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Cats and world building.

I just came home from my Monday night writing session with a friend at Denny's. My roommate, after having switched cars (hurrah tandem parking) says that the cat knows that I'm here a couple of minutes before I actually show up. Like he will be hanging out in my room and then will suddenly run off to the front door and start meowing and walking around in front of it and then bam! a few minutes later I show up. This is even when I'm gone for a few hours randomly. He just seems to know when I'm going to be coming home. Psychic?

So, that short story that I wrote last week, with the Super Heroes?

I’ve now done over 7,000 typed up words and over twenty handwritten pages of scenes from it. I’ve been trying to work out the story arc of it so I can maybe turn it into a novel, but also I need to do more world building.

One of the things that I really need to figure out is how do Super Heroes fit into this world. Especially since I don’t want it to be a complete clone of Marvel or DC or Image or the other super hero type universes. I know I want to keep the whole Reed Richards is Useless (Warning, TVtropes Link) idea afloat because that’s what Alec changes. He’s been to plenty of Super Hero type worlds where the heroes develop all sorts of awesome technology and… don’t share it with the populace. In this world then he decides he wants to change that. He wants to – well not be Reed Richards, because he doesn’t want to do the Super Hero Shtick – but give the populace access to that kind of technology.

Why doesn’t the populace have access to some of that technology? Maybe because the Super Heroes are keeping it from them. It’s a horrible conspiracy. Maybe super Heroes need an edge of some sort to help protect the population. Or maybe they’re just bastards. Don’t know yet. But I need to figure that part out.

Also, since it’s a Super Hero universe there are certain things that I’d like to throw in. Somehow. The big sort of Event Cross Over Type Things. With the Huge Unspeakable Unknowing Things that Want to Destroy All of Reality, like Darksied or Galactus, or even something like probably not Infinite Crisis type level, but definitely something that requires all the Heroes to gang up and cause a lot of property damage. I want to do this for two reasons. One because it’s pretty much a super hero staple and two it’ll be hard for Alec to see it. He’s used to being able to just curb stomp these sorts of creatures. Now he’s got to worry about being curb-stomped. It’s getting him to realize about being human more. About the dangers of not having powers. Plus it’ll give him something to really worry about with Nate/Silver Hawk. After all Nate is a Super Hero.

What else? Well, how are the Super Heroes organized? How do Super Heroes get their powers? Is it something like random like in the Marvel or DC universe or is there a Certain Thing that can cause it. What about the Super Villains. I introduced someone called the Time Master. Can he really do anything with time or is it just something he calls himself? Oh, and Nate in particular. How did he get his powers? Was it unusual? Though that’s more character development, isn’t it?

Then there’s the technology level in the world itself. Is it like about our level? Is it not as advanced as us? Well, I did indicate that Kickstarter did exist, but that doesn’t mean it has to exist like that in a longer story. Also some things might be as advanced as we have them now and others not so advanced. Though the more advanced things will be introduced by Alec.

These are things that I’ve been pondering.

Never mind the fact that I’ve got no story arc. I’ve got a bunch of scenes! But no story arc.
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I wrote a thing.

It's a ficlet. Not really a full out short story or anything. No real plot. I wrote a short story actually and this is a scene that happened in the story but wasn't actually mentioned. Just sort of a headcanoned thingy? The story involves Alec being Alec... as in during one of his little world hopping things where he possesses an alternate version of himself and lives their lives for a while. No particular fandom this time. I got the idea on a walk a few months ago and decided to write it up.

Anyway. Enjoy some fiction.

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Hey! It's almost Nano!


I think I'm doing a sequel to the book I wrote last year. I was re-reading the book a few days ago and was highly amused at it. I managed to surprise myself at a couple of places because I didn't remember writing those parts. At couple of points I made a comment about something stupid happening in the book and a few paragraphs later the same comment would be made in text.

This is the cover I made for book two:

picture underneath )

I R Gud with Photoshop. Well, the text was done in InDesign, but whatever.

Also! The LA chapter is using a design I made for the LA chapter stuff to buy. So I am AWESOME.

Anyone else doing NaNo?
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Some artwork! All done in markers.

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The trials of wanting to be a good writer.

So, I've been getting ready for Nano, as you do, and figuring I'd do a redraft of the second/first novel set in Alec's world. It's disjointed and there are some things that I don't think fit any more.

That being said I came to a horrid realization: Most of the names in Alec's world are things like Marlina, Lorac, Laruna, Zalta, Jono and Hellena.

Alec doesn't fit.

Alexander doesn't fit.

And I've railed enough on Paolini for having name issues and said it was a bad writerly problem. Which I just now realized I did.

Fortunately I haven't had anything published yet!

But now I have to think of a new name for him.

It's funny.

Especially since I've written other stories that originally had him in it, but eventually changed him to a point that he's no longer him any more.

At this rate I'm not going to have any stories with Alec in it.

Well, there's that saying, "Kill your darlings" I guess "rename your darlings" is a lesser form of that.
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Well, I think the New Year is off to a decent start.

I managed to write a short story (about 5k) that I'm pleased with. Now it's editing time. The story takes place in Alec's world but about five thousand odd years before he was born. It's about some of the first wizards and is called "the Man Who Pulled Down the Moon".

As for the Inheritance stuff! I am almost ready to do that. :O

I'm thinking of starting on Monday if all goes well.

I imagine I'll be using this a lot:

Alec facepalming by ~Kippur on deviantART

Because I have a feeling it's gonna hurt.
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Two things:

One: My arm is still really hurting obnoxiously. I don't like wearing the brace because it makes it hurt even more.

Two: I came to the realization today, in those early morning fuzzy hours, that my series staring Alec was basically "the Codex Alera meets Twilight, but with gay men and time travel".

Yeah. That was depressing to figure out.

Oh! One more thing!

I am probably going to make a separate community for when I go over Inheritance. It just feels cleaner and that way people don't have to go and read through my dull drum life to get to the interesting bits.
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I have been sick the past couple of days. It is unhappy fun times. I barely left my bedroom.

I'm feeling better now!

At least my head is clear.

I have decided to do the Alexander the Great story for NaNo. I just need a plot beyond "Stuff Happens". I'm thinking maybe of playing around with the idea that Alexander means "protector of men" and taking over the world really isn't "protecting men". Maybe evil fairies plotting to take over the world themselves. Alexander goes all >:| at this (partially because if anyone is going to be conquering humanity it's going to be him). Need a couple of good books on him. Yay library!

Paper idea: Superman as modern day Beuwulf. Wondercon is coming up (and it's in the LA area! so that's a lot cheaper!) and I'm thinking of submitting to the comics arts conference again.

Finished reading the Game of Thrones and started the second book, the title of which I can't remember and isn't near me to check.

Thoughts: Does Martian kill off someone in every prologue?

Yes. I know they're evil. Stop pouring it on into ridiculous exaggeration.

You killed him? Really? That was unexpected. Well, I guess I shouldn't get attached to characters, should I?

Rory Williams Fact in regards to the Game of Thrones )

Sent a couple of article pitches to Wizards of the Coast for their magazines.

Thinking about changing Alec's lj name into something more interesting than "alec_troven". Yes. Spending the fifteen bucks to do it. Probably change it to "elementwizard".

Is anyone here good at making stuffed animals?

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Why Alec is so screwed up:

picture underneath )

Taken from this conversation at [ profile] dear_mun

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Art Spam!

Sep. 19th, 2011 04:52 pm
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More from my graphic design class.

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Happily I got my disability insurance debit card today. And there is money in it. And it is good. I can buy moar markers I have enough money now to buy food and pay rent. Apparently instead of giving you checks now they send you a debit card and set up a bank account for you. Interesting way of doing it, but I suppose it's a lot cheaper than sending out checks every week.

I've started writing the meta-Alec story. It's getting sort of interesting. I started writing in one particular direction and decided well no, I don't want to do it exactly like that. Instead of deleting the section that I didn't want any more I just had Alec say something like, "Yeah, I don't like this. I'm going to change it a little. So, we're going to start over again? Okay? Okay! Let's take it from this line."

It goes along with the idea that Alec is aware of the story he's in and aware of the fourth wall. I don't know how well it'll come out in actual narrative terms though. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
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I can has art supplies?

Yes I can!

I bought about $45 worth of art supplies today. Most of the money went to markers. Really, really nice markers. That bleed a lot. I imagine they won't do that on the marker paper. They also have fumes. Happy fun times!

And I got marker paper and a color wheel and spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how I'm going to carry it all - with my colored pencils and other stuff - to class. I gave up eventually and will try again later.


My brain has been fluttering with ideas lately, which is better than it has been in the past couple of weeks. It hasn't settled down with anything coherent yet.

One is a novel about Alec with his Gary Stu-powers. I'm thinking of calling it "The Adventures of Alec Troven, Gary Stu" but I haven't a clue as to what the plot would be. The big problem with this is that Alec is a Gary Stu with unlimited power. How do you write a story about that? I guess it would be something that deals with something his powers can't handle.

I got the idea from reading "How to survive in a Science Fictional Universe" by Charles Yu. The book tries to be meta-textual and play with the idea of narrative and things that are common in Science Fiction stories, but in my opinion doesn't quite work because I don't give a shit about the narrator. The guy is trying to be an Arthur Dent everyman but he's ... dull and uninteresting.

So I was all "I could do a hell of a lot better meta-textual with Alec who already has no concept of the fourth wall."

The starting line I came up with was , "I woke up next to a woman who wasn't my wife, but she didn't know that."

more random rambling )

Does anyone want the paper egg?

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Swordmage Alec by ~Kippur on deviantART
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I'm sitting in my bedroom at my parent's house right now. In front of me, on the wall, is a painting I did of Jehrik the Dragonslayer. He's very 90's looking. With huge feathered wings, a cloth mask kind of like Grifter and miss-matched boots. He was originally going to be an antagonist in the Alec book series. He was a dragon slayer. Alec was married to a dragon. The sword was intelligent and would protect its wielder from any harm that could come from a dragon's magic as long as the person was bonded to it. It also compelled the wielder to seek out and destroy dragons.

I haven't thought of the poor guy in years. I had a nifty sort of back story for him and everything. But he just fell by the wayside, no longer useful.

Jerhik had feathered wings because I wanted to play with the idea of having an evil character with angel wings. This was something I came up with before I even knew about subverting cliches and stuff like that. I swear I must have been born an English literature major.

quick sketch of him )

I feel kind of bad he got written out. Perhaps I shall spin him off into his own thing.
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Title: Of two worlds
Fandom: Alec fan fic - JLA/Avengers
Rating: G
Notes; I haven't written an Alec fan fic in a while and I'd just reread JLA/Avengers recently when this popped into my head.
Disclaimer: JLA and the Avengers belong to DC and Marvel respectively. Nate also belongs to Marvel. Alec belongs to me.

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Moshti with Hair by ~Kippur on deviantART

Alec was always leaving his potions that he created in bottles he found around the house. Sometimes he would even pour out the current liquid in the bottle to make room for his own thing. Going into the refridgerator to take out a bottle of coke could lead you to finding a potion of gender changing or perhaps some sort of drink he found on some planet.

Moshti couldn't read. He was just a baby who like drinking liquids. He saw the bottle, in one of his bottles to be exact, and figured that here was dinner.

It was not dinner.

It tasted good. But it was not dinner.

Alec thought the hair looked hysterical. Phoenix wouldn't talk to him for a week. Moshti loved the hair though, running his trunk through it all the time.
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Weird things you learn about your characters. Alec ([ profile] alec_troven is terrified of Peeps. He is convinced that they are evil. Not that this will have any impact on his novels as peeps do not exist in his world, but his meta self is rather scared of them.

*coughs *

Jan. 20th, 2010 09:54 pm
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Alec as a sailor scout.

I really don't have an excuse for it.

So. Yeah.

Dec. 7th, 2009 09:40 am
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Title Beginnings Middles and Ends
Fandom Alec's Weirdness
Notes Um. Yes. Been reading Neil Gaimen.

Would you like a lime?

Here, sit down and I'll tell you a story. Take the lime too, I found it somewhere. I could tell you where, but it's not important. Maybe you'll figure it out later. Fridge brilliance. Or fridge logic. I suppose your mileage may very on that. And on those last three sentences. I can't tell you what I mean, because that would ruin it. Private joke. So, a story.

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