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A Crown of Ice and Snow

Okay, this description, right off the bat, is a bit ridiculous: “When the first pale rays of light streaked across the surface of the dimple sea, illuminating the crests of the translucent waves - which glittered as if carved from crystal…” That bit about being carved from crystal is extraneous for starters. And waves from a height never look translucent to me - but that’s just me. Dimples is just silly. It makes me think of pimples on a teeanger’s face. Other people’s views might very.

Anyway, because they were dipshi…

Anyway, they’re going to have to fly through this storm that’s approaching them. I like how they’re suddenly realizing this is a bad idea when the storm is almost upon them and they can’t turn around in time. It’s kind of like when my mom asks me if I have the thing to return when we’re halfway to the store.

They’re hoping they can find a safe path through the clouds but it’s unlikely otherwise it’ll be a dull chapter (theoretically).

Apparently the storm that they were fearing is still far away so we have time to meander about and deal with other things. The first thing is Saphira deciding she wants to take a rest in the water. There Eragon spots some seaweed which is rather odd because they’re fifty miles out from land and I don’t think seaweed grows that far out. But this is not Earth so I suppose, theoretically, I can give it a pass.


Untheoretically I can just be piss bored and nitpick all I want.

So then Saphira is almost eaten by a Nidhwal. There’s two little dots above the “I”. These are rare creatures that are intelligent and apparently eat their own kind. And not in the recycle sense. At least that’s what I’m assuming when Glaedr says that’s one of the reasons why there’s so few of them. They’re related to dragons - cousins.

And I’m just like… why would any species develop this sort of thing? I mean that’s anti-survival for the species. But… sure. Whatever, right? Since when has anything in this series really make sense.

Eragon wants to know why Glaedr never taught them about the sea monsters … because he had more important things to teach him to prevent him from dying? They were only together for a few months. There was no way for Glaedr to teach them everything and why would they need to know about some random sea monsters when it was likely they were never going to see them?

However he does promise to tell Eragon and Saphira about every kind of animal he knows about, including beetles of which there’s a lot of. Considering there are more kinds of beetles than there are any other kinds of animals on Earth I’m thinking this is Paolini’s idea of a joke/ showing how impressive Glaedr is. After all there are a lot of beetles.

They go flying into the storm. Eragon is using his powers to keep an “eye” out for any other beings whether plants or animals. This is problematic because plants aren’t beings as most people define them. Living things, yes, but not beings. And so we’re getting a thesaurus issue. It should be anything living like animals or plants. That makes sense. However beings and living are two different things, even if they might have somewhat similar meanings they’re not interchangeable.

I mean if plants were beings then wouldn’t Eragon have trouble eating them back when he was going WTF I CAN’T EAT ANIMALS!? Yeah? Just saying.

They fly through the storm and it sucks.

Then they fly so high they’re almost in space. Well, they’re high enough to see the curvature of the world. I’m not sure how high you have to be to see that. Of course he’s surprised to see that the earth is round. There’s a nice line that I kind of like, “The sky is hollow and the world is round”. It’s wrong in some ways but it still sounds nice. I guess it’s the idea of it?

But I’m just like also, why… why is this a thing? What is it adding to the story. Will seeing this add anything to Eragon’s character. Okay, not everything has to add to his character (such that there is) but… I guess it’s just like cliche… like everything that’s in this book.

It just feels like “Oh, of course they do that.” Of course.

Well, actually we’re told that this revelation “Made him reevaulate and recategorize… (sic) everything. The war between the Varden and the Empire seemed inconsequential when compared with the true size of the world, and he thought how petty were most of the hurst and concerns that bedeviled people, when looked at from on high.”

Which is something an astronaut once said, or something along those lines. Unfortunately I can’t recall which one. I know it’s supposed to be mind blowing or something like that but, I just have this feeling like it’s not going to do anything else.

It’s there for the scene and nothing else.

However, gratefully, they see the island! Hurrah! Maybe things will get moving.

Now, I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be struggle getting to the island it’s just that there’s so much more stuff going and yet nothing happening I want things to move along.

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