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Dumb but worthwhile things to do when you're sick: Go to a book signing that's over an hour away. It's actually only 45 minutes away, but with traffic it ended up being about two hours away. Hahaha LA traffic I hate you. So, we - my mom and I - left a bit before 4 pm and didn't get back until 11:30 pm.

We went to go to Brandon Sanderson's signing for his new book "the Words of Radiance". Apparently it was originally going to be called "the Book of Endless Pages" but his editor was like, "You realize you probably don't want to call a book that's physically the largest book we can print that, do you?"

He agreed.

I, because of boredom of having been sick the ... well... the entire week, designed some bookmarks for him. I thought it would be nice because I know that authors are like just sort of hounded upon by fans and it's a terribly long book tour with long hours and it'd be nice to get a little something back of appreciation.

Bookmarks! )

He really appreciated them. He gave me a Shin card.

Also, I mentioned my book to him and that I was using him as an example in it. He wanted to know where he could buy it. :D So, I told him I'd let him know when it came out.

And now I'm going to read my massive book and be sick and wobbly having over extended myself.
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Interesting week.

I got one of my teeth capped on Thursday. The first time I've had something majorly wrong with my teeth in 35 years. Two fractures on the tooth. Apparently my anxiety got bad enough that I cracked the poor tooth. Considering that I get migraines bad enough that I clench my jaw so hard that when I open my mouth for some reason it hurts, it's only to be expected. It was a very interesting experience but not one that I'd care to repeat.

In nicer news I learned how to make very simple flash animations in Illustrator. Here's the two that I've done:

animations )
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So I figured I might want to do a bit of updates now and again on what's happening in my life.

Things have been busy. I'm chugging along on the Academic book still amazed that someone is going to actually pay me to read my ramblings on fiction. I have three more chapters left to go and then into the editing stage! Still nothing fictional published, alas.

However on the fictional side I've started writing a sequel to my last year's Nano for this year's Nano. It's getting kind of ridiculous. I've just thrown in a spirit animal companion because... well... no real good reason except those show up a lot. The wolf is named Thornflame Shadow Paw but Alec is like that's a stupid name, I'm going to call you Barnabus. Which really isn't that much better but... it's funny. Also I've set up a bunch of noodle incidents which I'm sure any fans the book eventually has will enjoy expanding upon in their fan fics. I've cheerfully destroyed some of the continuity I've created in the previous book, but that's okay. I've done it on purpose.

My Adobe Illustrator class is going fairly well, I think. We had to design a food truck in groups of two. My partner and I decided on a taco truck. I drew a rooster which everyone was impressed with. I even had people ask me how I did things on it.

On Tuesday I had my appeal for permanent disability. Which I won. It was probably one of my more nerve wracking days. But it's good. Now I'll have a small, steady amount of income until my writing career takes off. Which it will. *Stares at everyone uncomfortably until they buy all the books*

I probably should make an author website, now that I think about it.

artwork! )

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I finished my first assignment for my illustrator class!

We were supposed to trace three cartoon characters in illustrator using the pen tool.

This is what I ended up with )

It was supposed to have a white background, but as I was doing it I was like, "White backgrounds are boring." and added stuff.

The original artwork )

I showed it to the teacher and she said, "You don't have to put in a background" and I said, "I know, but white was boring"

I get bored easily, apparently.
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Some artwork! All done in markers.

for your friend's list )
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Signs that I shouldn't be allowed to draw late at night.

I was talking with a friend last night about Andrew Ryan from Bioshock and what he would find fluffy cute etc. And it was decided that he would find money and capitalism "cute" and go gaga over.

This is the result of that conversation:

picture underneath. )

It really kinda of disturbs me.
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We had to make a poster based on a certain design style for my graphic design class for an event in Los Angeles. I chose the Great Train Escape for our local NaNo region and art nouveau style because I like making things difficult for myself.

It's supposed to be 11 x 17.

homework )

I'm proud of it.

The Fool was hand drawn, scanned in and colored in photoshop.
The "great train escape" was hand drawn in photoshop and it nearly killed me.
The lemur was drawn over a photo of a lemur.

Art post!

Jul. 26th, 2012 05:09 pm
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The paintings I did for my Animal Drawing class final.

Pictures! )

It took me about a week and a half to do all of these. Whoosh.
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I'm taking an animal drawing class over the summer. We have go out to the LA zoo abut once a week for class and live animal drawing. It's really kind of cool.

Today was our first class at the zoo and we were doing primates. We went over to the orangutans first (hello Librarian). It's a nice exhibit area and they have this one place where there's a glass (probably actually plexiglass, but whatever) window and a ledge where the orangutans can get right up close to you. Just the window in the way. A few of them were in a hut doing nice poses so we set up "camp" there and started drawing.

They noticed us.

They came over to us.

And they posed for us.

They knew what we were doing and they'd sit very still in the same position and watch us. For two hours we did this.

The big male seemed to be having the best time of it. He just sat there and watched us. And watched us. And watched us.

The zoo keepers were amazed at the behavior saying that the orangs don't usually hang out that long.

One of the students in my class was painting the orangs. It caught the eye of one of them and she spent a good deal of time watching him paint.Apparently that one also likes to paint when given the chance. She knew what he was doing.

They told us to show them the pictures on occasion so they could see what we were doing. They actually looked like they were studying the drawings.

It was really, really, cool.

There wasn't even a half a foot between us and them.

I'll scan in the pictures I did later. Once I get the motivation to clear all the crap that's accumulated on top of my scanner.
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Lady With Umbrella by ~Kippur on deviantART

So, this is the free sketch for the people assignment. The colors are annoyingly muddy because my pallet, I realized too late, was all muddy with the colors. I have to wash it out and remake the pallet. I didn't feel like redoing the picture. But that's why the face is all off. :|


Nov. 8th, 2011 04:37 pm
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I have been irritatingly productive the past two days.

Yesterday I got my car smog checked, did all my laundry, washed the pile of dishes, took out the trash, took a walk, got my homework done and did 4,000 words for NaNo.

Today, I balanced my checkbook, put in a new shelving unit thingy in my closet and rearranged it, cleaned off my art desk and regular desk and have yet to start my NaNo writing but I'm sure I'll be writing fantastically. I have this weird sort of bubbling energy in me. I don't know where to put it.

In the mean time: Book covers!

For my graphic design class. The assignment was to draw a book cover with a close up and with at least two people standing. I figured why not do covers for the books I've written/am writing? Easy enough right?

two book covers )

Meanwhile the cat is yowling at me to feed him because he doesn't understand the concept of Daylight Savings time.

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Oct. 25th, 2011 05:13 pm
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The cutest floppy toy ever.

more pictures )

You all want one. I know you do. :D

(No, I don't know why it's called Wampa. It just is. And it is awesome.)
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More graphic design stuff!

The first four of these are just circles, cylinders, ellipses and cones over and over and over again. That was what the assignment was. :|

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Why Alec is so screwed up:

picture underneath )

Taken from this conversation at [ profile] dear_mun

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More artwork!

But this time not related to the class. This is the half-elf I was talking about for the NaNo idea. Pencil sketch and then colored in on computer.

Original )

With a background )
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Honestly, I have no idea what I was thinking when I did this beyond sentences that ended in :D :D :D which is, I can tell you, never a good thing when it comes to my head.

The picture I did of Alec as an Air Pirate got put on the board as an Example of good color use. Last week she hung up one of mine too. So that's a good thing. NOW onto perspective. Which gives me a headache. BOOOXES. Or cubes really.
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So, here are the rest of my first assignment drawings. The first three are a portrait of a classmate. I had do do a sketch and then redraw it two times using two different kinds of lines.

The fourth is a free sketch line drawing.

The Fifth is the free sketch line drawing colored in.

drawings )


Sep. 7th, 2011 02:11 pm
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I've started my graphic design class. This is my first assignment! Twenty different kinds of lines!

It's hard coming up with twenty different kinds of lines.

lines! )

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I can has art supplies?

Yes I can!

I bought about $45 worth of art supplies today. Most of the money went to markers. Really, really nice markers. That bleed a lot. I imagine they won't do that on the marker paper. They also have fumes. Happy fun times!

And I got marker paper and a color wheel and spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how I'm going to carry it all - with my colored pencils and other stuff - to class. I gave up eventually and will try again later.


My brain has been fluttering with ideas lately, which is better than it has been in the past couple of weeks. It hasn't settled down with anything coherent yet.

One is a novel about Alec with his Gary Stu-powers. I'm thinking of calling it "The Adventures of Alec Troven, Gary Stu" but I haven't a clue as to what the plot would be. The big problem with this is that Alec is a Gary Stu with unlimited power. How do you write a story about that? I guess it would be something that deals with something his powers can't handle.

I got the idea from reading "How to survive in a Science Fictional Universe" by Charles Yu. The book tries to be meta-textual and play with the idea of narrative and things that are common in Science Fiction stories, but in my opinion doesn't quite work because I don't give a shit about the narrator. The guy is trying to be an Arthur Dent everyman but he's ... dull and uninteresting.

So I was all "I could do a hell of a lot better meta-textual with Alec who already has no concept of the fourth wall."

The starting line I came up with was , "I woke up next to a woman who wasn't my wife, but she didn't know that."

more random rambling )

Does anyone want the paper egg?

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