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I crochet a dice bag!

pictures! )

I've never done that before, I'm rather proud of it. It's going to hold my book dice. Being a weird gamer I decided that I couldn't mix my book dice with my regular dice.

It was pretty easy. I'm sure it'd be easier a second time.

Things have been going slowly and well. I've been chugging along at the book. Pulling my hair out at times, but other than that, it's been good.

Also I chose to make cookies instead of cleaning the bathtub today.
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I found a bunch of sheets of doodles I did at my D&D games. I thought I'd share them.

Lots of them ahoy! )
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I DM'd my first game tonight! It was a pregenerated adventure for the Wizard's Encounters so it didn't require too much thought, but I did it.

One of the DMs didn't show up and we got a bit swamped by new peoples so I offered to DM.

It would have been nice to have been able to read the adventure beforehand beyond five second before the game started, but my players were really cool about it. I also had to share my book with someone else because we didn't have enough for everyone.

The session wasn't combat orientated, which was good. That would have been a lot harder for me. Instead it was a skill thing. Each of the players, when walking through a passage way, ended up in a different room and a riddle challenge.

They had to solve the challenge or Something Bad happened to them.

In one instance, it was great, we had a Lawful Good paladin stuck in a challenge where he had to lie convincingly to get out. He did so badly at this. The guy Rp'd it really well. The first time he was just such a bad lie and rolled poorly.

The second time he tried to intimidate and did poorly so he got damage.

The third time - he had to say what he was great at - he said he was great at lying. He rolled a one. But considering what he'd done before and that the lie was so bad, I let that one through.

A couple of them I messed up on, but again, five seconds of looking at it before hand. Barely enough time to process it all.

At the end of the session they all told me that I did good and they had a good time. So, I'm happy. ^_^

I'm going to DM the next session too, because the DM at the table I'm usually at is going to Comic Con.

The only down side is that my throat hurts from having to talk loudly.


Since they know in advance that I'm going to be DM'ing when a DM isn't there next time, I'm going to get the module in advance and will actually have a chance to study it and figure out how to do it.
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Last night! My car? It was iced over. As in coated in ice. As in I couldn't open my door on the first or second try. As in the window was completely iced up and I couldn't get it clear or move the windshield wipers. I had to use the heater (which wasn't working well) and the windshield wiper cleaning stuff to clear my windshield enough to see. As in WTF!? It actually snowed where I was briefly. For about fifteen minutes, in with some hail. When I was getting there, I got hailed on -sort of out of nowhere - in the Sepulveda pass. Which snarled up traffic as everyone was pretty much going WTF!?

HOW DO YOU PEOPLE STAND IT!? REALLY! That's just wrong. Especially in Los Angeles.

In my random no one cares game news, I got down to one hit point and one death saving throw from permanently dieing. Again. Also the bad guy we were fighting was around epic level (I think) and we're about to hit paragon level. And she wants me as her new torture toy. The fact that I kept on getting to 0 or lower hit points and still standing for a bit before dropping. Very much her type, she said. Especially since I was undead, apparently.


I spent most of the encounter waking up and dropping. Waking up and dropping. Until finally she knocked me out to zero. Then I just lay there. On fish. Yeah. That was entertaining. I got lucky and got rescued. And then robbed by the person who rescued me. Who was a companion.


The Revenant is not happy.
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Because some days you just need to stick your foot in your mouth.

Yesterday was D&D. Since my PC died I am now playing him as a revenant. An undead creature brought back from death to fulfill a purpose they didn't finish in life by a second party. They were not brought back because they wished to. They are now driven to finish their mission, but the memories of who they were in life are fragmented. Which is kinda cool, especially since he was only dead for a less than a day when he was returned to life and is still with the party. He sort of remembers them, but... not really. The continue to call him by the name he had when he was alive, but he's not sure that's his name any more. But that's not what I'm footing my mouth in.

As a revenant, one of the traits is, of course, pale skin and dark eyes with pin pricks of light for iris and a tendency to wear black. When the group was first discussing what a revenant was, someone said "Oh they're goth! And they wear eyeliner and paint their nails black" etc. etc. This was our Outlier. I immediately protested this. Black eyes =/= eyeliner or goth. The DM encouraged him a bit.

The DM also decided to paint me a mini especially for him.

Mini picture )

As he was painting the revenant when I was over at his place one day he said, "Oh look, I got eyeliner!" Yesterday the eyeliner was shown to the Outlier and he started rambling about how cool the revenant look, like Robert Patterson (of Edward fame) and the about how the DM should make the revenant sparkle.

At this point our DM had set up the mic - he's recording the sessions for a potential pod cast- and recording our chatter.

At the sparkling comment I said, "Revenants don't sparkle. Vampires sparkle."

Cue huge pause in the discussion as what I said sank in.

The DM started laughing and saying "And I got it on tape! You heard it 'revenants don't sparkle. Vampires sparkle".

My head? It hit table. Several times.

So yeah. Revenants don't sparkle. Vampires sparkle.


Maybe I'll turn it into an icon.
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More of the ongoing saga of Kale's life with the Jedi:

It amuses me.


Feb. 8th, 2010 01:09 pm
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I never thought it was possible to have a Blue Screen of Death moment in real life. Sure I read about it in TVTropes happening to characters, but in real life? Nah.

But I had one yesterday.

We had an epic game of epicness yesterday at the D&D game. Lots of drama, a nasty and difficult trap and I had a great character defining moment with a Monumental Decision. All excellent and as it should be. Then the BSOD.

I happened to look down on the floor when one of the players mentioned that the felt the youngest of the munchkins wiggling against her feet. I saw that she had a bottle with liquid in it and a cap not on it.

Kippur: \\Run: Query to munchkin's mother. "Munchkin has open bottle and juice in it, perhaps it should be taken away?"
Kippur: \\ Expected response: Remove bottle from child. If received return to game.
Mother: \\Response: "Oh, I'm sure it'll be okay."
Kippur: \\ Error.
Kippur: \\ Run: Retry query, add incentive to mother: "I think it might cause a mess if she spills."
Kippur: \\Expected response: Remove bottle from child. If received return to game.
Mother: \\Response: "Well messes can be cleaned up."
Kippur: ++ ERROR. ERROR. Please REDO from start. Out of Cheese ++ Your brain will shut down now.

Doooooppppppp...... blink.

*presses restart button*
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Who on LJ do you ship me with? Bonus points for outlining the ridiculous AU fic that you would write about us.

(You can ship me with someone we both know. Or someone you know but I don't. Or someone I know and you know of only through their username. WHATEVER. This is not exactly a deep and meaningful meme.)

Hell. Who/what would you ship me with?

Played D&D over the weekend. Had a magnificent almost TPK.

We're trying to get into this three room dungeon to retrieve the crown of sorrows. It's a 4th ed Ebberron campaign. There are two bard PCs, one Avenger PC, a Fighter PC and a Swordmage PC (me), two Warforged sort of PCs Rangers and some fighter NPCs on our side. We decided that our strategy was going to be take out the Big Bad Boss in each room first because he would buff up his undead minions. Solid enough strategy.

We go into the room and low and behold are very quickly 'shut down' by a wraith that puts us in the dazed condition. That is we can only take one action per turn. It has an aura of three squares and does automatic five points of damage at the start of everyone's turn. So in addition to fighting off other people's damage we take ongoing five damage no matter what. And we can only take on action so we can't move and hit or if we do hit we can't move out of the aura and it's just messy. We were stuck. Locked.

Me: We need to kill the wraith!

Others: Gee, that wraith is doing a lot of damage, let's kill this other guy!

Me: ARRGH. *headdesk*

So, we almost die because we can't get out of the aura safely. I manage to get out by teleporting (swordmage power) but I can't get near the wraith without getting caught again so I'm fighting off another one of the npcs and can't get help because they're all stuck.

Finally they got the idea to kill the wraith and barely did so ... after trying to kill other things that were apparently more important that the thing giving them automatic five damage every round.

One room down. Two rooms to go.
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I love my swordmage. I do.

Game Sunday. We managed to knock down the heavy hitter, a dragon warforged. We needed the ax she was carrying. The ax is an artifact like weapon. It does at least 1d12 +4 damage, frost. And she was adding another +4. AND on Criticals it did another 2d12 +8. Needless to say it would have pummeled us. Once she was down, I lassoed the ax with one of my powers that let's me grab and pull things to me. Then I picked it up and teleported away across the room. Bamf! She was disarmed for the rest of the encounter. Even if I did become her chew toy a bit.


I have shown true dedication to my job. I've made up a bunch of new signs to be laminated. Today I brought in my art markers and have been coloring the designs in. Currently I am making rows of tiny pencils yellow. And then I am going to give them pink erasers.


Sep. 15th, 2009 09:43 am
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This is probably something really inanely trivial, but I feel like complaining about it anyway.

In one of my D&D groups the DM had us write Point of Views for each session. We got XP for it and if you didn't do it, you didn't get the XP. I sort of thought that was a silly thing to do because what if life threw you a curve ball and you couldn't write the POV. You'd suffer for it. But that's just me. Anyway, there was one person in our group whose a bit... nuts. He's a bit wacky in a train wreck sort of way. He charged about in some parallel game in his own head, which irritated me a lot as it would hold up the main plot.

The one thing he never did was write POVs.

Just recently he started writing them at the cajoling of the group. They didn't want to be held up because he wasn't writing them and getting XP.

At first they were standard POVs... from his own unique perspective. And that was cool. But now they've sort of degraded into something that...

Well, you're not going to have Tampax, Michael Jackson and television in a high fantasy setting, now are you? In fact they have absolutely nothing to do with the campaign whatsoever!

And it's just driving me crazy because it's not what it's supposed to be. POVs are supposed to be the POV of the session not some lucid dream like ramblings. He's even started going Meta and bringing in the players names and their kids into them.

I'm no longer playing with the group, but still on the mailing list just so I can see what's going on and what happens to my PC who I left. I miss him dearly, he was awesome. And looking at the POVs, I can see that leaving was probably a good idea, because if they're bothering me through subspace, imagine what they'd do to me in person?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about the D&D game I have with the children from Hell and I've come to the conclusion that I really don't like them. The DM and his wife and their children. But Kippur, you may ask, haven't you known them for like three years? Why is it only now that you realize you don't like them?

Truth be told I'm slow at figuring this stuff out when they actively don't do something against me. I'm also a sucker for D&D and I like the story that was presented out to me and where it was going. But now thinking about it, and playing a few other games with other people DMing (my roommate and [ profile] palmer_kun for example) I'm realize that the DM is a jerk, I don't like the way he runs the game and even though I am a sucker for the story and want to know how it ends, I just don't think I can take the DM and his wife any more.

The problem is that I like the other players and want to play with them. Also I really like my PC. He is awesome and a swordmage and can teleport and kill things with sword and magic. I don't want to lose that. Both the players and the PC.

Yet, how do you tell two people in a group that you really dislike them, but want to hang out with the others in it? How do you do it without sounding like a real jerk?

This shouldn't be so hard.


In happier news, I bred my first gold!

Adopt one today!

And one of the new eggs!

Adopt one today!
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I have a tabletop D&D game that I go to, I probably have mentioned this before. And it's been okay sort of. We meet at two of the player's house ("C" and "M" they're married) and game about once a month. The GM, "P"; and his wife "K"(who also plays) have two of the most undisciplined kids I've ever seen. Apparently they think that kids, when they're really little, don't understand the concept of "no" and what it means and so they waited until later to teach them. This leads to all sorts of fun things like the little boy (age four) going into the house's kitchen and taking food that isn't his without permission. When his mother says that he has to ask next time before taking the food he completely ignores this because he knows he'll get the food anyway. Thursday the little boy managed to get food coloring all over his apartment because his parents don't have those little cabinet latches installed and have the food coloring in easy reach.

This happened Thursday, our game was Saturday.

I dragged myself out of bed on Saturday around nine in the morning after an awesome Hunter: the Vigil game which lasted until two in the morning because I had to make a tuna casserole before I left. It was for lunch at the game. This turned out to be a bit of a disaster. First I realized I had no pan to put it in. Then I over-cooked the noodles. After that I discovered the can-opener was missing right after I dumped the mushroom soup into the bowl. Fifteen minutes later and a semi-frantic call to the roommate did not reveal the can-opener. It was getting late, so I dumped everything in a bag and decided to make it when I got at the house as it took about five minutes to throw together.

I get there. The GM, his wife and kids aren't there. They'd sent an email saying they were going to be late. So the four of us (there was a sixth member of the group who isn't married and with kids "E") had to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Eventually I half-joked that we could have been playing Star Wars while waiting for the GM. See the M was running a Star Wars game for us that'd been put on hold for a while. The others agreed with this idea, C going as far as saying that since P & K have a nasty habit of being two hours late at times we should play Star Wars until they get there as a regular thing. E immediately jumped on this idea and I rather liked it myself.

There's some discussion on if we should use our current PCs or make new ones. I think we should use our current ones because why should we be punished for being late. Of course I'm kinda cranky because I'm sitting around doing nothing after having dragged myself out of bed because they can't control their kids. Does that make me a bad person? Also, I have a standing online game at eight on Saturdays which I made because nine out of ten times this group meets on Sundays about once a month. (This is important later)

Finally P and K get there with out much apology and the statement that P was really cranky because of what happened with his kids.

This does not bode well.

I mention that I have to leave by eight and this makes P cranky.

Half an hour later (about four now) we finally get started. The game progresses and we run into things that want to kill us. There are two Warforged NPCs that are occasionally played by K's older sons from her first husband. The two of them aren't there so P asks if anyone wants to play them. I take one and K takes the other. Now we've just started 4th Edition and so we have different ways of hurting people beyond just "I attack it with my sword". There are three kinds, powers that you can use whenever you want, powers you can use once a battle and powers you can use once a day. For easy reference they were put on index cards and color coded.

Upon receiving my cards I immediately sorted them out and took out the at will powers so that I could know what they do with a glance. I also read them. K appears not to have. Initiative is rolled and the battle begins. When it comes time for K's NPC to do something she fumbles around and looks at the cards trying to find something to do, really she doesn't do much planning.

Eventually, P starts saying that her NPC's turn is next so that she could plan ahead which doesn't seem to work. Finally he starts doing the countdown and if she doesn't give an action her turn is skipped. This causes her to get upset and she tosses the cards at him saying she doesn't know what they're supposed to do and he shouldn't rush him.

Eventually the game ends with me just about rushing out the door. There is a confirmation of next Sunday being our next game day. Which is fine with me and that's what I planned for.

Sunday I'm checking my email and there's one from the group where C is saying that there was some brief talk about moving the game to Saturday and she wants to make sure they know which so they can prep the house and stuff.

So, I write back saying I'd rather it be on Sunday because I have a standing game Saturday nights. Which I think is a reasonable thing because, as mentioned above, this group meets about once a month and usually on Sundays.

P emails back with:

I thought we occasionally played Saturday. Seems you set yourself up for some conflicts that aren't really this group's responsibility to resolve.

And I'm thinking well... we'd said long before that we were going to meet on Sunday so I was perfectly in my right to make plans for Saturday. He then goes on to say:

If you have to leave by a certain time, you can always be there for the first part and we'll Floyd Clause Alec into the background for the second part. E will be FC'd into the background for the first part anyway. My friend is in town and I'd like the group to meet him and play a bit with him, and since he leaves Sunday...

Yes, this is a problem that is the group's responsibility to resolve. If we can't meet Saturday, I can't play - which means no Tales.

So now it's my problem that I made plans with the assumption that we weren't playing on Saturday but it's the group's problem that he's suddenly saying he's got a friend he wants us to meet.

That was sort of the final straw for me and the making me start to think maybe I don't want to play.

M however emails back that he might not be able to make game on time Saturday because he might have work. And E -as the email mentioned - is going to be late if the game is on Saturday because of work. So far that's three out of six people who won't be able to make it on time for the game or at least make it awkward. He does also say that he doesn't mind if we play on Saturday even though his character will be side lined. The thing is we're not really in a good place to have people sidelined.

M also mentioned to the group that he might be starting up the Star Wars game while we wait for P and K to get there because he wants to work on his GMing skills, though maybe with alternate characters.

I dunno. It just seems rather ridiculous to me. My mom says that P's problem is that he thinks he's the center of the universe and what is good for him should be good for everyone.

Also, I don't even know if I'm being a jerk about it... I don't think I am though.

Adopt one today!
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Well, it's Monday.

Let's see.

My brother is going in for an MRI on Friday. He says that it's going to be around his stomach area, which sort of narrows down what might be going on. I talked to my mom and she's maybe relenting on telling me what's wrong. I'm sort of afraid to know, but I also want to know.

Went to my with People D&D game yesterday which was fun. In a way. The cast of characters being six adults, two pre-teens and three under five. A four year old, a three year old and a one year old. The first and last being siblings. And they completely run their mother around. The one year old wants to be breast fed and the mom says no, I'm too tired. The one year old whines and the mother breast feeds. I think I know who's in charge of that relationship.

As for the game itself, a new PC was introduced. He's is called the Avenger! and he bears more than a passing resemblance to Captain America. Such resemblances including using a shield as a weapon, having been in suspended animation for a period of time, being part of a group called the Guardians who's war cry was "Guardian's assemble", wearing a face mask, having been the Originals Avenger's Black Squire (aka Bucky) and being called Rojer Stephan. Several times his player got a bit carried away with his "Captain American'ness" and the DM had to say, "No. We talked about this." Still, it was a fun game when the little ones weren't being a pest.

At one point I did a kick-ass maneuver where I went from prone, to standing drawing my swords igniting them and then attacking a displacer beast. I hit too. That involved, (for the geeks out there) acrobatics check DC 20, quick draw, casting the spell, and then spending an "action point".

Saturday my mom and I went to go see Inkheart. Which um... Dustfinger um... yummy. I rather enjoyed it, they Dues Ex Machina'd fixed the Ending, but over all it was fun.

Goals for the week

1. Write up an article.
2. Submit a story (two better)
3. Get about five thousand words done and/or edit NaNo novel.
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Have started working on 4th ed campaign. Yay me!
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Weekend was made of awesome.

Friday played a very cracky Munchkin game with Blender, Bites, Space and Cuthullu. As well as Illuminati which was also cracky fun.

Played Hunter the Vigil with roomie (whose user name I've quite forgotten at this moment) on Saturday. Which was fun! We kidnapped a pastor who was involved in a group who believes free will = evil and so they went to an infant ward in a hospital and lobotomized the babies there (twelve)by sticking ice picks in their eyes, also they've been drugging the homeless with Thorazine to make them happily compliant and dull. After interrogating her, with a bit of torture on the side she was killed and then her body dissolved in lye. Which would make for an interesting confession, I think.

Then on Sunday went to my first ever boffo LARP (again with roomie) played NPC monsters. Ended up very sore. Climbing up the hills and down the hills and swinging the swords or claws and getting beaten and falling down and getting back up and it was fantastic! Must make character for next time. =D

Monday was full of suck. I'm cat sitting for the lady with the four kids and no money sense. No biggie right? Feed cats, clean litter box. Managed step A with no problems. Even if the kittehs were intent on trying to trip me. Then onto step B. The instructions on the fridge said to clean out litter box if needed, and that the sick cat sometimes didn't make it into the box. I try to clean out once a day (or every other day if I just kinda fall dead in bed). Kitties like clean litter.

I open up the litter box and OMWTFBBQPOLARBEAR!!11!! It looks like it hasn't been cleaned in months and there's dirty diaper in it. Which likely means that the little girl took one and put it in there. I get so disgusted I run out and throw up on the patio. No wonder that one cat isn't using the box. I call for back up (my mom <3) and she comes over. She doesn't believe me until I show her. Her reaction was much the same, except for the throwing up bit. Two children does that to you. After much discussion we decide to completely throw away the litter pan and buy a new one.

We go out, find a nice cheap one for ten bucks, bring it back and after some thought spread newspaper on the bathroom floor before putting the new pan on the ground. We fill it up completely with new litter and we shall see what happens when I go back today.

But really! What sort of person does that to their poor cats?!
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I may have one gap in my knowledge but check out my word count:

:P :P :P

Now, a curious bit of people observation in regards to a couple I'm friends with. First I really like these people, they're fun to be with, but I think they're rather silly. Silly in the way they run their lives.

Read more... )

On a completely different tangent. One of the other players in our group (the same group with the couple previously mentioned) wants to do a d20 game where we, as players, can choose to create characters from any d20 system. Absolutely any. I have the Munchkin's Player handbook with such delightful things of "Get a feat every odd level" Unless you're a fighter then you get them every level =D. Feats that let you take a standard action and, if you are wearing/in possession of the Munckin Lovely Loot shirt, bend down and find treasure at your feet. Any treasure you want in the DMG except artifacts. =SD The Munchkin deck, where you create a deck of munchkin cards and I think once a session, have another player cut the deck for you and you take the top card. The GM then has to do something nice for you in regards to that card. =D Of course the Munckin Cleric domain lets you have a +1 to anything and everything you can possibly want to use it for. It also gives you kick as spells, like limited wish, miracle, finger of death and other fun stuff!

I'm going to make a half elf fighter cleric. I think. =D
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Played Star Wars today.

I got to use Laser heavy blaster canons. They do 6d10 X2 damage. For those un-geeks out there that means I roll six ten sided die and then multiple the result for the amount of damage my target takes. The maximum amount of damage you can do is 120 points. I did 90 points. I blew it up into tiny little smithereens.

And got to cackle evilly.

Cackling evilly is important.

Very important.

Unfortunately it wasn't in character.

The nice thing that I got to do in character was shove off telling bad news to someone else.

I almost used Force Lightening. I was thinking about it, but decided against it. Probably a good thing. Three Jedi around? Even in the heat of battle they would have noticed it. Later.

All I'm good for to them is Mind Trick according to them.

I'll show them! I'll show them all! MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!!!!!

The only bad point was the meltdown of the three toddlers. At three different times. Though the littlest one was on a fairly low constant meltdown.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Jul. 2nd, 2008 10:42 am
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I have decided to try and create a role-playing game based in my world. I've got the races and classes listed. And since three out of the four races are magical users, I've decided to restrict the magical classes in what they can take. Or at least their magical progression. They have a class that allows them to further explore their abilities, but unless they take that class they'll stay rather low powered because they didn't have the training that those who were dedicated to their magic would.

What I have so far )

I still need to work out the actual benifits, skills, feats, monsters, NPC races and combat. I think combat will be the most difficult.
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I'm writing up stuff for an On-Line Star Wars campaign that I'm doing and started thinking about how I'd make a RPG system for my own particular world. This is a scary thing. I'm not sure if it's a good idea. But I already have class ideas. And things.

Also, I'm caving and thinking about getting a Facebook.

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