a clue as to what the plot would be. The big problem with this is that Alec is a Gary Stu with unlimited power. How do you write a story about that? I guess it would be something that deals with something his powers can't handle.

I got the idea from reading "How to survive in a Science Fictional Universe" by Charles Yu. The book tries to be meta-textual and play with the idea of narrative and things that are common in Science Fiction stories, but in my opinion doesn't quite work because I don't give a shit about the narrator. The guy is trying to be an Arthur Dent everyman but he's ... dull and uninteresting.

So I was all "I could do a hell of a lot better meta-textual with Alec who already has no concept of the fourth wall."

The starting line I came up with was , "I woke up next to a woman who wasn't my wife, but she didn't know that."

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Does anyone want the paper egg?

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I've started going over Death God Rising - now renamed Death Toll- having actually finished it a few days ago.

It's funny looking at the beginning of it verses how it ended. There's a lot of continuity errors that need to be fixed.

A big one is the fact that I know who the Bad Guy is. When I first started writing it, I didn't know his identity. I knew what he wanted, but not who he was or why he wanted it. That changed a lot of stuff.

Another one was the fact that Theo, one of the main POV characters, gained a cousin about half way through. That changes a lot of little things in the beginning. With Theo I also changed him from a part-time freelance worker with the FBI to a full time worker about three or four chapters in so that required a lot of fixing in the first couple of chapters.

At one point I say that some character's parents are alive in another later point I say they're dead. While not a major issue for this book, in later books it will be. Still, for continuity it's important to have that down. They'll probably be dead. Must talk to co-writer about it first, of course.

Happily, I've also figured out -loosely- the over arching plot of the series. There will be about nine or ten books and it will involve a huge Xanatos gambit on the part of some of the old god characters. Hence the title of the series "Dawn of the Old Gods". I'm glad I've gotten that one figured out, even if it required me crawling out of bed at at around six thirty to pound stuff out. Because now I can work out things into the flow of the story and hopefully have a good pay off at the end. Isn't that what all writers want? A good payoff at the end?

I have to admit, thinking about the huge over-arching arc and making it fit into the smaller arcs per book, is difficult. I definitely need to work on it, but I'm glad I know at least what the big arc is.

One good thing about this is that I've figured out, at least, how the prologues are going to work. Each one is going to focus on a different member of the team at an important part in their life and generally they're going to be the main POV character for the book. What I would like to happen for the book covers is that each cover features the prologue character on it and then all the covers fit together into one big picture. Kind of like what happens on comic book covers sometimes. If that's going to happen, well, lets get a publisher wanting them first.

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In which Kippur has a bad thought in regards to characters and crossovers.

One of the conceits in the Dawn of the Old Gods world is that if you die and come back to life, be it by becoming an undead or by medical procedures and are still alive, you fall under a god of the undead's providence. This is a bit of a plot point in the first book.

That being said, if the god of the undead that I've created, Ashkari, were to end up in a Super Hero verse, say like DC or Marvel he would suddenly become ridiculously powerful.


Because think of all the superheros who have died and come back to life. Superman, Thor, Captain America, Phoenix/Jean Grey, Wonder Woman, the Batman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Magneto, Professor X and more. All of them died. All of them would fall under Ashkari's providence and he would have influence over them.

It would not be a good thing.

Ashkari's not the nicest of individuals.

Now I have to write this...

Are you allowed to write crossovers with your own novel to be characters?
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Well, I hit fifty thousand on my Nano Tuesday night. Did not do anything on Wednesday night being Lazy.


Some favorite bits:

Theo and Trever need to get into a club to talk to Vampires and undead friendly folk:

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Kale and Lan discuss Kale's aunt Ginger, establishing her badass cred in Kale's eyes.

Read more... )

Kale bitches Rhys out for wanting to go into the Mysterious Cave Alone. Rhys actually ends up getting bitched out a lot.

Read more... )

Anna talks to a movie star. Nicely.

Read more... )

However, I have not actually finished the Novel, so I shall be puttering away, as you do. And maybe even updating my word counts to see how well I actually do do.

In the mean time, Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans! Happy Thursday to everyone else. I shall be making PIES.

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Bad-asses need to have bad-ass introductions.

Here's Ginger Milton, great-something or another aunt of two of the Protagonists, Kale and Trever. We first learn about her when Kale and Lan are discussing what might be inside the cave they're investigating.

The Myths )

After Shit Happens and It's Bad. Ginger herself enters. Ginger hasn't been mentioned since their discussion, though Rhys has established that she is in fact related to Kale and that she is as awesome as Kale says she is.

Of course saying something is awesome is a lot different than seeing something awesome, as we've seen in many books before. So, she can't just walk in on the scene and be like 'hey guys'. She needs an entrance, even if no one is expecting it. It has to be a reveal of some new consequence something that is going to drive the plot forward. Why is she here at this particular place in time, the readers need to ask. And what is she going to do to help the heroes?

The Entrance )

Which, hopefully, this does.
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I'm actually using this as an opportunity to hopefully finish Death God Rising, so I'm starting in near the beginning here, but there's already written stuff. I've just incapacitated four out of eight of the team members. Two of the team members got whammied when they undid a series of Wards in Maine. The backlash took out two other members. Adrian, the ritual mage, is one of a trio of triplets. His sisters are in Los Angeles. While they don't have the MYSTICAL MAGICAL UBERSPECIAL twin/triplet bond found in a lot of fantasy fiction.

For which they're grateful for considering some of their sex lives. Actually, now that I think about it, a lot of people don't seem to get the full repercussions of having a 'twin bond'. If you can feel anything that your twin is feeling, that has got to be awkward when one is having sex and the other isn't. Especially if you're a guy, if you know what I mean. Sure they talk about violence that the twins feel against one another (Oh NO MY TWIN IS HURT!) but emotions and physical feelings aren't just restricted to violence.

Someone should explore this.

Anyway, what happens with the triplets is that since they developed together in the same womb their magical connections are tied together. When Adrian used up all of his reserves the connection went to his sisters to take some of theirs to keep him alive. Sort of like a mystical life line. Kale and Trever - the Delvar twins- would have a stronger reaction as they're identical instead of fraternal twins, though they still don't have a 'twin bond'.

And that is what I did to my characters.

I'm trying to do a massive word count the next three days because on Friday I'm going to Disneyland for my brother's birthday and we're staying overnight. There is no way in hell I'll be able to do any sort of writing after a day at Disneyland, so I'm buffering up my count so I don't miss any deadlines.
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Look at the neat banner I have:


Much thanks to my co-writer for making it. ^_^

Now I have to nag her for an appropriate icon.

I think I'm going to try and put up daily word counts and things like my favorite line(s) during Nano.

Must outline out stuff....

In other news, the wind has kicked up my allergies and so I've been sniffling and running like a mad thing the past couple of days. Yay sinuses!
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It's almost NaNo time! Hurrah!!

I'm Kippur over there. (Of course. I'm Kippur everywhere.) I tend to use Nano to bust through Novels that I've been meandering on: The two that I may bust through is a rewrite of Oracle Blinded or finishing up Death God Rising.

Speaking of Death God Rising, I've two new books to put into that category.

1. This is a collection of short stories that take place before the first book. It's how they got there stories. How Trever got his familiar, how the Fraser triplets got off the streets, how Rhys started the DMCM etc... I think I want to give it a chess like title. Maybe Knight's Moves.

2. Book four of the Dawn of the Old Gods series. As this series is called Dawn of the Old Gods, one of the Old Gods has managed to regain her powers completely. She's a Russian goddess and someone is killing off her followers. The DMCM has been invited by the Russian government to check up on the situation. I believe Lan will be one of our main POV characters as he is Russian as well as Anna, as the Goddess will likely like her a lot. They've got the same sort of interests. Previous antagonists will likely not apply as it takes place in Russia and they're not welcomed there. There was this thing that happened in the fifties... and yeah
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I was typing along last night on Death God Rising and ended up prattling about the fey. Or the Fair Folk. My fingers went off on totally different direction on why they are called the fair folk. The fey are known for making deals and not always being straight about how they do it. So, my brain said "What if they're called the fair folk not because they're all fair looking - because they're not - but instead because people hope that they will deal fairly with them?"

I thought that was pretty cool.

Current Dawn of the Old Gods volumes planned so far:

Death God Rising: Theo learns that a ritual is being performed that may re-empower his father back to his full godly power, a ritual that is being carried out by a cult of some sort.

Star God Falling: Adrian becomes possessed by Theo's cousin, a god of the stars, who hasn't been seen in centuries. Also, Midwestern towns are vanishing and the areas are being returned to their natural states from several hundred years ago. It looks like the fey may be involved.

-Untitled - Part of Rhys' past is brought up again when a dragon, Thorn of Roses, writes a historical fiction romance novel about the accidental destruction of what is today modern day Germany. Not quite sure yet what the rest of the novel has in it. And they get to deal with Rhys' old lover who is, among other things, running cage matches with vampires in it like they do dog fights.

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Kippur's fun scene in head to write later idea: Trying to get six teleporting kittens to the vet. Hilarity ensues.
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I was trying to write up 300 words on the personality of one of my characters from Death God Rising for a RP and was having some trouble with it. Mostly because I tend to have personality show in reaction to things when I actually write the story having just the basics in my head on what they're like. Showing, not telling blah blah blah.

As I was banging my head against the screen trying to come up with it, I realized that he didn't have an angsty past. He didn't have any big emotional trauma hit him over the head and give him a drive to do whatever it is he does. In fact, most of his problems don't even start until just before the novel starts.

Looking over the cast list in my head, I realized that most of them are fairly well adjusted human beings before the novel starts. Some of them, like the Fraser triplets, had bad stuff happen to them in their childhood, but when they're adults, they've managed to work through it in their own ways and don't spend pages angsting about it in the book.

In fact, it's only when the books start, or a few years before they do, that rocks start falling on them and causing them problems.

A rather random realization on my part.

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Dear Kips,

I'm not going to be having Ash's babies. So STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!!! I don't care if it's just an example for your book. I am a man. I have man bits. I do not have lady bits. I do not have a very special place inside myself because some of my previous incarnations were women. There is not a very secret spell that Ash knows to make me pregnant. There will be NO pregnancy whatsoever. Zero. Zilch. Nadda.

The only thing that will be getting pregnant around here is the cat. And I hate you for the teleporting kittens while I'm at it. I don't need to find them in my soup.

While we're at it, Rhys is not going to be impregnating Kale. He doesn't know any secret rituals to make him able to have babies. Adrian and Alec are in the same boat. Theo and Adrienne can have all the kidlets they want, I'm sure. Besides they've got enough money to pay for nannies and things like that.

No love,

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Because sometimes you have nothing better to do:

A TVtropes page for my co-authored urban fantasyDeath God Rising

I blame [ profile] swevene but then forgive her because she's doing all of the work.
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Some world building things that I've come up with for the urban fantasy I'm working on. Mostly it's dealing with the fact that you have immortal people wandering around and having a working government/democracy/what have you.

In the United States, it is illegal for any immortal being to hold any sort of public office. Especially if you're a god.

In fact there is a treaty out there signed by the UN and the major living gods/exceptionally powerful long lived individuals still around that they will not seek power to rule over countries. Most were okay with this, especially after the mess that was World War II.

Also you cannot become a citizen of the United States if you were born before it was created and are still living today. This includes vampires.

Vampires actually lose their status as citizens because they are dead. They can either live and die as a normal human with all the rights it entails or immortality. Same goes for liches and any other higher-intelligent undead.

Urban fantasy as a genre is practically non-existent. It'd be like writing a normal novel and calling it part of the urban life genre. Books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Mercedes Lackey's bard series, the SERRAted Edge series, the Dresden Files don't exist because a lot of their worlds depends on the fact that magic is hidden from the rest of the world. The White Wolf games are rather different. Shadowrun is mostly the same.

Actually, now that I think about it, urban fantasy might be worlds where there isn't magic.

I haven't figured out comic books yet though.

Fantasy remains the same, though some of it might be considered historical fiction. Like the Lord of the Rings.

And that's what I've got.
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Ren faire Saturday.

I got a shirt of awesome. It's a peasant shirt, I guess. Linen colored with ruffles on the end. Nice big and billowy. Saw a lot of LARP people. Apparently more people recognized me than I recognized them, but that's okay, I have no memory for faces.

I got called Sir at one point, which was awesome. I was watching a show from inside a booth and leaning against a railing. I started to put my knee on a bench when the shopkeeper came up to me and said, "Sir, be careful the bench will tip." I do believe this is the first time in real life I've been mistaken for a man. Which I have no issues with. I 'blame' the puffy shirt and the awesome vest [ profile] thelastmehina made and which I borrowed.

There was steak and mushroom meat pie for a ridiculous price as well as a massive amount of ice cream for a ridiculous price. But they did taste good.

People of Twitter that are smarter Twitters than I. Why is my account for Alec getting random people who can't type words correctly following him? Are they like the Russian spambots on LJ?

Silly scene popped into my head in the Death God Rising universe. Theo and his uncle are walking through a Ren Faire and the uncle is bitching about how everything is wrong and then when Theo starts laughing at him, asks how would he like it when they would go to a 2000 year fair some time in the future. Theo continues to think this is funny.

I found the last episode of Doctor Who a lot scarier than Blink, but I think that's because it spoke more to my own anxieties.

Don't blink.

Also, need to watch it again (yay) to see about the coat.

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I'm barely into chapter three of Death God Rising and I've already got an idea for the next book. I don't think this should be allowed.

Anyway, next book idea: Something happens to cause the sun to be 'blotted out' turning the world to eternal night. This is a boon to the creatures of the night, the question is which creatures of the night are responsible for it? Culprits could be the dark elves, the vampires, other assorted night creatures. No one is taking credit for it, everyone is taking advantage of it.

I got the idea while writing chapter three. Theo was complaining about having to be diurnal when his body insists that he's nocturnal. His father got his powers from the moon spirit goddess thingy when he took upon the aspect of being a death god, his brother Ash got the aspects of being the moon spirit itself. Also, Theo's mother was a priestess of Ash's. (Much to Ash's annoyance she turn him down for his brother.) So Theo has a lot of night time woojie going on which would make him more inclined to be up and around during the night. Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not work like that. He has to wear sunglasses a lot to protect his eyes as they're light sensitive.
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New rule.

Characters are not allowed to do this to me:


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Inner ear infection. Whee! Makes turning head to look at book titles/barcodes/what have you a fun and interesting experience. Are there lymph nodes under the jaw, I can't remember. Because something there hurts.

Talking with [ profile] dungeonwriter last night I came to the conclusion that my Alec novels are not very mainstream. GLBT fantasy with no big bad. Not at all mainstream. So, I shall have to hunt for small presses for that one. On the other hand, I have accidentally started an urban fantasy novel which I think is more mainstream. It was going to be a short story, but you know how it is.

The plot is thus: Theo Sammeth is the heir to a multibillion international company as well as a highly gifted necromancer. His father runs the company and is an ancient ex-god of death. The years have not been kind to his father. Theo also works as a consultant with the FBI's magic police group for things involving the dead and undead.

Someone has started a series of ritual murders that look like they're to bring an ancient god back to power. To be more exact, to bring Theo's father back to power. The question then becomes, should Theo allow this to happen? As his father's always been a power hungry individual and returning to god hood would likely end up with him taking over a good portion of the world. And if he does, how would he stop an ancient ex-god of death who even now is one of the most powerful magical users in the world.

Also, he's going to be getting married soon. And that always causes problems.

A subplot involves a teammate and Theo's uncle. The uncle, Ash, is convinced that the teammate, Trever, is his reincarnated true love. Trever does not. Hilarity ensues.

Character list:

Theo Sammeth: Necromancer and business man. FBI consultant
Rhys Owens: Head of the FBI division, 2000 year old mage.
Adrian Fraser: FBI agent, Ritual Mage
Adrienne Fraser: FBI Agent, evocation mage, Theo's fiancee, Adrian's twin sister.
Adrianna Fraser: FBI Agent, information specialist, healer, Adrienne's twin sister. (they're triplets)
Ash Erikson: Theo's uncle, ex-god of the night, currently powerless for crimes.
Trever Delvar: FBI Agent, animal shaman, Kale's identical twin brother, supposed reincarnated true love of Ash. Straight.
Kale Delvar: FBI Agent, tech-mage, Trever's identical twin brother. gay.
Lan Petrov: Junior FBI Agent, psychic.
Alec Troven: ex-Mage-Thief (which is like a magic user junkie) under parole with Rhys, Adrian's apprentice.

So far the story is called Death God Rising.

And [ profile] swevene will be doing co-writing duties.

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