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So. I'm about two thirds of the way done now.

I've killed off the mentor figure and ended that chapter at 50k.

Is sad face.

Today I'm not working on NaNo because I have this thing called "Homework" that I've been neglecting.


Brother is doing well. If a bit stir crazy. He does get out of the house a bit but then ends up dead exhausted afterward.

Other than that, not much.
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Brother got through surgery all right. The surgeon said that it was one of the largest hernias he'd ever seen and if they gave out awards for bad hernias, my brother would have gotten one. Apparently, he'd been having pains for two years and the times he'd gone to the doctor, the doctor said he shouldn't worry about it. Not our regular doctor. Our regular doctor sent him to the hernia doctor right away. It was so bad that the surgeon had to put his intestines back together in their proper place. They'd started to do whatever it is when something is in the wrong place but starts to get used to being there? I forget the word.

He's home now, but in a lot of pain. The doctor doesn't want him doing anything for at least three days. So, he's watching TV from the couch bed. Or actually he's sleeping with the TV on.

And now I'm going to make cookies.

Also, in NaNoNews

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So, in the continuing saga of someone hates my family, my brother gets to have the most fantastic of birthday presents. Surgery on his birthday. It seems he developed a hernia on Saturday. My dad, I should remind you, had hernia surgery on September 7th. My brother decided to one up my dad and get one of the bad kinds of hernias. So, while my dad had to wait several months for his surgery my brother gets his in ten days.

Can this bad stuff be over already and we go onto the good stuff.
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Murder is not an acceptable recourse for pissant therapists who undo three weeks of therapy because they tell your brother it's his fault that they screwed up.

Sending mother to Talk with the therapist is. This may be worse than death.

Zombies may also be an option.
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Today's plans:

1. Buy new pants, shirts, clothes in general.
2. Go to comic book store.
3. Buy new Seanen McGuire book (if have time)
4. Help clean up house for AGUA meeting tomorrow.
5. Balance checkbook
6. Go to art gallery opening of someone I met at Rosh Hashana Services.

Today's actual activities.

1. Balance checkbook
2. Take brother to ER because he's not doing good in head (and that's all I'll say on that end)
3. Wait.

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I'm going on vacation to Arizona and not going to be back until Wednesday evening. My mom isn't letting me take my laptop with me so I shall be computerless. However! I have books, art supplies and writing notebooks, so I should be good.

It shall be cold where we are. 40 degrees. Which is deathly cold for us because we live in Los Angeles and 50 degrees is freezing for us.

Also, I know there are other DC'ers out there so could someone keep an eye on my holiday eggs? I won't be able to check on them and I don't want them to die. ;_; Here's the link to my scroll.

My brother is doing better-ish. He went on another hike today (totally different group). Though he was afraid of being abandoned. It was only when he saw that a friend of his was there did he feel comfortable enough to go. Still not sure what we're going to do against the group that left him though.
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People suck balls.

I mean really.

Suck balls.

My brother went on a hike last night. He likes going on hikes.

They ditched him.

In the dark. In the middle of nowhere. He was on the trail, they were ahead of him and he called out to them -screamed- for them to wait and they kept on going.

So, there he was. Alone in the dark with no sense of direction.

He called my parents, but he had no idea where he was. He has terrible sense of direction. Non-existent. Which is of course even worse in the dark. Thankfully he was able to get to the trail head. But then he had no idea where he was so he couldn't call a cab and tell them where they should pick them up.

Thankfully he was able to get to the exit and get picked up.

But yeah.

People suck balls.


Nov. 7th, 2009 11:03 am
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I went to Disneyland yesterday.

We went for my brother's birthday so he got in free. We also sort of let him have the run of where we went. This ended up with us crossing the park two or three times as we went from one land for one ride and then another land across the park for another ride. We didn't go on that many. Jungle Safari, Pirates, Space Mountain, Mr.Toad's, Pinocchio, Matterhorn (x2), The Haunted Mansion (Which was still nightmare before Christmas), Autotopia, Monorail. We also ate at the Blue Bayou one of the nicest restaurants in Disneyland. We got the Kosher meals. They were excellent.

Around seven I went into "shock". My brain decided it didn't want to handle all the stimuli any more and said "fuck you" before shutting down. I was sort of zoned out for the rest of the evening.

We went to Downtown Disney whereupon I found this at the Legostore. Completely broke my budget for the trip. I was actually in budget too. Then I saw this and I was all I will not be able to find this anywhere else and I must have it.

So. Yeah. It was my shiny.

Hopefully pictures coming soon.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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My brother continues to have the worst luck in the universe. Apparently, when they went up to Santa Barbara on Monday they discovered that he had a rat in the car engine. The rat -I'm sorry, my dad named him Squeeky- didn't want to come out. Squeeky survived the car trip back to Los Angeles but didn't survive the mechanic.

Still, I mean really, can't my brother get some sort of break?
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He's out! =D =D

Thank you for all your warm thoughts. It really helped me.
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They put him in lock-up.

Let me expand.

They put him in involuntary lock up which means that he can't leave until they say so and if he wishes to leave earlier he has to go to court. Not even my parents can get him out.
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Aaaah... there's nothing like getting a text message that says essentially: Your brother is in the hospital but don't worry everything's okay. Call me when you get off work.
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I overheard last night that my brother has been talking about killing himself.

I wasn't supposed to hear it, my mom was on the phone with the doctor asking if she should be worried about it. He hasn't told any doctors because he's afraid they'll lock him up.

There isn't anything I can do.

He hung himself years before but my parents found him in time.

I just want my brother happy and back to well... normal.

True Facts

Feb. 6th, 2009 08:41 am
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Alec abuses Harry Dresden by reading his first person narration.

My brother's going in for his MRI today.

Worried, worried, worried.

More True Facts About Kippur

* Kippur knows how to find the Island.
* Kippur is the one who created the Island in the first place.
* It was done for shits and giggles.
* Kippur knows what the smoke monster is.
* Kippur knows what the Others are all about, but isn't telling.
* Kippur did not give Peter Petrelli the idiot ball. There are somethings that not even Kippur can do.
* Kippur did make Peter cut his hair.
* Sawyer, Jack, Peter and others have shirtless scenes because Kippur likes them.
* The "One More Day" Spider-Man story is Kippur's fault. Kippur was drunk at the time.
* President Obama won the election because he bribed Kippur.
* Senator McCain only bumped into Kippur and was rude about it.
* President Obama calls Kippur up for advice.
* This is not always a good thing.
* Kippur is a Time Lord
* Kippur has no plans on regenerating.
* Aliens haven't invade this Earth because they're so afraid of Kippur that they steer clear.
* Kippur could do wandless magic, but doesn't out of respect for Rowling's rules.
* Kippur's wand is ordinary.
* Kippur has the One Ring, the one Frodo had was a fake.
* Kippur is corrupted by the One Ring, by choice.
* Kippur believes it's more fun this way.
* The Y2K virus was avoided because of Kippur.
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Well, it's Monday.

Let's see.

My brother is going in for an MRI on Friday. He says that it's going to be around his stomach area, which sort of narrows down what might be going on. I talked to my mom and she's maybe relenting on telling me what's wrong. I'm sort of afraid to know, but I also want to know.

Went to my with People D&D game yesterday which was fun. In a way. The cast of characters being six adults, two pre-teens and three under five. A four year old, a three year old and a one year old. The first and last being siblings. And they completely run their mother around. The one year old wants to be breast fed and the mom says no, I'm too tired. The one year old whines and the mother breast feeds. I think I know who's in charge of that relationship.

As for the game itself, a new PC was introduced. He's is called the Avenger! and he bears more than a passing resemblance to Captain America. Such resemblances including using a shield as a weapon, having been in suspended animation for a period of time, being part of a group called the Guardians who's war cry was "Guardian's assemble", wearing a face mask, having been the Originals Avenger's Black Squire (aka Bucky) and being called Rojer Stephan. Several times his player got a bit carried away with his "Captain American'ness" and the DM had to say, "No. We talked about this." Still, it was a fun game when the little ones weren't being a pest.

At one point I did a kick-ass maneuver where I went from prone, to standing drawing my swords igniting them and then attacking a displacer beast. I hit too. That involved, (for the geeks out there) acrobatics check DC 20, quick draw, casting the spell, and then spending an "action point".

Saturday my mom and I went to go see Inkheart. Which um... Dustfinger um... yummy. I rather enjoyed it, they Dues Ex Machina'd fixed the Ending, but over all it was fun.

Goals for the week

1. Write up an article.
2. Submit a story (two better)
3. Get about five thousand words done and/or edit NaNo novel.
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And THEN I'm with my mom this afternoon who's all frazzled because of her friend (see previous post) when she says to me there might be something seriously wrong with my brother medically-physically-wise, but she won't tell me what (because it's not my business) and if there is a problem we won't know until the middle of February.

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The Tea Fire (up near Santa Barbara) got rather close to where my brother lives. At least the possible evacuation area got fairly close to where he lives. About a mile or so. He's not in any danger as of right now. The fire, last I checked is 75% contained. Still, there's a large brushy and dry park right behind his apartment. You can literally stand on his balcony and look into it. And embers carry, so there is some worry if the wind kicks up again. I think it's being good though.

Down where I am, the three fires raging around us has made the sky a sort of odd gray/orange color. It smells like smoke, even indoors. My nose has been all twitchy and my eyes are watering. Ash is falling all over the place like snowflakes. While I'm not in any danger from the actual fires the smoke is dangerous and there is a health advisory out to stay indoors as much as possible and not do any outdoor activities.

While this does put a crimp in my afternoon walks it has given me time to sit and NaNo.

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Apparently the district attorney prosecutor guy up where my brother lives isn't going to try to take the rape case because they so often don't end in a conviction.

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Some times bad shit happens to good people.

My brother's one of the nicest, kindest, most caring people you could ever meet.

So, over the weekend he went out with some friends. A girl he knew and two guys he knew. The girl didn't know the guys, and vice versa. They were out walking when my brother realized that if he didn't move his car, he'd get a ticket. So he went to move his car.

When he comes back, he finds that the two guys had raped the girl. I don't know what happened with the guys. I just know that my brother took care of and has been taking care of the girl since it happened. He managed to convince her to go to a shelter or one of those family planning places and they called the police for her. He's still with her last I heard.

He's a good kid, my brother. But really, that shit shouldn't have to happen to him.
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We went to IKEA today to go bed hunting. Two years ago my parents promised me a bed for my birthday. It was to be for my apartment. There has been no bed as there has bee no apartment. However, this time we actually appear close enough to getting the apartment that we could go look at beds. This is a good and happy thing.

My brother came along with my mother and me. This usually makes these sort of trips Very Interesting, because of his little idiocsyncrices. Things like not being able to keep a flat penny we found because it belongs to someone and we could get into legal trouble for taking it. The rule "finders Keepers losers weepers" doesn't work in his world. It's somewhat hard to take because I really don't think we're going to get into as much legal trouble as he thinks we are.

The shopping center that the IKEA was located in had a JC Penny.

My brother practically orgasamed at this.

No really.

He went, "Oh God. Oh God they have a JC Penny. We have to go there! Oh God!"

I believe my brother is the only straight man who ever orgasamed at the idea of going to a department store.

Or perhaps the only man period. But I could be wrong.

My brother, it should be mentioned, likes to shop for clothes. Pants. He likes pants shopping. A lot. Somewhere he and I got our shopping genes switched out. He can try on six pairs of pants that are exactly the same and find differences in them and ask if they fit right... how do they look etc. Me I go... is it the right size? Okay good let's buy it. He tries on six pairs of pants... then buys four of them... agonizes about not buying the other two and eventually returns three of them. And does it all over again. He takes down product codes and minutely inspects clothes for differences.

It's creepy.

We let him do this for about half hour. I bought two pairs of pants in that time frame and haven't even tried them on yet. I'm assumnig they'll fit.

Finally we made it to IKEA. I don't know if I love IKEA or hate it. It is a store of wonders. Not necessarily good wonders, but wonders nonetheless. I found a bed. I'm pretty quick about these things. It even had matching furniture like things that I liked. So we marked down the code name thingy and started our way out. The beds were like the third section in IKEA... which meant that we had to go through the entire damn maze to get out.

On the way out we picked up some really cute stuffed animals. And my brother picked up a tool set. We walked around with the tool set and my mom mentions that maybe he shouldn't buy it because my dad would throw a fit. My brother says that he's not going to buy it.

My mom says okay, and puts it down, conviently where there is a stack of these tool kits. My brother picks it up again and says that he has to tell the cashier that he's not getting it.

No. I don't get it either.

We go down to the cash registers and we put our things on the belt thingy. I say to him I thought you weren't getting it. He says he's not. So I go, why is it on the belt then? He says because he's not certain he's not getting it until the cashier picks it up.

Still not getting this. I really don't understand the way my brother's brain works at all.

The cashier picks it up to scan it in and my brother says.. Oh we're not getting it. The Cashier puts it the side and my brother apologizes for making her have to get it put away.

This is why I hate shopping with my brother. Really I do.

Oh.. and my mother scares me. We were walking by the Target and they had these large concrete balls in front of it. My mom has a green attenna ball. In an autistic moment she went, "Red balls, green ball!" And then she went, "Daddy's balls!"

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