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Better update.

I went to the Once upon a time panel with authors Lynn Flewelling, Christopher Paolini, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Megan Whalen Turner and Brent Weeks.

The first question put to the panel was, "Can an everyman character be in epic fantasy or does it require epic characters?"

The general consensus was that you can. And in fact it helped the readers relate to the characters and stories. There were two dissenters on this, one was Paolini, the other I didn't get the name of. They said that they liked the larger than life characters because they can do all sorts of neat things. Because they are awesome and super-powered. And that is awesome.

And then she went on to say that they called that sort of character a Mary Sue and she didn't see anything wrong with that.

The question was passed to Paolini where upon he declared, "If that's your definition of a Mary Sue, then I guess that makes Eragon one!" Hah Hah. The other panelists looked a bit uncomfortable at that sort of thing. The whole Super-Powered awesome characters are AWESOME bit.

Some (I don't remember who) said that nobles and kings are hard to relate because they're rich and noble and who here is a king?

This I don't believe. I think if you're a good enough writer you can write an interesting rich and noble character. They have the same problems as everyone else does, if not more because they can have the issues of ruling people.

Then they started talking about chosen ones and the idea of Destiny. Paolini did admit that Eragon was a chosen one. But he also said that he was trying to play with the idea of destiny and prophecy by having someone learn that they were going to do something and then killing themselves so that they wouldn't. I don't remember that. But whatever.

TI think it was Brandon Weeks who said that following the Hero's Journey so strictly to the letter, like Lucas did in Star Wars Prequels wasn't a good idea because you ended up shoehorning things into there that didn't always make sense. Things like heroes should have a virgin birth so... Ankain was made from midiclorens. Paolini had a confused look on his face when this was said.

He is aware of fan fiction and slash fic. He also admits to faking in his languages. His final piece of advice on languages was that "apostrophes are fun!"

Right then.

When he saw that my Eragon book was all full of notes and sticky tags he wanted to know why this was. I admitted to be doing some critical work on his books. He was interested and flattered. I was coy, not actually saying I thought they were bad.

Later, today, I actually had a conversation with him where upon I asked about the lack of Galby and he said he was trying to do an, "Orson Wells" (I think) where you hear about the bad guy a lot but don't see him until the very end. He promises that we will actually see Galby in book four. As for the picture of Galby in the guide to Alagesia, he said that someone else was supposed to draw it, but they couldn't do it, so they were going to use a picture of the Ra'zac. He said no, to let him do it, and he stayed up all night drawing it.

I'll take that as a fairly reasonable answer. Though I do worry that even as a bad sketch he looks like a typical Evil Dude.

He said that no, he didn't think Eragon was a Mary Sue. And we started talking about what Mary Sues were before he had to go off to do an interview. He did ask for my card though. Which I gave to him.

We'll see if anything happens. XD
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Going down to Comic Con tomorrow. By myself. This is the first time I've ever done something like this. I'm very nervous and excited. It's a very normal adult thing to do. I've pretty much done everything by myself. Found a place to stay, registered, gotten my pass, got food to eat for lunches and dinners, planned stuff, written my paper.

I will be completely reliant on me. No one else.

Though I do know if something happens my parents are merely a phone call and two and a half hour's drive away.

Still, for an autistic person, this is a huge step.
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Christopher Paolini is going to be speaking at Comic Con.

Cue evil laughter here.

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Tuesdays my mom and I have dinner together at some restaurant. So, it was yesterday that my mom and I ended up in IHOP for breakfast and dinner (She had a breakfast and I had dinner). We talk about the what's going on in our lives. During last night's dinner I ended up talking about my up-coming paper for Comic Con. I'm having some mild issues because part of it is dealing with an abstract subject -> responsibility.

Obviously this required describing the events that I was discussing. We used the little creamer buckets to mark the major story beats. It was quite entertaining, actually. I explained what the retconing did to the previous two story arcs. She kept on getting confused, before finally getting it.

When she did get it, she looked at me and asked, "So you have to go back to these issues (*points to the earlier coffee creamers*) and cut out all the pages that say differently because of this now?" *points to the latest coffee creamer.

Pretty much.

At one point in our discussion I was explaining why Hal decided to sacrifice himself to restart the sun which was being eaten by the appropriately named sun eater. Kyle came to him and said 'hey you used to be a hero, we need you to be a hero again.' My mom's response?

"He found Jesus then?"

This required a moment's thought where I allowed a, "Yes, I guess it could be considered that."

She got all excited and talked about how Hal became a born again Christian and how she would love to be able to write a paper about the religious aspects of the story line. She was a comparative religion major, you see.

In the end, I don't think we solved my paper problem but I did expose my mother to the joys of retcons and ass-pulls.

Comic Con

Jul. 5th, 2010 10:37 pm
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Have managed to actually get something coherent down on paper for my presentation at Comic Con. I'm about two thirds done, I would guess. Then refining it. And then done!

Other stuff to do:

Make a list of comic books I want to try and find.
Make a list of trading card singles I want to find.
Make business cards.
Figure out what's happening with my mom and brother who may or may not be coming down.
Make plans to meet up with people.

Meanwhile, eggs.

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there would be sparkles too, but I don't know the code.
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Well, this week is getting better.

The nice folks at Comics Arts Conference emailed me saying that they noticed I wanted to speak at Comic Con in San Diego and that they hadn't actually started looking at those applications yet. They said I could still speak at WonderCon if I wished though. They also said they noticed I worked at a Jewish Institution and they were having a panel about Jews in Comic books called People of the [Comic] Book". Would I be interested in that, instead. I said sure and after talking with the guy in charge of that panel he said that I'd be perfect as the literature discussant.

PLUS he offered to feed me a few meals and help me find food.

So... so far. So good.

As for my original paper, they said it was highly likely to get approved for Comic Con.
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I got a letter today.

They want me to speak at WonderCon. It's a big comic book convention in San Francisco.

Biggest problem? It's during the middle of Passover.

Still. This is big league stuff here.

Big league. WonderCon is put on by the same folks who do Comic Con.


I'm going to be speaking right after Geoff Johns has a panel.

Oh fuck... my paper is about Hal Jordan and Parallax and Geoff Johns is the guy who wrote the story saying that he and Parallax were two different entities and I'm going to be arguing that might have been a mistake.

Now why can't my fiction be this awesomely loved.
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1. Abstract for Comics Arts Conference that happens at San Diego Comic Con paper dealing with the nature of Hal Jordan's fall and return to grace and the making of Parallax a separate entity.

2. Short story to abyss and apex.

Currently, hoping more that 1 gets accepted than 2. Cause speaking at Comic Con would be Awesome Sauce.

Also, cat has absconded with Yellow Lantern power ring. This is probably Not. Good.

And, got in injected with radioactive things today for the bone scan. Initial results? They found a spot on my skull and think that the doctor might want to get it X-Ray'd. A spot like I smacked it good sort of spot.

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I'm doing two posts, because the second of them is going to contain Doctor Who spoilers.

Comic Con-ness

I met the editor of Tor Books (name withheld in case he googles himself) who edited Terry Goodkind's first five novels. ([ profile] dungeonwriter and I checked this morning before we left.) He was an ass, talking down about Goodkind and how he was caught up in his messages and didn't listen to him. The first time we talked, on day one, he didn't like me very much. I'm a terrible schmoozer. He was sharp with me and rather nasty. This second time around, I did better on a scale of a lot less worse than last time. He asked to see my first three chapters of Call of the Champion. On the other hand he wants to see all of [ profile] dungeonwriter's manuscript.

There is no time limit!

So, I'm going to tweak it some before sending it to him. And then pray. A lot.

I got a lot of books signed. Mostly by people I don't really know, but I was like "Hey free books!" Sure they're advanced reading copies, but hey! Free books!

I barely managed to get into the Lost panel, for which I am very happy for. WEIRD THINGS ACOMMETH!!

For my own personal edification I bought a bowler hat and a pair of goggles, steam punk style as well as glow in the dark dice.

It took me an hour and a half to get half way home from San Diego. Going down it took me an hour and a half total. The traffic was hideous.

My current goals are now: Wait for the publisher to get back to me on the fantasy writing book. Pray that it is good news. Tweak Call of the Champion. Send it out. Sort through swag. Get gifts ready to send out and mail them.

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I got into the Lost Panel today, which was the one big thing I wanted to do. I shan't say anything because I don't know who's a fan here. But they had a lovely vid of Sawyer with lots of no shirtness before Josh Holloway came onto the stage. Michael Emerson was there too, as well as
Jorge Garcia and Dominic Monaghan. They were very silly and enjoying themselves a lot. I could tell.

Later I got Peter David's autographs on two books. One of them being Q-Squared, which is my all time favorite Star Trek book. The other was Sir Apropos of Nothing, which I had on hand because [ profile] dungeonwriter borrowed it for some reading on the trip.

Thus, I am happy.

Yesterday on the trolley ride back to the hotel we ran into a twitward. We were talking about Bella's pregnancy and how it was two months and everything like that and it was as if this girl had turned off her brain, going with "It's a vampire, so it's okay". The fact that Renesemememe wouldn't have a chance to have a childhood got brushed off with "she's immortal, she'll have time for that." but she wouldn't. It was kind of frustrating, but we didn't get too deeply into it because we were in public and didn't want to cause a scene.

I handed off a proposal for my book on writing to an academic publisher and she seemed to be really interested. She says she'll let me know with in a week or so. I hope so. I have to go back and get her card tomorrow, because I was a silly thing and forgot it.

That's it for now.


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Comic Con!

Jul. 23rd, 2009 09:39 pm
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First real day at comic con. Can't really say much about anything. I ran into someone who I interned with at Top Cow and we chatted and will hopefully reconnect.

I got a lot of stuff for my dad to sell.

Also, I got Rob Liefeld's autograph out of a sheer perverse desire. Probably like the one that makes me read the Eragon books.

I gave blood and got a nifty Commander Riker action figure as a gift. Which I am not going to let my dad sell.

My brain is totally fried

Here! Have some eggs!

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Comic Con!

Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:18 pm
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I made it down to San Diego in one piece, which is awesome. No problems with the car and we made good time. Currently we are in the hotel room waiting to go and get our passes. Preview night starts at six. So we're going to go down and get our passes in a few hours.

The hotel is really nice and comfy. It's a bit aways from the convention center, but close to a trolley stop.

More later. Hopefully pictures too.

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