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Story Hostile Takeover
Chapter Epilogue: Aftermath
Fandom Anita Blake.
Rating Adult.
Summary Orion and his court clean up, and we find out what happened to Richard.
Notes As mentioned before, Lan, Maddy, Kev and Orion belong to [ profile] canadianevil who has kindly allowed me to use them for my evil purposes. Alec, Kale and Trever mine. Anita and the others belong to LKH. She can have them.

I would have put a teaser, but it's kinda ... gross. )
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Story Hostile Takeover
Chapter End Game
Fandom Anita Blake.
Rating Adult.
Summary Anita learns the price of inviting strange vampires into her home. Or at least the strip club.
Notes *GASP* It's finished! Or at least this is the last chapter before the epilogue. Which is also finished!
Notes II As mentioned before, Lan, Maddy, Kev and Orion belong to [ profile] canadianevil who has kindly allowed me to use them for my evil purposes. Alec, Kale and Trever mine. Anita and the others belong to LKH. She can have them.

And there they were. Two lost little puppies... and Kev. I honestly wished I could get rid of him, but the twins were insistent. Lan would be devastated without him. They also said that Kev would do whatever Lan told him to do. While not entirely reassuring, it would have to do. Lan had dressed in tight black leather pants with a silvery t-shirt. It went well with his tumbled down, night-black, hair accentuating his deep brown eyes. Alec wore tight fitting jeans with blue, untied, Converse sneakers and a blue dyed leather jacket that covered up his shirt but not the velvet collar around his neck with word "puppy" on it. Kev wore loose jeans and a blood-red shirt that clashed, almost, with his hair. The shirt had faded stains on it which reminded me of bloodstains. He was probably a messy eater. They all carried designer duffel bags.

Read more... )
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Chapter title Playing with puppies.
Title Hostile Takeover
Fandom Anita Blake (Danse Macabre)
Rating PG-13 be thankful there's no sex.
Notes My GOD did you think I was still working on this thing? I surprise myself. I'm not sure how it's going to end though. Eh. As always, Orion, Lan, Maddy and Kev belong to [ profile] canadianevil while Alec, Kale and Trever belong to me.

Augustine did not expect a vampire's greeting from Orion. He knew from past association, that Orion did not care for such things. When they had first met, back in the 1850's he'd been shocked at how Orion ran his kiss -or court as he called it. Still they had an amenable relationship. Right off, Orion told him that he had no interest in taking over the city. He just wanted to live there with his people and as long as Augustine didn't bother him, he wouldn't rip him into tiny shreds. He could still remember Orion saying that, perfectly practical, with not even a hint of humor. It caused chills to run down Augustine's spine because he knew that Orion could do it. He'd heard stories about it. He left Orion alone, and after about a hundred years, Orion left taking his court with him.

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An essay on Homosexuality as it's portrayed in Danse Macabra. It's been tickering around in my head for a bit and I finally managed to put it down


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Westley: Who are you? Are we enemies? Why am I on this wall? Where is Buttercup?
Inigo Montoya: Let me 'splain.
Inigo Montoya: No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Buttercup is marry' Humperdinck in a little less than half an hour. So all we have to do is get in, break up the wedding, steal the princess, make our escape... after I kill Count Rugen.
~ The Princess Bride (for those of you who didn't know)

It has come to my attention, or lack there of, that I really, really, really, really need to finish this book. So, I'm going to try and sum up, as Inigo suggests.

Let me sum up )
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Chapter forty six.

The spork has gotten boring for many people, so, I decided to try a different way of doing it by having the "Los Angeles contingent" from Hostile Takeover put in their own commentary while they're at the ballet.

Once again, Orion, Maddy, Lan and Kev belong to [ profile] canadianevil and Kale, Trever and Alec belong to me.

In which Kippur tries something different. )
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Chapter forty five.

Now. Way, way, way, way, way, way, way back at the beginning of the book it was mentioned that there was a vampire ballet that Jean-Claude had invited. It was the reason why all these vampire masters had shown up. To see it. To prevent them from in-fighting, Jean-Claude came up with the Brilliant, for a given value of brilliant, idea of distracting them by offering up Anita. Basically saying that she needs a new boy toy and so, they would instead of trying to cause trouble with themselves they would try and cause trouble with Anita.

Anyone remember that? No? Oh well.

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I am using my unexpected Naked Jack icon because unexpected naked Jack is much more welcomed then expected naked Anita. (Even if naked Jack is always expected.)

Chapter forty four.

Travis is taken care of with about two sentences. He smells like "wounded antelope" so she leaves before she rips his throat out. Isn't that nice of her? I would think that a wounded antelope were would smell like wounded antelope... but apparently I'm wrong. She "had to give my most solemn word that I would not bond with either Pierce or Haven, and bring disaster to their pride, while they were resting. I promised. I meant it. I wasn't sure how to keep the promise, but I did mean it." Two ways to keep said promise: Learn to control yourself or keep away from Pierce and Haven. Ten bucks says she'll do neither. Really, now that I think about it, Travis was rather dumb to present himself as "wounded" to her. After all animals aren't going to want to mate with a wounded critter. Bad for babies. (Not that Anita would have babies, but the theory is there.) He should have been healed and in his "prime" so to speak. As for Noel... there are several things I could think of. Like giving him some confidence. Then there might be actual tension or something.

But I digress. I'm expecting something from Hamilton.

Once that is taken care of, they try to figure out what to do with Auggie. He's all, I need to get ready for the Ballet. Jean-Claude asks, "Are you saying your freedom from the slavery of the arduer can wait?" I would think freeing London would be more important as Auggie has never indicated that he wanted to be free. And it's not like he's in danger of dying or anything. The way it's been treated with him is more like a business deal/lunch menu thing. Which could be concluded any time. I think Auggie wanting to put it off is his way of saying "get on with the lack of plot already."

Instead, Auggie talks about how he still wants to make a smash and grab at the local lion pride. This reminds me of the whole villain/hero thing when the hero goes, "Wait! At least tell me your evil and diabolical plan!" and the villain "Okay!" The Master in the third season of the new Dr. Who said it best, I think : "Anyway. Why don't we stop and have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to stop me, I don't think!" I rather liked that line. Ozymandias from the Watchmen did it one better by pushing the button so to speak and then a half hour later or so, saying (paraphrased) "Oh yeah, I pushed the button so fuck you trying to stop me." And this is what Auggie is not doing.

But what's even better, for a given value of better, Jean-Claude and Anita aren't doing anything about it beyond "You better not do it" and then talking about how the Lion prides work and how legally, he can take over the local pride. Yes. Legally he can take over the lion pride because they don't belong to any vampire. Anita tries to say that well, since lions are her animal to call and she belongs to Jean-Claude, Auggie is shit out of luck. Auggie counters, well her lion to call is obviously one of his so neah.

Jason then mentions that Justin, Joseph's brother, is coming to the ballet tonight. Um we go from that to the fact that Jason has a hickey on his neck. Apparently he was "investigating" one of the folks who came down. Utterly pointless and who cares?

Auggie continues to point out the merrits of his lions because they're so dominant and everything and they say well maybe she wants them for love too.

When Auggie says, "Since you don't choose, your power chooses for you. I must say, it's got high standards. Since you don't know how to force your power to choose the one you want to choose, I don't think you have the ability to force your power to choose." Anita gets nervous about this one but Requiem and Micah stand up for her (unfortunately) and prove Auggie wrong.

Anita is still worried though, because she wants to be able to chose but doesn't know if she can.

The thing is, I really think that Anita does have a choice, she just choses not to exercise that right to choose. One could say that she's letting fate or chance or luck decide but then there would be some indication that yes, that's what she's doing. Instead she's constantly bemoaning the fact that she can't do anything, when apparently (and only when prompted) she can do things.

Next time: the Ballet! Remember that? Do you? Do you? We're on page 403 when we finally get to it. Page 403 out of 438 pages. That's 8% of the book left. Eight. Percent.

Shall we froth in fury now?
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Right, so that entire bit about Anita and the others ignoring Travis in favor of petty squabbling has resulted in this:

Title: Swiftly Moving Storm
Fandom: Anita Blake
Word Count: 1,020
Notes: Kale and Trever are mine. Every one else belong to Laurell K. Hamilton. The parts in italics are from page 367 Danse Macabre

The swiftly moving storm )
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Chapter Forty Three.

Finally. After about six chapters of nattering and wishing washing and completely wandering off the subject, they get to sniffing at Noel and Travis. Or Anita does.

Who knew, Meng Die is actually sympathetic. )

Demon Book

Jun. 14th, 2008 10:12 pm
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Dear LJ.

My will is slowly being sucked into a demon possessed book. I'm not sure how much longer I have before I become a mindless LKH fan and stumble to the bookstore and buy all her books. As the book is almost done, I hold on to the hope that I will make it. I can make it before I lose myself to the Demon Prince that is Laurell K. Hamilton. A spork is on the way. Hopefully it will get her before it's too late.


It burrrnsss )
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Good day today. Hit a little over a thousand words on writing.

Bad news: Anita Blake.

Chapter Forty One.

You're not evil, really. Let me assure you this. )
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I just finished reading Summer's Knight by Jim Butcher. [ profile] dragonwhishes and [ profile] canadianevil recommended the series to me a while back and I picked up the first book. I read it, it was okay, but didn't really impress much upon me. Then I decided to give it a second chance when I discovered that Butcher was going to be at ComicCon. I enjoyed Knight much more than I did Storm Front and may start to pick up the rest of the series.

One of the interesting things I noted, was that on the cover of the book it said that fans of Hamilton would love the book. Thinking about this, I decided that yes, there's a great likelihood that this is true. After all they're both urban fantasies that are detective stories. They're both told in first person with the same sort of humor.

The thing is, beyond that, the two books have nothing alike.

Summer's Knight and Danse Macabre do have a relatively short time span covered in the books. About three days for Dresden and three days, I think, for Anita, maybe two. It's hard to tell with all the sex. In any case despite the same time frame, there's tension in Dresden's book and utterly none in Blakes.

spoilers for Summer's Knight )

In the mean time, on Blake's side, Anita needs to find someone new to feed off of or else she'll starve. Oh, she might be pregnant too. But in any case, there's never any sense of urgency. They dwaddle, take long baths, talk randomly about things. There's a great deal of showing, actually. Far too much. Not as much as Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books, but a lot of attention is placed in the details of actions and looks which delays and deflates any sense of urgency. After all if Anita feels like she has the time to describe down to the exacting detail of what a person is wearing, she's obviously not worried about anything big.

Just something I've been thinking on. I'll probably try and expand this more later.

Now, onto the fun stuff.

In theory.

Chapter forty

We end on page 376. We're slowly reaching the end! )
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Chapter thirty nine.

We're on page 353 of 483. So about a fourth left to go. And still no plot. Okay, actually there's a hint of plot here.

winy tiny plot hint )
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If you were wondering where the Anita things went, I had to return the book to the library. Fortunately, I suppose, I've gotten back.

Don't you all shout at once with joy.

we're baaack )
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Chapter thirty six

Anita is happy about not being pregnant. Yay.

Rowling did it better )
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Chapter thirty four.

OHMIGAWD PLOT!! And it only took us three hundred and twenty one pages to get there. Wow.

surprisingly good writing ahead )
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Chapter thirty three.

I'm really falling behind on this. Shows you how boring it is.

London goes to the bathroom to clean up. It feels like he's going in like a dog with his tail between his legs.

When London's pulse had slowed, he sat me down, gently, on the bed, and asked Jean-Claude's permission to use the bathroom. Jean-Claude gave it. London had taken his pants off the rest of the way, so that he was nude from the waist down, though his dress shirt and suit jacket were long enough that they hid him from behind. He held his shirt up in the front to keep it out of the mess, and his pants wadded in his other hand. He looked at no one as he went inside, and closed the door behind him.

He left behind a silence so loud that I could hear the blood in my own head.

London has been utterly humiliated here. Not only has he been raped, but he's been raped in public. And yet, Anita doesn't think about that. She's thinking more about how the other people in the room are reacting to her, "maybe they were all there, huddled around each other, trying to keep the big bad succubus from getting them".

He becomes completely forgotten. Nathaniel crawls up into bed with Anita and they talk about how Damian is coming. Requiem leaves, "Maybe he finally understood that he wasn't food. I hope so, because I needed less complication in my life, not more." Food. See, there it is again. The dehumanization of people. Now Requiem is less that food. He's rejected food. It's not "he wasn't needed" but he "wasn't food". Also, again, the self-centeredness as she's worried more about complications in her life as opposed to problems in his life. How he feels about being rejected by something he needs and wants.

Then another problem arises. Remus wants to leave and take his men with him. As does Pepito who is in charge with the were-rats. The reasoning why is that the guards will now see her as just an ass. As she says, "The look that said you'd gone from a human being to just being tits and ass." As the men are leaving Nathaniel is scent marking her.

Richard brings in Damian and we have our obligitory paragraph of description.

His legs gave out completely, and Richard carried him in his arms like a child the last few feet. He laid Damian beside me. The long, red hair hid the vampire's face. I moved the hair away so I could see his face. He blinked up at me, eyes a perfect bright green, green as summer's grass. It was Damian's eyes that had raised the bar so high on green-colored eyes. No one else's eyes could compare. He tried to focus on me, but didn't seem to be able to do it.

For some reason, when I think about summer grass, I think of a sort of browning grass. Not very green. I think she should have said spring instead of summer. But that could because of where I live in LA.

They worry about the fact that Damian appears to be half -undead despite the magical metaphysical healing that Anita did. They decide that the reason why he's like that is because he woke up too soon. Anita, Nathaniel and Damian do a group hug and make the vampire feel better.

There's a lovely exchange between Remus and Anita where he says that he thought she was just a slut but now he knows better after having her seen her fuck this guy. You see she only did it to save Nathaniel and Damian, not because she's a slut. Uh-huh.

Asher then makes Richard admit that he went to check on Damian because he didn't want to see Anita feed on Requiem. Asher is getting pissy. They dance around the fact that he's being pissy like a drama queen. It seems that he's throwing a fit because Anita keeps on picking straight men and so he can't fuck any of them. Of course with the idea that Anita doesn't like her men fucking other women, I don't see why she would make the allowance for them to fuck other men. That and the fact that he can't fuck Jean-Claude because JC is afraid she'll leave him if he does.

The funny thing is, that a few chapters back Asher had been all smiles and bows with the agreement that they would talk about it later. Now, apparently he's unhappy because later will never come because of one crisis or another. They promise to him that they'll talk to him about it and Asher promises to behave himself. I'm not really sure what the point of that scene was at all.

Richard then agrees with Anita.

I'm sad.

Richard touches Anita (not like that) and energy jumps between them. They start to speculate about doubling power between the two triumvirates when London comes back out. He looks pretty normal, but apparently he is not. The arduer makes him drunk. Not only that, he's addicted again. And speaking French. Why would a vampire who names himself London speak French. Why do all of the vampires speak French? Or at least all of Anita's vampires. It's getting silly.

It turns out London's purpose in life is to feed the Arduer. He wants to know if she'll prevent him from feeding on it as his expression says to her: don't leave me, please keep me. Anita worries about why this always happens to her and not the fact that London is now trapped under her spell.

I'm sure this chapter was meant to show new complications in Anita's life, but it didn't. I don't care about the guards or her. I feel more sorry about London. But he's not important. Just the fact that he's become a burden on Anita's life. This self centereness is getting to me. It's all about her and she isn't that interesting. Fortunately (to use the term loosely) we actually get plot next chapter!

How does Anita Blake change a light bulb?

She holds it up and the world revolves around her.
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As you do, I found a note by Hamilton to her "negative readers". Those poor people who dare to express their critical opinions that are not in line with her, on her message boards. It's written in such a way that it demands to be sporked. Thus I present to you "Laurell K. Hamilton's note to her negative readers, the annotated version".

Dear Hamilton... )

Strike out

May. 21st, 2008 01:30 pm
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Chapter thirty one and thirty two

Never. Ever. Ever. EVER use the phrase "Your moment has come" in reference to sex. Please. I don't need the visuals. \~/ \~/ Now, context. Anita needs to have sex again feed the ardeur or people will die. Obviously this is important because we don't want to go with more than two chapters without sex want people to die. Requiem finally gets to have sex and the ardeur like he had been whining about about three chapters ago.


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