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Cats and world building.

I just came home from my Monday night writing session with a friend at Denny's. My roommate, after having switched cars (hurrah tandem parking) says that the cat knows that I'm here a couple of minutes before I actually show up. Like he will be hanging out in my room and then will suddenly run off to the front door and start meowing and walking around in front of it and then bam! a few minutes later I show up. This is even when I'm gone for a few hours randomly. He just seems to know when I'm going to be coming home. Psychic?

So, that short story that I wrote last week, with the Super Heroes?

I’ve now done over 7,000 typed up words and over twenty handwritten pages of scenes from it. I’ve been trying to work out the story arc of it so I can maybe turn it into a novel, but also I need to do more world building.

One of the things that I really need to figure out is how do Super Heroes fit into this world. Especially since I don’t want it to be a complete clone of Marvel or DC or Image or the other super hero type universes. I know I want to keep the whole Reed Richards is Useless (Warning, TVtropes Link) idea afloat because that’s what Alec changes. He’s been to plenty of Super Hero type worlds where the heroes develop all sorts of awesome technology and… don’t share it with the populace. In this world then he decides he wants to change that. He wants to – well not be Reed Richards, because he doesn’t want to do the Super Hero Shtick – but give the populace access to that kind of technology.

Why doesn’t the populace have access to some of that technology? Maybe because the Super Heroes are keeping it from them. It’s a horrible conspiracy. Maybe super Heroes need an edge of some sort to help protect the population. Or maybe they’re just bastards. Don’t know yet. But I need to figure that part out.

Also, since it’s a Super Hero universe there are certain things that I’d like to throw in. Somehow. The big sort of Event Cross Over Type Things. With the Huge Unspeakable Unknowing Things that Want to Destroy All of Reality, like Darksied or Galactus, or even something like probably not Infinite Crisis type level, but definitely something that requires all the Heroes to gang up and cause a lot of property damage. I want to do this for two reasons. One because it’s pretty much a super hero staple and two it’ll be hard for Alec to see it. He’s used to being able to just curb stomp these sorts of creatures. Now he’s got to worry about being curb-stomped. It’s getting him to realize about being human more. About the dangers of not having powers. Plus it’ll give him something to really worry about with Nate/Silver Hawk. After all Nate is a Super Hero.

What else? Well, how are the Super Heroes organized? How do Super Heroes get their powers? Is it something like random like in the Marvel or DC universe or is there a Certain Thing that can cause it. What about the Super Villains. I introduced someone called the Time Master. Can he really do anything with time or is it just something he calls himself? Oh, and Nate in particular. How did he get his powers? Was it unusual? Though that’s more character development, isn’t it?

Then there’s the technology level in the world itself. Is it like about our level? Is it not as advanced as us? Well, I did indicate that Kickstarter did exist, but that doesn’t mean it has to exist like that in a longer story. Also some things might be as advanced as we have them now and others not so advanced. Though the more advanced things will be introduced by Alec.

These are things that I’ve been pondering.

Never mind the fact that I’ve got no story arc. I’ve got a bunch of scenes! But no story arc.
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1. Abstract for Comics Arts Conference that happens at San Diego Comic Con paper dealing with the nature of Hal Jordan's fall and return to grace and the making of Parallax a separate entity.

2. Short story to abyss and apex.

Currently, hoping more that 1 gets accepted than 2. Cause speaking at Comic Con would be Awesome Sauce.

Also, cat has absconded with Yellow Lantern power ring. This is probably Not. Good.

And, got in injected with radioactive things today for the bone scan. Initial results? They found a spot on my skull and think that the doctor might want to get it X-Ray'd. A spot like I smacked it good sort of spot.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Weird dream last night.

Part of it involved sitting next to Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel on a train, trying to get our lunch that we ordered. He had that really creepy "I'm going to eat you" smile on his face the entire time, but was very friendly. There were some fans of his on the train and I kept on trying to find them but I couldn't.

Other side of things, I'm really glad I have insurance. My mom and I went to fill the Licoderm patch prescription yesterday. I'd been using samples until then. The cost was a little over a hundred for three boxes (or one box apparently o_O). When we asked how much was it without our insurance it was seven hundred dollars. So, yeah.

Came up with a LOLcat macro idea when looking at Chaucer this morning with my mind drifting back to TVtropes epileptic trees. A serious looking cat with the caption of "Why so Serious Serious Cat?"
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[ profile] dungeonwriter has come visiting. We're going down to San Diego Comic Con on Wednesday. It has been, so far, a sheer awesome experience.

Currently she and the cat are having issues. She went to pet the cat, and Chaucer being himself decided that playing with the newbie by grasping at her was fun. She shrieked, the cat panicked and now the cat is afraid that she's going to start shrieking when ever he walks by and she's afraid that the cat is going to attack her whenever she walks by. So currently their interactions are like this:

She: *walking towards the bathroom in my room* Is the cat there?
He: *walking to the kitchen to make sure I put food in his dish properly* Is that human there?

It's really quite silly.

Also, we're going to pop her taco cherry today.
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Today was a good day. And a good night.

First a good haul on presents from the family.

1. A new printer, laser. It's BIG! I'm not sure where I'm going to put it.
2. A ducky soap dish to continue the slow takeover of ducks in my bathroom.
3. D&D miniatures.
4. More D&D miniatures
5. Batman Beyond season three. Now I have all three seasons!

My brother got Chaucer some catnip mice. Those went over exceptionally well. Currently there is one in his water dish. I'm not sure if I should take it out or not.

Dinner turned out to be terribly amusing. Pepper (the parakeet) isn't allowed into the kitchen. We don't want him to get hurt by accidentally landing on a hot pot or something. He has this game of flying into the kitchen and landing somewhere, be it in the window, or on someone's shoulder. And we shoo him out with a clap of the hands. Important note. Our kitchen has two entryways.

Pepper had been flying in and out of the kitchen as we were making dinner, because that's where the family was, and we'd been chasing him out of the kitchen. He'd land on my mom and fly out. He'd land on my dad and fly out. All from the same doorway.

Finally we settle down for dinner, hot dogs if anyone cares. And the bird flies in, we send him out. He flies in again, we send him out. Finally, my mom gets the idea of shutting the door that he keeps on flying in through.

A minute later he's back in the kitchen, landing on top of my dad's head. Which is exceptionally funny, because my dad is bald. We stare at the bird and then shoo him off. My mom doesn't believe that he came from the other door. And then he's back inside fluttering around trying to find a place to land, briefly lighting upon my dad's glass before taking off again and landing in the kitchen sink. My mom gets him on her finger and tosses him outside the kitchen.

Looking out into the dinning room she realizes that the doors closest to where his cage is, is closed meaning he had to fly all around the house to get into the kitchen. That's some determination!

Pepper's a very smart bird, he is. Sometimes a bit too clever.


Dec. 8th, 2008 02:07 pm
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I updated the Sporking site! Yay I'm keeping up with Brisingr this time!!

Funny kitty.

Went to Nano wrap party on Saturday. Got one of those glow in the dark bracelets. When I come home I take it off and drop it on the bed. Sometime later the cat comes over to lay on the bed while I use my laptop.

He notices the bracelet.

After batting it carefully, he starts going at it enthusiastically. He pushes it under the blanket and tugs it out and throws it up into the air and back under the blanket and bat across the bed.

About ten minutes later he picks it up and jumps down, walking towards the bookshelf, where upon he drops it on the bottom shelf. He contemplates it for a moment, bats it off the shelf and picks it back up in his mouth.

He then walks over to his water dish and drops it inside before walking off.

Cats are strange

(oh and that's him as a weeny kitten in the icon)
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I didn't go into work today. I generally don't the day I start taking mah anti-psychotic. I dropped the cat off at the vet to get his teeth cleaned and I seriously need to get insurance for him. It was 209 bucks for his teeth cleaning. The insurance I'm looking at pays 90% which would be 20 bucks for me, I think. He was not a happy kitty, especially since he couldn't eat past midnight.

After that I slept for a bit and then went and ran some errands with my mom. Coming back, I had about an hour or so before I needed to pick up the cat. So, I cleaned. I did two loads of laundry, the dishes, cleaned the kitchen counters, my bathroom and the kitchen floor and picked up my room. Also, I replaced the cat litter so he's got a nice new thing of it.

I would have moved furniture, but I like where everything is.

I also made pumpkin bread during that hour or so.

So, yeah. Productive.

Adopt one today!
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Got comments back on the story. More comments. From Mr. Formulaic, who is the one with the agent. And really isn't formulaic so much as purple.

Anyway, continuing on the people not getting that just because it's fantasy doesn't mean he's a hero line of thought. For fun/boredom I've decided to answer his comments here.

Got right into the story and it flowed right along, especially the
part at the end!

I have no qualms with that one. ^_^

Don't know if we'll ever agree about using earthly historical names
for fantasy characters, but you might have fun with this page... I know I do!

Now, I have a two fold reason for this one. (Using names like Alexander, Rufus, Orion etc.) One being that Alec (Alexander) and Orion had that name before I "transplanted" them into the story. The second being, well, why wouldn't such names show up? I mean, it's not like I'm doing a Paolini naming convention where all the NPCs have normal names and the heroes have "fantasy" names. I've interspersed it fairly evenly through out the story. Names are, when you get down to it, a combination of letters and sounds. And eventually you're going to get overlap. In Hebrew, for example לו
sounds like "low". Two different languages, two different alphabets, but still the same sounding word. My characters don't speak English, except for the fact that I'm writing what they say in English. So, it's logical to suppose that eventually, similar sounding names will show up.

Name generators are addictive. (especially the bad name one: Phstfrd)

I know characters are the most important thing in fiction, but I really want to see more texture about the world. More stuff like "Selina's eyes"... which melikes...

Eh, I suppose. It's a hard balance for me. I mean, Selina's eyes refer to the two moons. And most of the time when you look up at the moon you don't think, "Luna, named after the Roman Goddess of the moon", you just go "moon". In being in a third person limited POV, most of the times the characters are going to go "moons". In this particular case, Orion was feeling rather introspective at the time, and so it felt more appropriate to call the moons "Selina's eyes". Alec, the main POV character, is not at all a introspective sort. He's kinda shallow that way. He's a teenager. Teenagers aren't given to introspection unless they're being emo and writing goth poetry. So, it's hard to give texture to the world when you have a character who looks at the world superficially.

Characters maybe be more tough?

... Why? Honestly speaking, the only tough character that I have would be Orion. Alex (Orion's slave) would be second, but only because he's utterly insane. Orion is a seasoned fighter and has rightly earned the title of General. He's been in several wars and fought a lot of battles. Alex has been driven insane in such a way that he's a down right little sadist. (Orion likes him that way). On the other hand, Alec is new to the adventuring gig. He's never killed anyone. The only fights he's been in are school boy scraps with his sister and other kids, and he hasn't done that in ages. He grew up in the city in comfort and has never faced a real challenge in his life. He's never had a reason to be "tough".

Alec at the moment is very changeable - going from having his butt
kicked by Orion to sticking his tongue out at his sister... be more of
a single-minded hero, Alec!

I fail to see how one has anything to do with the other. You tend to act differently with family than you do with people you don't like. Usually with siblings you tend to act younger or less mature than you do with others. Alec and Laruna have known each other their entire life. They're twins. They've developed their own idiosyncrasies in how they act and respond to each other. Of course Alec isn't going to stick his tongue out at Orion, that would be childish and immature, which would make Orion take him less seriously. He doesn't want Orion to treat him like a child, but an adult. Thus he acts like an adult with him. He doesn't have to worry about such things with his sister. He knows his sister has a set opinion about him and can be how he wants.

Also, Alec is not a hero. He's a protagonist.

If Orion is trying to grab power, I saw him thinking about it, but not
actively doing anything except hanging out with Alixx... Then again,
this is only 2 chapters -- so maybe it is a lull in his plotting?...

Um... long term planning anyone? If he actively tries to grab power, people are going to notice it. His trick is to do it slowly until people suddenly realize "Well fuck, how did that happen?" He's three hundred years old. He's got plenty of time to work his wiles. Hell, he could even wait until Phelps is no longer on the throne. Plus, he likes Alex. Good sex.


Also, Twilight for my next venture?


I took kitty to the vet yesterday. It took three people to get him from under the bed and that included lifting up the mattress. He scratched mom so badly that her hand's swollen up. She's going to the doctor later today. Kitty is fine. He just had a really nasty scratch under his chin from where his nails were to long and cut him. Got his nails trimmed too.
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I think that the cat and the bathroom are out to get me.

Either that or I'm incredibly stupid.

I bent down to pet the cat today and bashed my head onto the corner of the counter.

Brilliant, if I do say so myself.


Apr. 26th, 2008 01:55 am
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I got Anita Blake in today. Which I'll start tomorrow. Or later on today. It's just about two am as I'm writing this and I'm not tired. I think I'm heading towards manic. I alphabetized my bookshelf today after work. Discovered that I have no room now for my D&D manuals. A difficult issue indeed.

Also, my red dragon came in today. Here are pictures! I put in miniatures of humans to give you and idea for scale. The red one is also about the size of the cat.

all my dragons )

The white dragon )

The black dragon )

The blue dragon )


Also one more picture:

kitty! )
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Chaucer is doing much better! The Vet said his white blood cell count was up twice from yesterday and he seems to be fighting this virus by himself.

He's also been eating. I left him some food before I went out to dinner tonight and it was half gone when I came back. Right now it's all gone. He's also been perkier too. So, all is well.

Thank you for all the good and well wishes it meant a lot to me and Chaucer. :D
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I just got the call back from the vet. They did a blood test on him yesterday and they said that his white blood cell count is rather low. Chaucer needs to go back in today so that they can do a double check. Vet says it means that he has a virus of some kind. And then he had to go and bring up Cat HIV, Luekimia and Feline Distemper. So now I'm having an anxiety attack about this.

My ability to work has just been all shot to hell because of this. I'm just very worried about him. Mom says that I should think that the test will be negative and keep that in mind, but that still doesn't help the anxiety attack I'm going through right now.
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Kitty has to go to the vet today. D:

He hasn't been eating for the past four or five days (though he still is active) and I'm like... that's not good. So to the Vet we shall go.

He will not be a happy kitty.
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To: Chaucer
From: Your Provider/Slave/that person who feeds you
Re: Your recent behaviors since we've moved.


I'm quite glad that you appear to be adjusting well to your new home. However there are several behavior issues that I would like to bring up to you to make both yours and my life easier.

1. Waking me up at godawfully early hours in the morning by pouncing, meowing, head butting or biting is not acceptable. I'm trying to sleep. If I don't sleep then I have trouble waking up in the morning. If I have trouble waking up in the morning I get into work late. If I get into work late I get less money. Less money means less stuff for you. So, in both of our interests please stop.

2. I'm glad to see you're enjoying having the run of the apartment and are expressing that by running through the apartment. Please stop making a mad dash past me while I'm walking. I don't want to trip and fall. This would be bad for both of us.

3. Socks do not belong in the water dish.

4. Toys do not belong in the litter box.

5. Somehow you managed to get cat hair to clog up my bathroom sink. While I do not wish to know how you did that, please refrain from doing that again.

6. The Lego stormtroopers would like to remain with their friends. Kindly refrain from making off with one. The same goes with the droids.

7. Please do not denude Ali's house plants. I don't want to have to explain to her when she gets back what happened. I will provide you with appropriate plant eating materials.

8. You have two scratching posts. Please make use of them and not the rugs.

9. My Shakespeare collection is also not appropriate for scratching, even though they are lined up nicely on the top shelf of my book shelf. Please see note #8 for further instructions.

I hope that you will understand these points and will take them to heart. I'm sure by following them our life in the apartment will be filled with joy in the years to come.

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Chaucer is trying to help me pack I think:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More pics! )

Either that or he doesn't want me to leave him behind.

Today we put together the Nightstand. Tomorrow perhaps the dresser. It is very difficult to do these things when there is the entire family present. Two people appear to be the correct number of people do build the furniture. Three is okay. Four is not.

We then spent a half an hour deciding what we were going to do for the rest of the evening... and did non of it.

I love my family.
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Kitty's mad at me. I took him to the vet today for a booster shot. Leukemia shot. Now he can go outside as much as we'll allow him and it'll be okay. The vet suggested I get him a rabies shot. I'm not to sure about that. From my Vet Tech classes I remember them saying, for dogs at least, that they'll test positive for rabies after the vaccine and if he ever bites someone will be considered rabid. At least for dogs. I don't know if it's the same for cats. Still, not sure, so I'll think about it.

Speaking of cat bites. My dad was playing with Chaucer and got bitten by the cat. A few days later we wer talking about the cat and he says and look at what your cat did to me, as he shows us his bite. It was swollen and pussy and red and hot and my mom says we're taking you to the doctor. My dad was like naaah. And she was like YES. And so they went to the doctor and the doctor yelled at my dad for letting it go. He drew a circle around the cat bite and gave him some antibiotics. He said that if the redness goes outside of the circle tomorrow after he's taken the meds he has to go to the hospital. By the time they got the prescription filled the red mark was already at the edges of the circle. Fortunately the medicine helped and he didn't have to go to the hospital. This didn't stop my mom from haruanging him.

Hopefully he knows better now.

Chaucer's mood appears to have improved since I've taken him outside (where I'm writing this) he likes being outside. I just hope he doesn't get it in his head to hop over the fence and not come back before I have to leave for D&D at eleven.
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Kitty Spam!!

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